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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

#DuskDubs World Cup Special

#DuskDubs “World Cup Special” – Compiled By OriginalGidman

Here at the #DuskDubs studio, we have been bitten by World Cup fever, so Original Gidman has been digging in his vinyl vaults and come up with an amazing selection of records, focusing on the incredible sounds and rhythms of the host country Brazil...but of course, with the usual #DuskDubs twist.
So go make yourself a classic ‘Caipirinha’ cocktail and enjoy…. “Come On England!!!!”

True to form, Gidman has done a write up of each track: 

1. Cut Chemist - Intro (The Big Dig) - An excerpt from an interview with Cut Chemist when Madlib, J.Rocc, DJ Babu etc. went record digging in Brazil and discovered so many great records which would inform their own music.

2. Milton Nascimento / Lô Borges – Tudo Que Voce Podia Ser– Taken from what many regard as the best Brazilian album ever. Released on Odeon Fonografica Ltd records in 1972 on a beautiful 2xLP Gatefold release, it’s this original stereo version I have used here rather than the re-mastered version.

3. Dub Majestic – Kaya Babylon – The first of my selections from the amazing “Poulp Up Brazil !” compilation and released in 2013, which focus’s on individual Dub scenes from particular countries.

4. (Live Commentary) - Pele Goal From The 1970 World Cup Final.

5. Azymuth – Melф Dos Dois Bicudos (Harmonic 313 Remix) – This stunning head-nodding remix by the don that is Mark Pritchard is taken from the Limited Album 12” Sampler which was released in 2007 on Far Out Records. ….. Big Look !!

6. Black Junior’s – Mas Que Linda Estas (Vocal) – Often referred to as the first Hip-Hop group out of Brazil, these teenagers coming from São Paulo released this oldschool/electro track as a single in 1984. Their self-titled album was massive at the time, selling over 1 million copies.

7. Bebel Gilberto - Bananeria (Rae & Christian Remix) – The Manchester duo of Rae & Christian are on remix duties for Gilberto’s bossa nova classic. Released in 2001 on the album ‘Tanto Tempo Remixes’… the pair take the smooth sensual vocals and underpin them with a groovy bass shuffler.

8. Jorge Ben – Ponta de Lança Africano (Umbabarauma) –Another Brazilian classic. Featured on Jorge Ben’s amazing album ‘África Brasil’ (1976), and like many of the tracks, this combines Brazilian, African, and American musical styles, resulting in a funky sing-a-long classic.  

9. Suba – Sereia – Taken from the 1999 album ‘São Paulo Confessions’ by the late musician Suba. This is a perfect example of the way he would marry Brazilian airy melodies and percussion with an electronic edge. Unfortunately, the Serbian born producer, who spent most of his life in Sao Paulo was involved in a tragic accident resulting in his death the same year the album was release. Go seek it out, it’s an amazing album, blurring the boundaries between electronica traditional Brazilian rhythms and beautiful ethereal vocals.

10. Tamba Trio – Mas Que Nada – Everyone knows the (1966) Sérgio Mendes version of this record, but like many Brazilian classics, when you start digging, you find out they were covered or penned by different artists. Originally ‘Mas QueNada’ was written by Jorge Ben on his debut album ‘Samba Esquema Novo’ in 1963 and many have covered it since – I’ve gone with Tamba Trio’s version, taken from their 1963Avanço album, although probably made more famous in the modern era, by Nike’s advertising campaign for the 1998 FIFA World Cup.

11. Supreme Team (Madlib & Kareem Riggins) – Volta Porcima – Featured on Stones Throw Records 3xLP Box Set ‘Hella International’, which was released in 2009 in celebration of their yearly event at Miami's Winter Music Conference. Produced by Kareem Riggins and also one of the original crate-diggers Madlib aka The Beat Konducta, this track is an example of the influence of  “The Big Dig” which Cut Chemist speaks about in the ‘Intro’ of this  volume.

12. Dub Movement – Circense Melodica – The second of my selections from the 2013 compilation “Poulp Up Brazil !”.

13. Magic Drum Orchestra – Drop It Like It’s Hot – Magic Drum Orchestra formed by Ralph Cree and Glyn Bush aka Bigga Bush take Snoop Dogg & Pharrell’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot” and create an amazing 2014 cover version. Throughout the recording sessions the producers used over 100 drummers and percussionists, resulting in an amazing ‘live feel’ recording. The track segues into a medley of the Muppet Show theme and James Brown's Funky Drummer before climaxing in full-on batucada style drumming. Stunning!!

14. Waajeed - Jeedo Suave – This track definitely has worldwide credentials. Originally produced by Waajeed out of Detroit and released in 2009 on the Series One 12” on the Japanese Record Label ‘Jazzy Sport’. This is a cover version of the late and great Jay Dee aka J Dilla’s “Rico Suave Bossa Nova” from his 2001 Welcome 2 Detroit LP,  which originally sampled The Milton Banana Trio's "Cidade Vazia" from 1966. A perfect example of how crate digging and clever sampling results in a wonderful Brazilian sounding cover version.

15. Edu Lobo – Vento Bravo – My final ‘classic’ selection…. Featured on Edu Lobo’s ‘Missa Breve’ long-player which was released on the EMI & Odeon Fonográfica record label in 1973. Another rich toned melodic classic – there’s so many out there…. I urge you to get digging….  It’s all about “Dusty Fingers”

16. Pathless – Goddess – Amazing to think that in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s producers and artists out of Germany were embracing Brazilian rhythms and styles, and creating authentic sounding productions for the dance floor and the headphones. No more so, than at Munich’s Compost Records which released the ‘Glücklich’ series, five volumes of Brazilian Flavours From The Past And Present”. The production outfit Pathless combined the talents of Stefan Leisering, and Axel Reinemer who also recorded under the alias of  ‘Extended Spirit’ for Jazzanova’s record label – Sonar Kollectiv.

17. Depth Charge – Goal – Released back in 1990 and produced by the mighty J. Saul Kane for the ‘Vinyl Solution’ record label, run out from the shop on Portobello Road in London, which is now famous for spawning oldschool legends such as Depth Charge, Eon, and  Bizarre Inc. This track was the first of his two homages to World Cup Football- the second being the Romario 12” back in 1998.

18. Bebel Gilberto – Tanto Tempo (Peter Kruder Remix) – My second selection from the Tanto Tempo Remixes’ 2001 compilation. This time Peter Kruder steps up, out of G-Stone Records in Vienna, Austria, He reconstructs Gilberto’s bossanova standard into a deep techno/house killer in true Kruder style, while providing a hint of her ethereal vocals.

19. Les Gammas – Outra Vida ((Eddy & Dus Kontrapunkt Remix) – This wonderful remix can be found on the Outra Vida Remixes 12” released in 2002 on Michael Reinboth’s Compost Records Label. Les Gammas hand the remixing duties over to Eddy & Dus, a duo out of Croatia who expand on the original… moving it into Drum & Bass territory.

20. DJ Suv Featuring Tali – Do You Remember – While the Bristol Drum & Bass sound was taking over the Drum & Bass world in the mid to late 1990’s, with the likes of Roni Size, DJ Die, Krust and Suv,  all under the guidance and influence of Bryan Gee and Jumping Jack Frost’s Record Label V Recordings. The label began embracing the Brazilian Drum & Bass scene, showcasing Brazilian DJ’s such as DJ Marky, XRS and DJ Patiffe – This obviously had an impact on DJ’s like Suv who began making amazing Drum & Bass riddims with a Brazilian influence, for example this 2002 12” on Full Cycle Records.

21. Drumagick – Easy Boom – Also released in 2002 on Samba Loco Records out of Brazil, this wonderful Drum and Bass track has sunshine vibes oozing out of it in spades… sampling Jorge Ben’s ”Take It Easy My Brother Charles” 1968 classic – you can’t help but sing-a-long.