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Friday, 17 September 2010

Midland takes charge of our 185th FACT mix

Midland takes charge of our 185th FACT mix.

The up-and-coming producer/DJ announced his arrival earlier this year with the ‘Your Words Matter’ 12″, a collaboration with his friend Ramadanman released on Will Saul’s Aus Music label. This was followed by Play The Game, a four-track EP on Phonica Records that really showcased the breadth of his sound. Midland makes warm, tensile house and techno, but the narrative shape of his tracks and his regular deployment of fragmented, ethereal vocal snippets betray the influence – conscious or otherwise – of dubstep individualists Burial, Pangaea and Joy Orbison.

If his epic 23-track FACT mix is anything to go by, our man also draws inspiration from much further afield. It’s packed with unreleased material, including Midland originals ‘Shelter’, ‘Hub’ and ‘Dead Eyes’, together with his remix of Caribou’s ‘Sun’ and cheeky re-edits of Washed Out and Massive Attack, and Appleblim & Ramadanman’s immense, forthcoming ‘Void 23′. There’s also classic house from Kerri Chandler, shark-eyed minimal from Arnaud Le Texier and DJ Koze, plus recent cuts from Space Dimension Controller, Workshop, 6th Borough Project and a special edit of Boards Of Canada exclusive to this mix.

Download: FACT mix 185 – Midland(Available for three weeks)

1. Boards of Canada – Corsair - Warp (Hyde park field recording)
2. Matthew Dear - Honey - Ghostly International
3. Midland feat. Anywayawana – Hub – Unreleased
4. Al Green – Truth n time – The Right Stuff Records
5. Space Dimension Controller – BBD Alignment – Royal Oak
6. Boards of Canada – Olson – Warp (Midland Re Edit – FACT Version)
7. Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy (Nellee Hooper Instrumental Remix – Midland Rearrangement) – Wild Bunch
8. Ron Deacon – Untitled B2 – Workshop
9. Rainer Trueby – Ayers Rock – White
10. Loot – Dollkraut – Doppelschall Records
11. Washed Out – You’ll see (Midland Re- edit) – Unreleased
12. Roberto Rodruigez – I Got – Forthcoming Fina Records
13. Archie Bronson Outfit – Chunk (6th borough project remix) – Domino
14. El Txef A – She Kissed Me first (Minilogue Hypno Remix) – Forthcoming Hypercolour
15. Mathias Kaden – Kawaba (Dj Koze’s Kosi-san Remix) – Vakant
16. Adultnapper & Big Bully – Low point on high ground – Simple Records
17. Sideshow – Scary Biscuits (John Tejada Remix) – Aus Music
18. Midland – Dead Eyes – Forthcoming This is Music
19. Terrence Dixon (Arnaud Le Texier remix) – Change – Children of Tomorrow
20. Ramadanman & Appleblim – Void 23 – Forthcoming Aus Music
21. Midland – Shelter – Forthcoming Aus Music
22. Kerri Chandler – Fortran (Argys Legendary Bonus Beats) – Deeply Rooted House
23. Caribou – Sun (Midland Remix) – Unreleased

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Meat Beat Manifesto - NEW ALBUM for 2010


Metropolis Records will release the new album, Answers Come In Dreams, on CD and digital in the US & Canada on October 12th. Hydrogen Dukebox will release the album in the UK on digital on October 12th and on CD & LP November 1st.

The iTunes deluxe version of the album will feature two bonus videos (“# Zero” and “Quietus”).

There will also be a limited edition CD/DVD version of the album in the UK featuring five of the videos Jack has created for the album.

US track listing:

1. Luminol
2. Mnemonic
3. MYC
4. Let Me Set
5. # Zero
6. Quietus
7. Token Words
8. Waterphone
9. 010130
10. Zenta!
11. Please
12. Chimie Du Son


Released today, this digital-only EP is totally compiled from tracks that will not be on the new album. The iTunes version includes a bonus video for “Totally Together” and is available here:



We are working on a store re-launch to hit in about two weeks. In the meantime we will also shortly be launching a pre-order for the new CD with a bonus track not available elsewhere. We’ll also be making a new T-shirt for the new album and hope to have the UK LP and limited edition CD/DVD in the store too.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Check this BLOG - Room 6 (Folkestone) Rave History 1989 - 1992

Room 6 (Folkestone) Rave History 1989 - 1992

This Blog is dedicated to the Raves & DJ's of Room 6 (Folkestone). DJ TNT and DJ Jeff (Room 6) were the original pioneers of raving in Folkestone from 1989, organising small illegal raves at the Warren and Trance Dance which made the Folkestone Herald to one offs at village halls, the East Cliff Pavillion, The Metronome and club nights at Heroes and Bottoms.

This BLOG has been created by my good Friend Mr. S Wiggins who has focused on the illegal and legal raves around 1989-1992. For those who know.....

Dan Keeling Presents- 'A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far Far Away' Mix ...

A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far Far Away....

'A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far Far Away' Mix by Dan Keeling

A Guy Called Gerald - 'Rhythm Of Life'
X Ray - 'Lets Go (Amix)'
Mr Fingers - 'I'm Stong' (inst)'
Thompson Twins - 'In The Name Of Love' (Shep Pettibone remix)
KC Flightt - 'Lets Get Jazzy' (Blaze Dope Dub)
Phuture - 'Spank Spank'
Club MCM - 'Club MCM' (K Alexi Mix)
Dopplereffeckt - 'Speak & Spell'
Kraftwerk - 'Numbers'
Nitzer Ebb - 'Join In The Chant'
Depeche Mode - 'Behind The Wheel' (Shep Pettibone remix)
DJ Gilb'r - 'Espece Funk Drums'
Sueno Latino - 'Sueno Latino' (Derrick May remix)

This Mix was put together by Dan Keeling AKA BUBBLE CLUB who has released 3 12's so far under the BUBBLE CLUB label - the latest 12" including a storming remix by Brennan Green (LISTEN BELOW).......

Check BUBBLE CLUB website HERE.

His latest release:

BUBBLE CLUB - Lonely Acid (Brennan Green Remix) (BUBBLE CLUB RECORDS BC3)


1. Lonely Acid
2. Lonely Acid (Bubble Club Takes A Trip Mix)
3. Lonely Acid (Brennan Green Remix)

Lonely Acid (Brennan Green's Dub Mix) by Dan Keeling

"Maintaining their simple ethos of releasing wonderful music in beautiful bespoke screen-printed sleeves with a gang of red hot remixers along for the ride, Bubble Club return with number three in the series and we're starting to get a better idea of where the Bubble Club may be.

"Lonely Acid" is an immaculately produced slice of lysergic soul, recalling those formative days of House emerging from Chicago's underground gay scene but rendered in glorious 21st century Technicolour. It's another instantly catchy track, which works wonderfully well in it's original vocal form, but takes on a whole new shape in the truly incredible 'Bubble Club Takes A Trip' version, which effortlessly straddles the point where Italo meets early House and takes more than a few sips of the acid punch before purposefully wading into the fray.

As if that wouldn't be enough to further confirm BC as one of the most exciting new labels around, they've raised the bar once again with a truly gobsmacking interpretation from NY's Brennan Green Taking the lysergic inspiration in hand he pulls off a beautifully tripped out Dub excursion, which sounds like Basic Channel remixing Paul Simpson
". (Phonica Records)

Monday, 6 September 2010

New FACT mix 182 – Four Tet

This Monday’s FACT mix is by a man named Four Tet. He should require no introduction.

Born Kieran Hebden, Four Tet was already making waves as a member of the group Fridge when he dropped ‘Thirtysixtwentyfive’, his 1998 debut single for Trevor Jackson’s Output label (you can probably guess how long the track lasted). A debut album, Dialogue followed, but what really propelled Hebden to stardom – and set the tone for Four Tet as one of music’s most celebrated and in-demand remixers, later lending his magic to Bloc Party, Radiohead, Anti-Pop Consortium and many more – was his remix of Aphex Twin’s ‘[Cliffs]’, commissioned for Warp Records’ Warp 10 + 3: Remixes collection.

A series of acclaimed albums for Domino followed, along with more improvisational collaborations with late jazz drummer Steve Reid, the end credits of a Bond film, and a blink-and-you-missed it 12” release with Burial, accumulating in this year’s There Is Love In You – arguably Hebden’s most realised, composed, and beautiful album to date.

A large part of Four Tet’s musicianship in recent years has revolved around his residency at Plastic People, the much-loved East London club that earlier this year faced closure. Well, seeing as it’s now re-opened, Hebden will be restarting his residency this Saturday, September 11, and this mix is done to celebrate it. Ramadanman, Villalobos, Oni Ahyun and more feature, along with Four Tet’s own mixes of Rocketnumbernine and Bob Holroyd, and an original new Four Tet track for Soul Jazz’s Future Bass compilation.


1. Rocketnumbernine – Matthew and Toby (Four Tet remix) [Text Records]
2. Pheeroan Ak Laff – 3 in 1 [Passin' Thru]
3. Soul Capsule – Seekers (Ricardo Villalobos remix) [Trelik]
4. Mount Kimbie – Blind Night Errand [Hot Flush]
5. Grevious Angel – Move Down Low VIP [Soul Jazz]
6. Ro 70 meets Move D – Untitled [Source Records]
7. Floating Points – J+W beat [Planet Mu]
8. Ramadanman – Glut [Hemlock]
9. JD Robb – Canon in Percussive Sound [Folkways]
10. Index – Starlight (break) [Record Shack Records]
11. Four Tet – Nothing to see [Soul Jazz]
12. Falty DL – St Marks (Cosmin TRG remix) [Rush Hour]
13. Luke Abbott – Holkham Drones [Border Community]
14. Oni Ayhun – OAR004A [Oni Ayhun Records]
15. Bob Holroyd – African drug (Four Tet remix) [Phonica]
16. Lata Mangeshkar – Too Mere Saath Rahega Munne [EMI]


Global Communication To Reform both live and in studio......

After close to 15 years apart, electronic duo Global Communication will reunite for a live show in Amsterdam next month.

Comprising Tom Middleton and Mark Pritchard, both of whom went on to find success in other areas of electronic music, Global Communication’s ‘90s work is considered seminal, particularly their debut album 76:14, an interstellar ambient house-fest that still sounds inspiring today. They also compiled number 26 in Fabric’s mix CD series, but Pritchard had moved to Australia by that point, so they never collaborated in person while recording it.

Well, now the two will join forces again for two shows at the SCI+TEC showcase at Amsterdam’s Dance Event [via Resident Advisor]. The pair claim that their sets will “span many genres and eras, and explore our inspirations from early ’90s techno, house, ambient and electronica right up to the cutting edge of modern production.”

And that’s not all, GC have confirmed that there will be more live dates next year, and even better, they will begin producing new music together again. Good show. (FACT Magazine)