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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Evidence of our rave that we put on from 'back in the day'

Held at Hawkinge Spitfire Lesiuredrome on the 14th July 1990 (I think that was the year...memories a bit hazy).....

Tuesday, 19 November 2013


Thursday, 14 November 2013

DD001 Dusk Dubs Vol.11 - Original Gidman

Here is my latest Volume for the #DuskDubs project i'm involved in..... enjoy and make sure you check the other volumes from our fellow selectors.....

"This week we are happy to announce the return of the mighty Original Gidman.
Normally, I write a short bio about the selector of the week. This time, I’ll keep it brief, simply because Gidman has treated us to a full and detailed description of his selections, so I won’t keep you. All I will say, is that Original Gidman is a major driving force behind Dusk Dubs, without him holding us all together, this wouldn't happen. So, a massive salute Gids! You sir, are a ledge!
As always, catch us most nights on twitter via #DuskDubs ... and feel free to get involved.
Below, are the records featured in this weeks mixtape, and a great write up on each from Original Gidman himself
1. Poisonous Dub Intro….
2. Snowman – Rise (All City Records)
This beat-heavy instrumental is featured on the 1st 7 Inch that was part of the 7x7 series pressed up by All City Records in Dublin… Produced by Snowman – A member of the Jack Sample Professionals (Fat City US). ….“Heavy beats and very melodic…. (5 Stars)”
3. Smith & Mighty - Higher Dub Feat. MarylinMcFarlane (Studio !K7)
Featured on the Smith & Mighty’s ‘Retrospective’album, this track oozes ‘Dubbed-Out’ class with gorgeous vocals by Marylin McFarlane. Smith & Mighty are a Dub/Drum and Bass/Trip-Hop group from Bristol, consisting of Rob Smith and Ray Mighty. Their first releases in the late 1980s, were breakbeat covers of "Anyone Who Had a Heart" and "Walk on By”. They went on to produce "Wishing on a Star" for Fresh Four and Massive Attack's first single, "Any Love”……“Dubbed out bliss”.
4. Dr. Alimantado - Gimmie My Gun (Greensleeves)
Originally released in 1978 and featuring on the album "Best Dressed Chicken In Town’. This track features the vocal talents of Jamican deejay Dr. Alimantado, over the classic backing track of Gregory Isaacs' ‘Thief a Man’. It would be familiar to all those that were hitting the Jungle/Drum & Bass clubs around 1993 as it was heavily sampled by Smokey Joe on Wha' Dat (Gimmie My Gun) on Labello Blanco Records….. “A Jamacian Deejay Standard…. POW !!”
5. Walkner & Mostl - Heaven Or Hell (G-Stone Recordings)
Released back in the year 2000, on Peter Kruder and Richard Dorfmeister’s infamous
G-Stone label out of Austria, the track was produced byUwe Walkner and Karl Moestl and packs a dubbed-out punch that is synonymous with everything that is released on G-Stone……. “Austrian Quality – As per usual”
6. Peace Orchestra - Double Drums (G-Stone Recordings)
While Richard Dorfmeister was producing his ‘pet project’ Tosca, Peter Kruder was going solo with the Peace Orchestra. Released back in 1999, this track is a classic example of Kruder’s ability to twist and dub-out a ‘Bossa’ sounding track alongside a funky double bass-line….. “Funky as F**K”.
7. Space Dimension Controller - Transatlantic Landing Bay (R&S Records)
Released on the legendary label that is R&S Records, this track features on the Mini LP/EP ‘Temporary Thrillz’ . Space Dimension Controller aka Jack Hamill produces deep spaced out house and ambient soundscapes that the listener can fall into…. “sophisticated sci-fi boogie at its best”.
8. Skit (#DuskDubs Shout Out)
Big thank you to Uncle Dugs
9. S-Express - Coma II (A.M. O.K.) (Rhythm King)
Located on Side 2 of the Mark Moore’s sophomore album ‘Original Soundtrack’ and released by the classic British Label Rhythm King in 1989 , this squelchy-acid track is miles apart from the commercial releases of ‘Superfly Guy’ or ‘Hey Music Lover’. ……”It’s haunted my musical mind ever since, and will now hopefully haunt yours….!!”.
10. The Transit Kings - The Last Lighthouse Keeper(Malicious Damage)
For those that don’t know, The Transit Kings are a collective made up from, KLF dons Jimmy Cauty and AlexPaterson , occasional Pink Floyd collaborator Guy Pratt and Dom Beken. Released in 2006 on The Orbs home label Malicious Damage, this track features the vocal meanderings of Simon Day as ‘The Last Lighthouse Keeper’ – Comical as well as poignant….. “Simply put – out of this world”
11. The Pioneers - I Need Your Inspiration (Justin Robertson Remix) (Trojan Records)
Released in 2007 and part of the Trojan Takeover project, where a handful of contemporary producers were invited to remix favourites from Trojan’s back catalogue and put their mark on them in celebration of its 40th anniversary. The soulful-reggae original was created by The Pioneers back in 1970 and Justin Robertson turns in a dubbed out break-beat heavy remix that transforms itself into a ska-skank-out….. “Killer Ska alongside soulful vocals…. ”
12. Bomb The Bass - Bug Powder Dust (Kruder &Dorfmeister Remix) (Stoned Heights)
Amazingly, this was first released in 1996 and brought Tim Simenon AKA Bomb The Bass back to prominence amongst the electronica world. Remixed by Kruder &Dorfmeister and featuring on their classic double remix album ‘The K&D Sessions’, this track is one of my favourite remixes of theirs……”Great flow in a dubbed-out style… love it”
13. Meat Beat Manifesto - Radio Babylon (Version Galore) (Play It Again Sam Records)
What can I say about this track ? …. The original was massive back in 1991 in the Rave/Hardcore scene and still holds up to this day. Produced and remixed by the British don that is Jack Dangers (….in my eyes and ears ‘THE’ professor of Dub/Bass manipulation), this track just nails the dub infused break-beat sound coming out back in 1991. I recently got to see Meat Beat Manifesto live, twice in the last few years and I can assure you that they still have the ‘Dub Magic’…. “When this got played…the venue wentoff !!”
14. SLM - Nice & Slow (Tone Def Records)
Released back in 1992 on the Tone Def label alongside Hardcore/Jungle acts such as SoundCorp, 4 Horsemen Of The Apocalypse and DJ Harry & Point Blank, this track with it’s reggae infused bass-line used to rip the sound-system in AWOL at The Paradise Club, Islington in London – where I resided during the years of 91-92…..”this brings back great memories and even though the beats are fast…its that bassline that fits the #DuskDubs bill”.
15. Mark Pritchard – Heavy As Stone (Deep MediRecords)
Whatever Mr Pritchard touches, he seems to be able to turn it into ‘musical gold’, and it’s no different here ! Released recently on Mala’s Deep Medi imprint in 2010, this track is seriously heavy….. I’ll leave the online record store Boomkat to explain… “soul-stirring female vox, elegiac keys and even a glimmer of likembe over 4/4 steppers patterns, all anchored with that sublime bass-weight. This is heart-in-the-mouth material, tears on the dancefloor anthem business. It's a real no-brainer”…. “…Here Here”
16. Timmy Thomas - Why Can’t We Live Together (Dub Mix) (Shoes Unofficial Release)
This only needs One Word… “Sublime…..”

The Journeys Of All Journeys

3 massive brands '#RCFF / Music Mondays & World Of Rave' come together as one for the launch of this very special and unique party at one of the best underground clubs in the country, Union in Vauxhall..
Journey Of All Journeys is exactly what it says it is, we will be taking you on a journey from 1988-1993 through the classic years of rave music without touching any anthems, strictly 100% underground bangers from when the doors open till when the doors close...
Each DJ will be playing for 1 hour at a time starting in 1988 and going through to 1993 as the night progresses. With only 3 Djs alternating throughout the night we know that no 2 tunes the same will be played and we also know that we will stick to the agenda starting back in 88 and finishing in 93..
This will be the true underground sound of each era as well, the anthems get played everywhere as we all know but we will make sure that between the 3 of us that we steer our way through this journey without touching any of them, 100% bangers no fillers from start to finish, the journey of all journeys..!!

Check Bunter's and Slipmatt's show as a taster of what you might hear during the night.....

Tickets purchased here....

#RCFF / Music Mondays & World Of Rave Present : The Journey Of All Journeys