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Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Upcoming From Jazzman.......July/Aug 2009 - THINK I MIGHT BE DIPPING INTO THE WALLET FOR THESE TWO

Keisa Brown/Liz Spraggins - Dance Man 7" (Jazzman JM071)

"Back to back versions of the same funky song – a kickass rare groove belted out by two badass soul sisters!

"Two solid sides of Sister Funk dance floor dynamite here, and you also get to play ‘which version is best’? The late Keisa Brown’s frenetic mover ‘Dance Man’ has long been a grail of the cultured funk collector but until fairly recently not many knew that producer Earl Williams re-cut an alternate version of the song with unknown vocalist Liz Spraggins. At last count there was still just the one solitary known copy of LUL 1003 in the collector world, making it even rarer than the Keisa original. But how does it fare by comparison? We’ll let you decide which you prefer with this handy pairing of the two: the infectious, shuffling groove and the sassy vocals of Keisa or the stripped down fatback drum and bass of the Spraggins version. We still can’t make our minds up!" (Boombox Site)

Little Willie Johnson - Loneliness /Darling Let’s Love Soul 7" (SOUL7008)

"You’d be hard pressed to find an original of this 45 by the southern soul legend that is Willie Johnson. And if you did, be prepared to cough up a whacking $6000! Yes that’s no typo – six thousand big ones is the value of this true gem of a tune, now it’s yours for a fraction of a fraction of that price.

As usual this SOUL45 reissue is FULLY LICENSED and restored from the ORIGINAL MASTER TAPES so it SOUNDS GREAT – unlike what you get from SHODDY BOOTLEGS! And in keeping with the spirit of collecting the pressing run is limited to ONLY 500 COPIES worldwide!


Georgia native Willie Johnson released a handful of 45s, are of which are highly sought after by soul collectors around the world. His voice had that gritty quality that southern soul fans love, and a power and presence, with the feeling that he had so much in reserve, that only the very best of the gospel based artists achieved. Jazzman is happy to present you with his rarest and best 45, originally from the Vendella label. The 45 was first picked up for the B side "Darling Let's Love" which is one of the most sought after Deep Soul 45s. It is now causing most interest on the Northern Soul scene for the flip "Loneliness" which is a pile driving funky banger that’s fit for almost any modern soulful dancefloor from classic northern to a funk night. The only problem is you would need to cough up around $6000 to get a copy of the original so you don’t really hear it played out much! Well we have rectified that - here we have a copy fresh from the tapes, sounding better than it ever did.

- Only 500 7”s pressed (be quick, ALL other releases have SOLD OUT!)
- The eighth release for our reissue RARE SOUL series
- Another song carefully chosen to represent what SOUL7 is all about. Filler or fodder it is not!!!"
(Jazzman Records)


Tuesday, 21 July 2009

1976 Swine Flu Propaganda + The Vaccine Song

My main man GARY C sent me these links the other day...thought i'd share them with ya.....

Well I never.....crazy shit

Even more crazy shit....

Monday, 20 July 2009

DâM-FunK's “Spiritual Flight” | Stones Throw Podcast #49

Here it is: DâM-FunK's “Spiritual Flight” | Stones Throw Podcast #49

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1. NEW JERSEY MASS CHOIR - “Yah Mo B There” ~ 1984 LP | Prelude Records
2. THE MICHAEL JOHNSON SINGERS - “Just A Little Talk” ~ 1984 LP | Plumbline Records
3. TONY COMER & CROSSWINDS - “Part Of You” ~ 1984 LP | Vidcom Enterprises
4. THE RAPPIN' REVEREND DR. C. DEXTER WISE, III - “I Ain't Into That” (Short Version) ~ 1986 12” | Fantasy Records
5. THE RANCE ALLEN GROUP - “I Can't Help Myself” ~ 1984 LP | Myrrh Records
6. KENNY SMITH - “Trust In Him” ~ 1985 LP | Message Records
7. THE DEBARGE FAMILY - “Coming Home” ~ 1991 LP | T.M. Records
8. WATSON BEASLEY - “Dimensions” ~ 1980 LP | Warner Bros. Records

*All original wax pressings were used for this mix. No MP3's whatsoever. Peace & with love.

*Full 60+ minute version of “Spiritual Flight” CD on tour tables soon!

Found On Stones Throw Website....

Madlib In August Edition Of 'The Wire'

"This is an excerpt from Wire's cover story on Madlib from their Aug. 2009 issue, which is available now. Check out thewire.co.uk for information about this issue, an MP3 exclusive of Madlib's Summer Suite, or a digital edition of the magazine at exacteditions.com

Prepare for a new yesterday, advises Madlib the former Lootpack MC who digs deep into his mental record crate to produce the wayward hip-hop of Quasimoto and the sample-libraries of Beat Konducta. Lisa Blanning hears about virtual one-man jazz bands, collaborations with J Dilla and Melvin Van Peebles, and his attempts to curate the past for music lovers of tomorrow. Photography by Jeremy & Claire Weiss

"My computer?" echoes Madlib incredulously. "I never use a computer. It's too easy. It's not easy to sound like Dilla, but you can make beats like Dilla with your computer, so that's why everybody sounds like Dilla." Madlib is in the middle of a European tour giving a rare interview - his first, in fact, since 2006. As we sit in his East London hotel room, I'm reminded that I'm talking to a man who doesn't use the internet or email. "You gotta look me in the eye," he explains. "That's why people start arguing. You can be bold while you're typing."

Otis Jackson Jr - producer, rapper, musician, crate-digging antiquarian - was born in 1973 and raised in Oxnard, California, 60 miles west of his current base of Los Angeles. We can get a glimpse of what life in suburban Oxnard must have been like from Gilbert & Jaime Hernandez's Love And Rockets comic books (Los Bros Hernandez are also from Oxnard, and many of their narratives are set there at the time young Otis was growing up). However, Madlib's lineage immediately set him apart. Born into a family of musicians, including his father Otis Senior, a vocalist, bandleader and studio player, mother Sinesca, a songwriter and guitarist, and his uncle, jazz trumpeter Jon Faddis, he was exposed to the secret workings of music recording from an early age.

From such auspicious beginnings, Madlib has become one of the most diverse and prolific artists in hip-hop. He made his underground cross-genre breakthrough as his wayward, apocryphal alter-ego Quasimoto; and his other major projects include Beat Konducta's curated collections of MC tools; his one- man virtual jazz band Yesterdays New Quintet and its spin-oils, in which he contributes drums, keyboards, bass and vibraphone; and his collaborations with the late J Dilla (Jaylib) and MF DOOM (Madvillain). Madlib's work traverses modern-day hip-hop to an extent that few can claim, and his crate-digging has reached such depths as to make him a veritable crate in himself, providing others with scores of tracks to help construct their own tunes. Yet for all the success his workaholism has brought him, he is a reticent public figure. "I hate standing in front of a crowd and having to show myself," he admits. "I'm a background dude."
(Stones Throw Website)

This months edition of 'The Wire'(August 2009 - No. 306) contains an interview with Madlib - The Bad Kid.


Rolf Julius, Madlib, Nisennenmondai, Andrea Parkins, Diana Rogerson, Sleazy Peter Christopherson


Mike Barnes, Lisa Blanning, David Crosbie, Warren Ellis, David Hickey, David Keenan, Nick Richardson, David Stubbs, Rob Young
Contents summary | Full print contents

On The Cover:

Madlib - The 'human record crate' behind Quasimoto, Yesterdays New Quintet and Beat Konducta tells Lisa Blanning about ancient grooves and future hiphop. Plus: Hypnagogic pop, British visionary jazz Primer, Sleazy Peter Christopherson's Invisible Jukebox, Andrea Parkins, Nisennenmondai, Diana Rogerson, Rolf Julius and more...

Monday, 13 July 2009

Tubby Hayes Voodoo Session 7" (666 Copies) Limited Edition

Tubby Hayes - Voodoo Session 7" (Limited Edition)

Just came across this on Johnny Trunks Website.....and put my order in straight away !! KILLER STUFF - RECOMMENDED

Check the video around the 6.40 mark for the intro, 6.50 for the track... and just wait for Tubbs to get on the flute...

"TTT005 - 7" vinyl only, limited to 666 numbered copies.

Bonkers one this. A few years ago there was single from the film Dr Terror's House Of Horror that lots of people wanted. It was issued by CBS. Lots of people wanted it all because they all thought it was this bit of music, from the scene where Roy Castle and the Tubby Hayes Quintet play the Voodoo track. Watch this clip if you can be arsed, and the whole infamous scene starts at about 4.50 (and please note Jimmy Deuchar's Mellophonium).

However, when one copy of this rare single surfaced (and sold later for about £800 a week before it was bootlegged) everyone realised it was a bit crap, and had Roy Castle singing on it, when all anyone really wanted was the instrumental afro voodoo number.

Fast forward to mid 2009, and out of nowhere I get an email from a good jazz man known as Simon Spillett. He is overseeing the recently unearthed Tubby Hayes archive. This is a set of reels and records taken care of first by Tubby's mother, and then later passed on to Tubby's last girlfriend. In amongst these reels is the original session for this super Voodoo scene.

Simon emailed me the tracks, and I got extremely excited - it was the killer tune, the missing music that music people have been waiting for. A few weeks later the tracks were remastered, and a very limited 7" ep was designed, the idea being to make sure we can make enough money so Tubby's girlfriend can afford to fly abroad and see her family.


The tracklisting is as follows:

Side One:

Side Two:
Give Me Love*
Bailey's Blues


The historic Brit jazz line up:
Tubby Hayes (tenor saxophone, flute);
Shake Keane (trumpet);
Jimmy Deuchar (mellophonium);
Terry Shannon (piano);
Freddy Logan (bass);
Allan Ganley (drums);
Kenny Lynch (vocal*)

There are 666 numbered copies, an evil number indeed to enhance the evil nature of the session. The record will not be repressed, which again is a bit evil.

Here are the front and back covers. Aren't they lovely
" (Trunk Records Website)

Click here to BUY.

Thursday, 2 July 2009



Just recieved a blog entry from Breakestra of their Myspace site, which I thought i would share with everybody....

"After 3 years of "hittin' the Flo!" out there around the planet & me steadily simmering some new songs & instrumental tracks in my home studio in Highland park CA, It's time to share some more funky sounds with whoever out there wants to hear em!

The recording started in 2007,a little while after the main touring for hit the floor had come to a slow & also after the hard painful process of merinating on the loss of my dj mentor/partner & beloved friend DJ DUSK's passing in 2006.Slowly i started to get back in the mix & soon found some inspiration from trying to work it out from behind my guitar & drum kit.Having chosen sometimes out of necessity & impatience to be the producer, engineer,mixer & (most of the time) overdub intsrumentalist takes it's tolls on recording productivity.hopefully not my only technique for future projects...

The first track i started was inspired from a gig we did out in claremont Cal at the Kahoutek fest where in the middle of the show i witnessed Mix Master Wolf doing a natural fun little dance of his own that girls in the front row started imitating that i could not help but name "the Lowdown Stank", a phrase i'd heard wolf utter many times.I brought in very funky dirty waffle (sandy eggo) based new recruit, Jake Nakor on the drums for this one and that was the start of a long sometimes staggered but fun process of building my songs one overdub at a time.

The second track to get in the mix was "set the sun" an obvious ode to Dusk that in actuality is a bit more on the funk soul rock side of things & was not intended for Breakestra.It opened the door for me to allow some other psychedelic funk rock sounds to enter the mix like "Show me the way" which i created for mixmaster wolf intentionally to let his soul rip through in his most honest fashion.that song is way influenced by everything from early funkadelic(wolf's all time favorite) & other fuzz funk records like Bobby Franklin's insanity which i had been discovering while digging for records to drop at my funky sole party here in L.A.The fact that i had deprived myself or rockin' the guitar live since picking up the bass 10 years ago for Breakestra definetelly fueled the fuzz up the mix!
Also Djing with Cut chemist & Egon at The Sole exposed me to many deep world psyche funk sounds on a weekly basis as well my friend Jesse C's constant sharing of heavy african funk & more.9 years of hearing Dusk playing funky cumbias & Afro cuban salsa on thursdays at Rootdown opened me to sounds that are subtley apparent on some of the new record.
Another inevitibility was finally Bringing the soulful sanger Afrodyete into the studio where we worked out our first collaboration "come on over".It's also the first time i used an acoustic piano on a breakestra record and flexed some of my limited piano skills i picked up as a kid taking lessons.Don't think Mrs. Lindham would be too excited...
As well i got to play out my love for charles stepney/richard evans Cadet records sound on the instrumental "you'll never know" which features the fine funky acoustic piano of my friend the Jer bear-Jeremy Ruzumna, daphne chen on violin & viola, myself on cello & funk drumming sicko, Pete "the funky buzzard" Mcneal!

Speaking of cello, what started as an instrumental i had written for horns to play a melody got transformed into a raw but sweet funky fusion cello thing called "me & Michelle" named after Wolf's reference to my cello & friend with benefits.Again impatience & curiosity won out with me trying the line out on cello & me saying fuck it, i'll let it ride.In spite of my little brother's objections & discomfort at the sound of strings playing a bunch of notes i have decided to let you all decide.

While the new record features Breakestra veteran James "the Funky penguin" King on saxophones("lowdown stank") & Flute (Dark clouds rain soul), I now introduce you all to David Moyer on saxes & chris Bautista on trumpet for many of the new songs & the men on the horns for the live shows these days.I was also very happy to have my homie sheffer of the Lions on trombone.
After most of the tracks had started to take shape i was looking at around 14 cuts(still too many for a record in my opinion) and i had an ear for hearing something kinda cumbia, funk & fuzz & with Emcees flowing in some sort of tribute to Dusk.I got a groove locked in my head, jumped behind the drum kit & knocked out a couple takes.Who to MC on it? While family is an obvious safe choice it also felt 100% right & fortunetelly i was able to reach tha Manphibian MC chali 2NA & with a little coaxing got Wolf to dust of his Lyric pad & show his skillz again as a funky man on the MIC.His style harks back to one of Hip hop's finest, Chill Rob G of the Flavor unit.

I had initially asked the cats to somehow tie some aspect of their lyrics, inspired from their experience.They no doubt brought the niceness but did not have any reference to Dusk other than it being dope mcing.After 2na suggesting i find some recording of dusk giving a shout out to throw in somehwere it popped into my head that i had a recording of Dusk rhyming on another beat of mine and that maybe i could find something that i could scratch into a verse.Blessedly i did find one of many dope verses of his that fit perfectly as it's "posed to be"!

Not sure what the first 12 inch or 45 single will be at this moment but that's seconds away.

Hopefully some more gabbin' to come about how it went down & what's coming next.

Thanks to all the folks who helped with recording process & to all Breakestra friends out there on Planet earth.Dj DUSK REST IN PEACE & Keep funk Alive!
Music Man Miles Tackett."

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Steely Dan - Aja (1977)....BARGAIN OF THE WEEKEND

Visited a record fair this weekend with my fellow digger Gary C......not much on offer, but couldn't resist this 1977 album by Steely Dan 'Aja' for £2.50.....

Wikipedia entry...."Aja (pronounced like "Asia"), named after a friend's Korean wife, is an album by the rock band Steely Dan. Originally released in 1977, it became the group's best-selling album. Topping at #3 on the U.S. charts and #5 in the United Kingdom, it was the band's first platinum album, eventually selling over 5 million copies.[citation needed] In July 1978, the album won the Grammy Award for Best Engineered Non-Classical Recording. In 2003, the album was ranked number 145 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.

The album is ambitious and sophisticated, and features several leading session musicians. The eight-minute-long title track features complex jazz-based changes and a solo by renowned saxophonist Wayne Shorter, as well as dextrous drumming by Steve Gadd - most notably at the end of the track.

Aja is also the subject of one of the Classic Albums series of documentaries about the making of famous albums. The documentary includes a song-by-song study of the album (the only omission being "I Got the News," which is played during the closing credits), interviews with Steely Dan co-founders Walter Becker and Fagen (among others) plus new, live-in-studio versions of songs from the album, and the opportunity to hear some of the rejected (and uncredited) guitar solos for "Peg," before Jay Graydon produced the satisfactory take.

The album is also one of the only Steely Dan titles not available in a 5.1 version on any high-resolution audio format. When DTS attempted to make a 5.1 version, it was discovered that the multitrack masters for both "Black Cow" and the title track were missing. For this same reason, a multichannel SACD version was cancelled by Universal Music. Donald Fagen has offered a $600 reward for the missing masters or any information that leads to their recovery.

Side one

"Black Cow" – 5:10
"Aja" – 7:57
"Deacon Blues" – 7:37

Side two

"Peg" – 3:57
"Home at Last" – 5:34
"I Got the News" – 5:06
"Josie" – 4:33

Mayer Hawthorne Radio, Episode 2 (Stones Throw Podcast 48)

Stones Throw Records have just posted the 2nd part of Mayer Hawthorne's Radio shows via Stones Throw Podcast series....

Mayer Hawthorne's debut album A Strange Arrangement drops 09.09.09

Hawthorne Radio, Episode 2 Playlist:
Robert Parker “I've Caught You In A Lie”
The Mighty Lovers “I Ain't Gonna Run No More”
The Toys “Deserted”
The Continental Four “The Way I Love You”
Sly, Slick & Wicked “Ready For You”
The Marvelettes “Don't Mess With Bill”
The Moments “So This Is Our Goodbye”
The Ethics “Searching”
The Main Ingredient “Spinning Around”
OC Smith “On Easy Street”
The Impressions “A Woman Who Loves Me”

The Stones Throw Podcast is always free. To download Stones Throw's podcast you must use aggregator/podcast receiver software such as Apple iTunes. Or click here to DOWNLOAD.