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Tuesday, 10 September 2019

The King Of Clubs


This post is a dedication to the 'King Of Clubs' Milwaukees, previously Castaways - which was located at the Souldrop Turn between Rushden and Bedford at the Junction of Stocking Lane and the A6. It was one of the first legally all-night licensed clubs in the UK, hosting regular events from Helter Skleter, ESP and of course Equinox. 

I've brought together as many pictures, flyers, mixtapes and comments that celebrate, what many clubbers of the day, believed was one of the best clubs of the early 1990's.

The combination of a low ceiling and that legendary 25k Cerwin Vega + 5k Sub Base sound system that would pummel your ribcage with its earth shattering sub base, made it into the goto club of the era. What was particularly great about those nights was the consistent and amazing DJ line up's. With it being centrally located, it would capture both Midland/Northern based DJ's heading south and London DJ's heading north.

“The venue was perfect and due to rural location there was no noise restrictions, it had a low ceiling so it was hot in there and that made it a sweat box, but hundreds of ravers would travel there every fortnight see and listen to resident DJs Clarkee, Dougal, Matersafe and Swanee and guest artist like Carl Cox, Jumping Jack frost Frankie Valentine and Grooverider to name but a few. You had to get there early for a chance to get in, ravers would start queuing at 7 in the evening before the doors opened at 9pm”. (DJ Breeze) LINK

Milwaukees used to open every Friday night, hosted by ESP one weekend, then Helter Skelter the next......

Words from DJ Fat Controller.....

"Milwaukees was one of those places that was constantly rammed with people up for it. Every week the place was on a high, so no matter what, every set you played the crowd was bang up for it… There are obviously a couple of standout moments of the many sets over the years though: once, when during a “last set of the night”, the crowd kept screaming for “one more” – that kept on going until 7am, a full hour after the official closing time of 6am. I can even remember some of the “one mores”: Panic Remix, Dub War, Collision Course – they all still bring back memories of that hour. On another occasion, whilst playing “In Complete Darkness” the club had a powercut due to a thunderstorm. No power for a whole 30 minutes, with the security flashing torches around so people could see their way around. Then, the moment the power kicked back in, the start of 31 Seconds… The place just blew!" LINK

Words from DJ Clarkee ...... 

"Undoubtedly the togetherness. People from all over the country making a weekly pilgrimage… pre-opening milling around the car park… the apprehension in the queue… the sheer power in the bass, making the whole place shake… the low ceilings covered in camo netting. Every aspect of the place made it special. It certainly has its place right at the top of rave history. From ESP, Helter Skelter to Equinox, breaking new DJs to featuring headliners at the top of their game – the weekly line-ups would almost be unbookable these days due to cost!" LINK

Words from MC Juiceman ......

"I became resident at Milwaukee’s in 1991, progressed to ESP Dreamscape and Helter Skelter and many other events before Dez took over and came into our old record shop and asked me if I could do a night for him.

I was resident for a year, Ratty brought Hooligan to do a set as I was MCing all nights and we needed to switch it up. I asked for him to join the ranks which he did and became a resident and a big part of Milwaukee’s history" LINK

(ESP Merchandise Stall)

DJ's On The Decks

DJ Dougal.

Ellis D

Ellis D



DJ Dougal.

DJ Dougal
Photos courtesy of Dreamscape/ESP Facebook Page

The club would be open pretty much every Friday, initially hosted by ESP one weekend, then Helter Skelter the next, and then later Equinox.

Here are the flyers from those years, its not totally complete (missing a few) but it gives you an idea of the level and quality of those line up's. (Big thank you to Dave Phatmedia for help with some of these flyers - You can check there collection HERE)




Grooverider - Helter Skelter @ Milwaukees 1991

DJ Clarkee - E.S.P. Supernova @ Milwaukees 1991
DJ Mastersafe - E.S.P. Supernova @ Milwaukees 1991
DJ Swan-E - E.S.P. Supernova @ Milwaukees 1991
Carl Cox - E.S.P. Supernova @ Milwaukees 1991


Grooverider @ Equinox Milwaukees 1st May 1992

DJ Fat Controller @ Equinox @ Milwaukees June 1992
DJ Ratty @ Equinox Milwaukees 1992

Carl Cox - Equinox @ Milwaukees The Funhouse 14th August 1992

LTJ Bukem - Equinox One Step Beyond @ Milwaukees 1992
Micky Finn & Pigbag Equinox Milwaukees 1992

DJ Seduction @ Equinox Milwaukees 1992


LTJ Bukem/Ellis Dee - Equinox @ Milwaukees 1993

Milwaukees - A Review 

Mastersafe/DJ Rap - A Trip Down Memory Lane @ Milwaukees 1993
Fat Controller - A Trip Down Memory Lane @ Milwaukees 1993
Torchman/Carl Cox - A Trip Down Memory Lane @ Milwaukees 1993
Ray Keith - A Trip Down Memory Lane @ Milwaukees 1993

Photo taken by myself on the morning after The House Party 20th August 1992
(As you can see this night had an additional markee in place, as it was scheduled for 'Double Capacity'. The number of ravers also increased that night as Dreamscape's "Woodstock 2" was cancelled !!

Milwaukees Newsletter (Into 1994)





One Night at Equinox '92-93'

This mix is my homage to those very special nights. That legendary 25k Cerwin Vega + 5k Sub Base sound system, that would pummel your ribcage with its earth shattering sub base. The combination of jungle rhythms alongside 4 the floor piano bangers and techno stompers. The intimacy that was created by the DJ being so near to the crowd... and what a crowd and what a vibe.....

All hail "The King Of Clubs".

Of course, this mix isn't a comprehensive list, its simply tracks that I remember, tracks that got played by some of my favourite DJ's during my times at Milwaukees, Dj's such as Ratty, Tango (RIP), DJ SS, DJ Clarkee, Ellis Dee, Top Buzz, Slipmatt, Fat Controller, Mastersafe and so many others.

(Mixed live, no edits, no prep - just played with feeling and a little rough around the edges)


Oaysis - Jungle Mash Up (DJ SS Remix)
DJ Seduction & DJ Phantasy - In Effect (Dancin' The Whole Night)
Top Buzz - Living In Darkness (93 Remix)
Austin - Unity In Dub (Stop-Go Mix)
Raging Rockers - Kounter Act (Sensi Version)
The Anthill Mob - Antology (The Top Buzz Stonehenge Remix)
Jungle House Crew - King Of The Jungle
Freestyle & DJr - Madness
Oaysis - Incredible Bass
DJ Seduction - Sub Dub
Kev Bird & The Wax Doctor - Dark Matter (Kev Bird's 93 Remix)
MC Lethal - The Rave Digger (Stu Allan Catch Remix)
Wax Doctor - Another Direction
Rhythm For Reasons - Music In Search Of The Light
The House Crew - Euphoria (Nino's Dream)
Foul Play - Finest Illusion (Illegal Mix)
Force Mass Motion - Panic
SMD - Untitled (Side A)
Ramos & Supreme - The Journey Part 1
The Fat Controller - In Complete Darkness
On Remand - Controllin' (Remix)
Tango - Timebomb
Cloud Nine - Ruff (Remix)
Tango & Ratty - Tales From The Darkside
DJ Edge - Compnded 'The Illegal Remix'
Roger Johnson - Love Is What We Need
DJ Solo - Darkage
Out Of Order - Tears
Arpeggiators - X-Plain The Un-X-Plained
DJ Vibes - Obsession (Music's So Wonderful)
DJ Seduction - Really Dark (But Not To Dark Mix)
Slipmatt - Breaking Free
International Rude Boyz - Paragone (Remix)
Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era - Bust That Groove
Eze G - Start It Again (Remix)
Space Cube - Session
Sunshine Productions - Above The Clouds (DJ Vibes & Wishdokta Remix)
DJ Seduction - Solid Bass
Edge Of Darkness - Come Together