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Sunday, 25 January 2009

Interview with Mulatu and The Heliocentrics Video

"Watch the interview with Mulatu / The Heliocentrics about their forthcoming album "Inspiration Information 3". (Stones Throw Website)

Bring on the Collab !

Just found these details and confirmed tracklisitng:-

"The original Ethio-jazz legend enters the fray. The Ethiopiques album series has steadily gathered steam in recent years, culminating in two huge shows during June 2008 at Barbican and Glastonbury. Raiding the archives of small studios and radio
stations in Addis Ababa from the ‘70s, the series has been a revelation, unearthing a true fusion of funk, soul and jazz with fivetone Ethiopian scales and traditional instrumentation and vocals. The ringleader of those recordings, vibesman and percussionist Mulatu Astatke, now embarks on his first studio album for over 20 years. The collaboration follows a sell-out gig at Cargo and a Gilles Peterson Maida Vale session earlier this year with The Heliocentrics (Stones Throw Records). Responsible for backing DJ Shadow, laying down beats for Madlib and Yesterday’s New Quintet and for fusing influences as diverse as Sun Ra, Axelrod, James Brown and Morricone on their debut album, the Helios, led by drummer Malcolm Catto and bassist Jake Ferguson, have fast become a unique powerhouse of free-thinking beatsmithery.
At Cargo in London, they backed Mulatu on a full set of his Ethiopiques classics, brought together and presented by Karen P’s Broadcasting and Red Bull. Since then, the process around the new recordings has been in full flow with Mulatu now back in
Addis Ababa armed with a Heliocentrics CD of groove ideas and riffs. As well as writing his own vibes and keyboard parts, Mulatu is using the project to build in some of the stunning indigenous sounds from Ethiopia, inviting tribespeople to record
local instruments and vocal parts for the sessions. “I have always wanted to involve Ethiopian cultural instruments in Ethio-jazz, playing Western 12-tone music,” explains Mulatu. “We’ll be experimenting – the musicians in The Heliocentrics are so great and I think we will make a wonderful album.” The project culminates in a full recording week at Heliocentrics studio in London during the first week of September and a full live tour during Spring 2009
". (Strut)

Strut/!K7 (2009)



Madlib AKA Beat Konducta Vol. 5-6 Bonus 45 7-inch (STH4031)

1. The Electric Zone (Long Version)
2. J.D. & J.B. (Long Version)

Two tracks off the Beat Konducta Vol. 5-6 album, long versions.

This 45 is available free with purchase of Madlib's Beat Konducta Vol. 5-6: A Tribute to... while supplies last.

When Madlib followed J Dilla’s now-classic Donuts with an instrumental concept-album of his own, a series was born. “Beat Konducta,” the alias he often scribbled on the beat CDs he handed to friends and potential collaborators, left the realm of the unknown and entered the record-buying public’s conscious as Madlib’s latest nom de plume. His unedited CDs often wove quirky narratives, served as obsessive listening material to those lucky enough to hear them, and became raw working material for Madvillain, Jaylib, Ghostface, De La Soul, Talib Kweli and Erykah Badu.

The concept of the Beat Konducta series was simple: put Madlib’s raw beat tapes into album form – one by one on vinyl, with two volumes at a time appearing on sporadically released CDs.

The first two volumes of Beat Konducta, Movie Scenes, were a soundtrack to a movie that existed only in Madlib’s mind. It’s score ranged from Blaxploitation soul to African-psychedelia, from Tropicalia to moody progressive rock. The second installment took its listeners on a tour of Bollywood, circa 1975. Beat Konducta In India paid sincere tribute to musical giants largely unheard of by Western ears. And kept the funk levels up all the way.

Beat Konducta Vol. 5-6: A Tribute to... is a 42-track piece dedicated to the late J Dilla. Madlib and J. Rocc – arguably Dilla’s closest musical compatriots during his time spent in Los Angeles – lovingly remember their friend and reflect on his boundless influence. As was the case with Donuts and in keeping with the Beat Konducta’s all-embracing musical bent, this album does not settle into one groove for too long. The result is a transfixing, sometimes jarring, and always soulful homage to the man Madlib crowned “King Of The Beats.” (Stones Throw Website)

Saturday, 24 January 2009


Been putting my hand in my pocket over the last 3 weeks and bought myself a bounty of 7"s and a couple of 12"s. The standard of releases so far has been very high and i've really enoyed visiting Sounds Of The Universe in Soho while uptown....

Lenny Williams - I Couldn't Find Nobody (SOUL 45-005) 7"

The Royale VII - It's An Explosion Parts 1 2 (SOUL 45-004) 7"

Binky Griptite - One Time You're Mine b/w Your Gonna Cry (Dap-1042) 7"

Eddie & Ernie - Bullets Don't Have Eyes b/w In These Very Tender Moments (Ever Soul 102) 7"

Fella Cutie - Water No Get Emeny b/w Mr Brown - There Was A Time (KD Mix) (Killer Funk001) 7"

The Killer Funk Allstars Big Band - New Begining b/w Home Cookin (The Unreleased Mama's In The Kitchen Edit) (Killer Funk 002) 7"

Nostalgia 77 Sessions feat. Keith & Julie Tippett - Film Blues b/w Rainclouds (TRU7182) 7"

Kinny feat. Quantic Soul Orchestra - Enough Said b/w Kinny feat. Nostalgia 77 - Desire (TRU7171) 7"

Taggy Matcher - Ain't Hard To Tell b/w Ain't Hard To Tell (Version) (STIX 010) 7"

Bullion - Funnybones b/w Tranquill - Payroll (Paul White's Clean Dub) (HAND7004XX) 7"

Scott Down and DJ Cutler - Lesson 716 Parts 1 & 2 (LD-004) 7"

Mr Cour Eiffel vs Wu Tang Clan - Le Hipe Hope b/w Made In France (TER 002) 7"

Fat Freddys Drop - Pull The Catch (Vocal) b/w Instrumental (KART028) 7"

The Detroit Sex Machines - The Stretch Part 1 & 2 (ST 1085) 7"

Byard Lancaster - Saint John Coletrane (Byrad Lancaster Meets Le Professeur Inlassable) b/w Blue Train (HS013VL) 7"

Hudson Mohawke - Polyfolk Dance EP (WAP 261) 12"

Harmonic 313 - Dirtbox (WAP 262) 12"

Dâm-Funk @ 'NO CULTURE' party on 140108 at Echo Park (L.A.)

Here is a recent DJ Set from Dam Funk live rom the Echo in Los Angeles..... Check his Myspace here for details of releases and live appearances....Many thanks to No Culture website for the link.


1.JOHN TEJADA - "Loose Change" | '04
2.JOHN TEJADA - "Progressive Patterns" | '04
3.DEZ DICKERSON - "Modernaire" (Complexxion version) | '08
4.WAS (NOT WAS) - "Out Come The Freaks" | '81
5.STONE CITY BAND - "Bad Lady" | '83
6.PRINCE - "Controversy" | '81
7.PRINCE - "Sexy Dancer" (UK only Long Version) | '79
8.CHANGE - "Don't Wait Another Night" | '83
9.O'BRYAN - "Be My Lover" | '84
10.KLYMAXX - "Man In My Life" (UK Fred Dove & Froggy Remix) | '82
11.THE CURE - "Let's Go To Bed" | '82
12.SOFT CELL - "A Man Could Get Loot" | '82
13.TRANS-X - "Living On Video" (Dub Version) | '84
14.GOSUB - "Love Like The Past" | '07
15.FINGERS INC.- "Distant Planet" | '88
16.SCOTT SELLARS - "Let's Dance Shall We?" | '91
17.EAST 17 DIVISION - "Textures" | '92
18.B.F.C.(aka Carl Craig) - "The Climax" | '90
19.FIREFLY - "Love Is Coming" (Remix) | '83
20.STONE - "Girl I Like The Way That You Move" | '82
21.DâM-FunK - "Galactic Fun" | '08

Paul White and Floating Points Mixes - Recommended

Mary Anne Hobbs - Experimental Show on 210109 from this week included amazing mixes from 2 of the best UK Beat-makers.....Paul White and Floating Points, plus a telephone interview with the L.A. based Gas Lamp Killer.....check it.

Please support the show by listening to the stream on BBC HERE.

Mark Pritchard - ‘?’ (Ho Hum)
Pangaea - ‘Memories’ (Dubplate)
Joker & Ginz - ‘Purple City’ (Dubplate)
Squarepusher - ‘Illegal Dustbin’ from the EP ‘Lucent Numbers’ (Warp)
Starkey feat Durrty Goodz - ‘Gutter Music VIP’ (Keysound)
Jamie Vex’d - ‘Junior Walker’ (Planet Mu Dub)
Boxcutter - ‘Sidetrak’ from the LP ‘Arecibo Message’ (Planet Mu)
Martyn - ‘Elden St’ from the LP ‘Great Lengths’ (3024)

Gaslamp Killer from LA, on the Phone
Nosaj Thing - ‘Coat of Arms’ from the forthcoming LP ‘Nosaj Thing - Nosaj Thing’ (Self Titled)

Pan Sonic - ‘Lahetys’ from the LP ‘Katodivaihe’ (White Label)
Claro Intelecto - ‘Thieves’ from the Warehouse Session’ (Modern Love)

Paul White in the Mix
Paul White – ‘Alien Nature’ (One-Handed Music)
Paul White – ‘Sea Life’ (One-Handed Music)
Paul White – ‘Nasty Business’ (Unreleased)
Paul White – ‘Carbon’ - (Unreleased)
Bullion – ‘Are You The One’ (One-Handed Music)
Paul White – ‘Uprising Of The Insane’ (One-Handed Music)
Paul White – ‘Grimy Light’ (Unreleased)
Burning Spear – ‘People Get Ready’ (Island)
Paul White – ‘Floating Free’ (One-Handed Music)
Mort Garson – ‘Let The Sunshine In’ (A & M)
Tangerine Dream – ‘Force Majeure’ (Virgin)

Floating Points in the Mix
Floating Points – ‘Cycle 11 DUB’ (unreleased)
Floating Points - ‘KG beat’ (unreleased)
Floating Points – ‘Peroration feat. Fatima’ (unreleased)
Floating Points – ‘JW beat’ (unreleased)
W Orbit – ‘Optical Illusions’ [Aaron Jerome Remix] (CDR)
Dabrye – ‘Game Over’ [Dorian Concept Remix!] (CDR)
Kona Triangle – ‘AIRLOCK’ (CDR)
Ras G & the Afrikan Space Program – ‘Sign Me Up’ (Poo-Bah)
Floating Points – ‘For You’ (eglo)

Ital Tek - ‘Massive Error’ (Planet Mu Dubplate)
Optikatechiniqua - ‘Rinse It’ (Dubplate)
Tor - ‘Back On The Endz’ from the LP ‘Beatz International’ (Pinch Of Salt)
Bun Zer0 - ‘Psychedlic Flu’ (Bass Tourist)
Reso - ‘Octacon’ (Dubplate)
Sh**mat - ‘Best Before 10-11-1992′ from the LP ‘One Foot In The Rave’ (Planet Mu Dub)
Hyetal - ‘Pixel Rainbow Sequence’ [Peverlist mix] (Reduction Records)
Ghettozoid feat Yolanda - ‘Seeking’ (Dubplate)
Ben Klock - ‘Coney Island’ from the album ‘One’ (Ostgut Ton)
Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch - ‘Six Degrees’ (Swamp 81)


Click HERE for the MP3 Donwload.