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Thursday, 26 August 2010

RECOMMENDED: Lone - Pineapple Crush / Angel Brain 12" (MAGIC WIRE 001)

"Introducing Magic Wire Recordings….. New label from WerkDiscs' artist Lone (AKA Matt Cutler). With this debut 2 track 10" from the man himself we're graced with two slabs of nostalgic neu haus and early 90's hardcore, some what of a departure from the dreamy, hazed out hip hop of his albums 'Ecstasy & Friends' and the now classic 'Lemurian'. 'Pineapple Crush' hits us with old skool 4/4 808's and heavy rave stabs, all drenched in his own unique melodic style….. This is music that will destroy the club but will also soundtrack hazy afternoon parties in the sun. Gorgeous but heavy and already being cained by the likes of Glasgow's LuckyMe crew, Alexander Nut, Kode 9, TRG, Gilles Peterson, Joy Orbison and Mike Paradinas. This is a huge step forward you won't have seen coming!! Flip to side B for 'Angel Brain' - a 130bpm rushed up house banger, again showcasing Lone's childhood roots in all things Detroit and London warehouse hardcore. Huge euphoric stabs ride over pounding funky house drums. Like a sort of imaginary style of rave music that should have sound tracked 'Streets Of Rage' back in the day. If there's one theme linking what Lone's doing here to his earlier releases, it's the feeling of nostalgia. Where as before the reference points where 80s TV themes or tripped out synth boogie, here it's the sound of your older brother's pirate rave tapes, super heavy and totally warped out. As we wait for further heavyweight releases this year on like the massive 'Once in a While' and 'Raptured' - let this be an introduction to the next phase of Lone's master plan.…." (PHONICA RECORDS)

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Catch The Beat: The Best Of Soul Underground 1987-91 COMING SOON

Catch The Beat: The Best Of Soul Underground 1987-91 COMING SOON. A unique time capsule of the early years of hip hop and house, pulled from the super-collectible fanzine. 440 pages of fresh writing on dance music and clubbing in London Manchester and New York, with fantastic articles on everyone from KRS-1 to Bobby Konders. The Sound Factory, warehouse parties, the first raves, the birth of acid jazz, not to mention about 200 brilliant charts...

Download FREE 40-page sampler pdf (10MB)

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

RBMA Culture Clash is back - 14th October 2010 @ The Roundhouse, London.

Last years (first) RBMA Culture Clash was so epic, I can’t tell you. I’m very glad it’s coming back this year, if you missed it last time round – please, please, please don’t mug yourself again, make sure you attend this one. If you were there last year – you know what to do/see you in there.

Last year DMZ were robbed the Metalheadz won (don’t get Zayns started on that madness lol), this year they’re back and will be fighting for their title once again. The line up this time round looks a little something like this…

Metalheadz: Andy C, Shy FX, Storm, MC Justyce and MC GQ
Soul Jazz Records Soundsystem feat Oxman
Channel One Soundsystem: Mikey Dread, Ras Kayleb & Full Crew
Skream & Benga presents: Joker, MC Nomad & Artwork

Skream, Benga, Joker, Shy FX…Get the f*ck out? Don’t be stupid, go buy yourself some tickets (£15 early booking, £18 in advance and more on the door) from www.roundhouse.org.uk. October 14th soon come.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Dam Funk Interview

LA Producer talks UFO's, Gangsters, his love of vinyl and his club night 'Funkmosphere'.

Collecting Records Is An Obsession.....

Zaf Meets the Record Dealers: Nick The Record and Martin Snow

Zaf of Soho's iconic Reckless Records and eponymous online store Zaf's Music hooks up with fellow vinyl vendors Nick The Record and Martin Snow - two of the UK's most in-demand record dealers - to discuss their long-lasting passion for the wax and how digitization of music has helped or hindered their trade.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Meat Beat Manifesto announce NEW ALBUM - "Answers Come in Dreams" (2010)

"Seminal electronic band Meat Beat Manifesto (MBM) is gearing up for the release of its new album "Answers Come in Dreams" via Metropolis Records on October 12, 2010. Minimal, textural and cinematic in scope, this album follows sound sculptor and music innovator Jack Dangers into more experimental territory. An artist who sees the very fluid connection between audio and visual, Dangers will be creating videos for each of the twelve tracks on the record - welcome news for those who are familiar with MBM's mindblowing live performances that combine a sonic electronic assault with their stunning and often provocative and political video mash-ups.

"I don't feel like this is a new direction," explains Dangers about the minimal nature of this record. "It's just an extension of my sound. Maybe it's more minimal than previous records - that was a conscious decision because I am making a video for each song more or less."

Each video is planned to be gradually rolled out until the release of the record in Fall (more info forthcoming).

Planned to preceed the album release this Fall is "Totally Together," a four-track EP containing four tracks not included on the album that will be released on September 14, 2010.

1. 4OUR 4:13
4. TRS2 4:44

Also known for his astute political observations and often outspoken stances through his music and live performances, Dangers has steered his trademark acute attention away from government for this release since the political environment is shifting.

"With the politics in the country taking a small turn for the better, I didn't feel the need to comment so much and decided to put more focus on the music," he says. "Plus, it's easier to make a point with video - it's more visceral...straight into the mind's eye, straight to the point."

Self described half-snarkily as "sub harmonic colonics...schadenfreude with extreme prejudice on those disbelievers of 7Hz," "Answers Come in Dreams" is just that - a mind-flushing reboot of the current state of music. Always on the lookout of ways of sculpting sound into new and groundbreaking shapes, Dangers utilized samples from a 'numbers station' to incorporate into the the paranoia-inducing contrasting layers of "# Zero." He describes the sames as "creepy disembodied covert radio transmission still used by spies" ("I recorded stuff like this way back in 1980-1981").

MBM's consistent musical invention has led to all forms of electronic musical experimentation over its 23 year history, from jungle to techno to industrial to dubstep to jazz fusion. Its long string of influential futuristic classics includes such groundbreaking tracks as "God O.D.," "Strap Down," "Psyche Out," "Helter Skelter," "Radio Babylon," "Edge of No Control" to "It's The Music." The single, "Prime Audio Soup" (from the album "Actual Sounds and Voices") was featured in the sci-fi fantasy blockbuster The Matrix and on its platinum-selling soundtrack.

An acknowledged and celebrated innovator in the electronic music scene (his remix of Tower of Power's "What Is Funk?" was nominated for a Grammy in 2006), Jack Dangers continues to stretch sonic boundaries and influence new generations of sound activists. As a premiere remixer, producer and sound designer, he has played a seminal role in defining tomorrows' music today. Past production/remixing projects include: Public Enemy, David Bowie, Orbital, Nine Inch Nails, David Byrne, Bush, Depeche Mode, and Tower of Power.

With the release of the "Totally Together" EP on September 14th and the full-length "Answers Come in Dreams" on October 12th, Meat Beat Manifesto will propel electronic music into another dimension yet again. We can only dream where they'll take us next
". (MBM Website)

"Jack Dangers, the mastermind behind Meat Beat Manifesto, has already established his reputation as a legendary figure in electronic music. With classic albums such as Storm The Studio, Armed Audio Warfare, Satyricon, In Dub, and 2008’s Autoimmune, MBM has never stopped evolving and influencing the musical landscape. Over the course of its existence, MBM has been labeled industrial, techno, breakbeat, IDM, Acid House, Drum N’ Bass, Dubstep, and more. No label seems to stick, as the music evolves with every release. With the new album, Answers Come In Dreams, Mr. Dangers once again expands on the Meat Beat Manifesto sound. Hypnotically beautiful, the album pulses with life". (Brainwashed Website)

Released on Metropolis and available October 12th, 2010.

01. Luminol
02. Mnemonic
03. M.Y.C.
04. Let Me Set
05. #Zero
06. Quietus
07. Token Words
08. Waterphone
09. 010130
10. Zenta!
11. Please
12. Chimie Du Son

Click here TO PRE-ORDER....

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

New 'Funk & Soul Covers' Book to be published by Taschen

Funk & Soul Covers

Joaquim Paulo, Julius Wiedemann
Softcover with flaps, 24 x 24 cm (9.4 x 9.4 in.), 432 pages
£ 24.99

ISBN: 978-3-8365-1986-1
Multilingual Edition: English, French, German
Availability: September 2010

"Following the success of Jazz Covers, this volume features over 500 legendary covers from the golden era in black music that have conquered the world. From Marvin Gaye to Michael Jackson, the Temptations to Earth, Wind & Fire, and James Brown to Prince, Funk & Soul Covers portrays the often breathtaking album art that helped make these essentially African-American musical forms both world famous and massively influential, and an essential part of 20th century music history.

Featuring interviews with key industry figures—including performers, producers, and writers—Funk & Soul Covers also provides cultural context and design analysis for many of the record covers.

About the author:
Joaquim Paulo is as a consultant for major labels and directs a number of radio stations in Portugal. He started collecting vinyl at 15, and flies to London, Paris, New York and São Paulo to enrich his collection of over 25,000 LPs. He lives and works in Lisbon and dedicates his free time to recovering old and rare recordings.

About the editor:

Julius Wiedemann was born in Brazil, studied graphic design and marketing, and was an art editor for digital and design magazines in Tokyo. His many TASCHEN digital and media titles include Illustration Now!, Advertising Now, Logo Design, and Brand Identity Now!"

Click here to order.

New ORB Album to be released..featuring David Gilmour

Electronic music group The Orb will release their next album called Metallic Spheres in October 2010 and features the work of Pink Floyd guitarist, David Gilmour.

The album will be released in multiple formats worldwide and, according to the blog on David Gilmour's website, all artist royalties will be going to helping British hacker Gary McKinnon fight off extradition to the USA.

The Orb, the successful and influential UK 'ambient/house' collective, came to collaborate with David Gilmour after working together on a version of Graham Nash's "Chicago" for a charity project. Youth (aka Martin Glover), a frequent Orb accomplice, was invited to create a remix, and he and Alex Paterson, as The Orb, were so energized by the task that they continued working until it was an album-length entity. Having asked Gilmour to bring his guitars to Youth's studio in South London to prolong and enrich their new creation, the trio worked up a sonic mixture in a range of styles. Thus, the 'Metallic Spheres' project was born.

'Metallic Spheres' is designed to be heard in two parts - 'Metallic Side' (24'48"), and 'Spheres Side' (25'09"). Also present are five musical sub-divisions in each part. The album uniquely utilizes David Gilmour's discernable electric guitar and lap steel guitar, Alex Paterson's sound manipulation, keyboards and turntables, and Youth's bass guitar and keyboards.

The album will be available in the following formats:

Standard CD
Double CD: The second disc is a 3D60 mix - www.3d60.co.uk - of the album which allows the listener to experience the album in three-dimensional sound
Standard album Download
Double album Download
Double LP

Artwork, continuing and expanding on The Orb's spatial art style, has been created by longtime Orb visuals designer Simon Ghahary.

Additionally, special laser light shows created specifically for the release of 'Metallic Spheres' will be shown to the public in early October in New York and Los Angeles. More details to follow.

Gary McWho??

The American's want to get their hands on Gary McKinnon for hacking into US Military computer systems in the wake of the September 11th attacks.

Gary, who has Aspergers Syndrome, claims he was just looking for the existence of aliens on the computer systems. He has admitted he did the crime but it is felt by some that sending a man with mental illness to the likes of Guantanamo Bay (where the Americans routinely torture British citizens) is not on!

Perhaps the Americans should think twice about putting sensitive information on the Internet in the first place, especially with China and Russia's blatant use of it as an economic and political weapon!

Standard Album and 3D Sound Version!

In addition to the standard album, there will be a ‘Deluxe’ double-disc version: the first disc is the same as the standard, the second is a 3D60™ version, which, as the name suggests, allows you to listen in glorious three-dimensional sound.

3D60™ is a new sound production process developed by Youth, Mike Brady (The Jam’s live sound engineer) and Ian Thompson (musician and multimedia producer). You don’t need any special equipment to enjoy 3D60™, by the way; it will sound amazing on any headphones in any format. Have a listen.

As well as the option of downloading the standard album from iTunes, there will also be a vinyl version, exactly the same as the standard CD, but including a download card permitting you to download the full album plus an additional ambient bonus. So that’s something you’ll be familiar with from the various guises of Live in Gdańsk.

NEW MODEL 500 12" ON R&S RECORDS - Check it Here

Model 500 - OFI / Huesca (RS1006)12"

"Not many single releases can be labelled as events, especially not in the ever homogenised techno world, but the first single from Model 500 in eleven years, and the first recorded by the new band line up is most definitely an event.
It’s only fitting that this single is released on R&S Records, whose relationship with the man widely acknowledged as the originator of Detroit techno goes back 17 years and who released the last Model 500 album back in 1999.
In 2007 Atkins partnered up with Mike Banks from Underground Resistance to form a Model 500 band. It wasn't the first time they had played together as Model 500 but this time Atkins added Detroit DJ/producer DJ Skurge to the mix along with longtime associate and established funk and techno producer Mark Taylor.
As the "new" Model 500, they began performing as a band, debuting at the Detroit Electronic Music Festival, and not too long later, performing at festivals in Europe and Japan.

This single is the first music to come from sessions of the new line up, with Juan Atkins, Mike Banks and Mark Taylor sharing writing credits.
OFI is classic Model 500, the kind of insanely funky electro-techno that Juan Atkins pretty much invented with amazing vocals from Juan himself. Underground Resistance legend ‘Mad’ Mike Banks comes correct with a superb stripped down remix of OFI in true UR style. Finally ‘Huesca’ on the flip is a perfect example of classic deep Detroit techno featuring classic string arrangements that could have only come from the UR connection
".(R&S Website)


1. Model 500 - OFI
2. Model 500 - OFI (Mad Mike Remix)
3. Model 500 - Huesca ..... STREAM HERE

Stream the 'Huesca' Track here.


Tuesday, 17 August 2010

August Purchases

CV313 - Subtraktive (King Midas Sound / The Sight Below Mixes) 12" (ECHOSPACE 011)

"**Clear Vinyl** Heavyweight remix package from Echospace, pitting the ethereal space-pressure of Steve Hitchell and Rod Modell's CV313 against the claustraphobic dub menace of Kevin Martin's King Midas Sound and the layered ambience of Rafael Anton Irisarri's 'The Sight Below'. Its the King Midas version that pretty much owns this record though, more or less completely re-structuring and re-working the original into a noxious burner complete with the signature deadpan narration of Roger Robinson and the far-flung, almost detached vocal delivery of Hitomi pitted against a compacted tangle of deeply unnerving low-end rumbles and a mesh of effects and midnight drones worthy of Martin's involvement with Experimental Audio Research all those years ago. Remixes are rarely this ambitious - and it's a credit to all parties involved that the end result is a substantial contribution not only to the Echospace discography but to the King Midas Sound canon - small and perfectly formed as it is. The Sight Below, meanwhile, keep much more closely to the original's genetic code, unwinding hazy dub chords around a padded 4/4 with subliminal washes of melody that have become something of an Irisarri signature over the last couple of years. Ending off the twelve, Modell and Htchell reserve the flipside for themselves with an extended live mix that lifts the track into a more defined warehouse environment, with shuffling percussion and fathoms-deep bassline intact. Limited copies - highly recommended." (Boomkat Records)


1. Subtraktive (King Midas Sound Dub)
2. Subtraktive (The Sight Below Mix)
3. Subtraktive (Deepchord presents Echospace Live Mix]

Arp 101 - Dead Leaf / Galactic Warrior 12" (EGLO09)

"All you boogie funkateers, listen up! Eglo drop some of that red top, gangster cruising illness with Arp 101's debut release, a pair of down-slow and effortlessly groovy R'n'B joints featured heavily on Alex Nut's radio show of late. Fresh-sealed drums punctuate each side for a slow drawling effect while 'Dead Leaf' licks up Kraftwerk-on-the-strip synths and 'Warriors Galactic' is all about the oversized bassline spilling gin and juice over your new crepes. Mary Anne Hobbs, Sinden and Falty DL are all signed up to this guy's fanclub, get in quicksharp" (Boomkat Records)


1. Dead Leaf
2. Galactic Warrior

Jam City - Ecstacy (Refix) 12" (NSWL 004)

"The Night Slugs juggernaut continues apace, with another limited white-label pressing and the long-awaited vinyl debut of hugely tipped London producer Jam City. To many he first came into view when Fact magazine hailed him as the most exciting prospect for bass music in years, and after devouring his by now classic mixes for Lower End Spasm and Fact itself we really couldn't possibly argue - despite the fact that he's had no releases of his own to speak of until now. So all of this is just to say that there are people clamouring for this twelve, and a few minutes in the company of the opening track will bend you into submission if you had any resistance left in you, 'Ecstacy Refix' is just one of those anthemic wonders that defies easy categorisation, employing distinctive Grime signatures but with an almost euphoric color palette that takes in rave stabs and distant percussive hits, proper hands-in-the-air styles for peaktime summer jams. Over on the flipside "Let me Bang Refix" does a similar thing with a different trajectory, borrowing bouncy booty bass structures and reducing them to a gooey mess of layered strings and fluoro synths, while Shut The Lights Off (Devil Refix) gives off an Eski vibe but with the urban angst replaced with a late-night-drive scene that's just owning it for us right now. Crazy times - this is just too good". (Boomkat Records)


A. Ecstasy Refix
B1. Let Me Bang Refix
B2. Shut The Lights Off (Devil Mix)

Ramadanman - Fall Short/ Work Them 12" (SWAMP81 06)

"Brand new for you on Loefah’s Swamp 81 label. Ramadanman brings the noise as only he can! You know the deal, funky wonky broken and with extra boom! Work Them is reminiscent of his recent DBridge remix and hits all the right places - early 80's electro, Miami Bass subs and modern cut-up vocals comparative to Addison Groove. A similar concept is applied to Fall Short but this time high-pitched diva vocals echo early garage cuts. Big release for the right floors..." (Phonica Records)


1. Fall Short
2. Work Them

Throwing Snow - Un Vingt / Cronos 12" (HO TEP 001)

"Debut release on Alex Nut's new label: Ho Tep!* Throwing Snow's debut 'Un Vingt' is the 1st drop on Alex Nut's promising new label, Ho Tep. The A-side is a very canny blend of broken dubstep and more psyched-out textures, perhaps best described as the mid-way point between older Martyn releases (before he went house) and Shackleton (er... before he went house too!). However, there is a unquantifiable element to this track that makes it stand out, whether it's the chord progressions or the tucked drums we're not sure, but it's impressive either way. On the flipside, it'd be fair to put 'Cronos' with the wonkier, or more progressive dubstep brigade, along with the likes of Floating Points and Illum Sphere, but again, there's a natural kink and cosmic inclination that puts this fella out on his own limb. Really strong debut, Recommended!" (Boomkat Records)


1. Vingt
2. Cronos

Addison Groove AKA Headhunter - Footcrab / Dumbsh*t 12" (SWAMP81 005)

"Ladies and Rudeboys, this has to be one of the best twelves of 2010. Addison Groove is the Jukin' alter-ego of Headhunter. Over the last 12 months he's become notorious for ripping through fierce sets of Chicago Juke music; the mutant niche offspring of DJ Funk and Slugo's booty house designed to incite mindblowing dance moves from liquid-hipped quicksteppers. If you don't know what we're talking about, get on youtube and peep some DJ Nate or Walacam videos. Anyway, Headhunter has bravely stepped out of the dubstep shackles to craft his own take on the style, resulting in the anthemic 'Footcrab'. He takes the 808-derived percussion of Juke proper and reconstitutes the groove at a 'step compatible 136bpm, contrasting the 808's booming potential with hi-pitched toms and rapid-fire samples intoning the title 'Footcrab/Footcrab/F/F/F/Footcrab' to make the dancefloor go f*cking spare. It's already become ubiquitous in the sets of everyone from Kode 9 to Loefah and now with a full release we expect things to go off. On the flip we get the slightly more laid back 'Dumbsh*t' which still works it hard but just doesn't have the same velocity as it's dancefloor challenging bruv on the flip. We're utterly addicted to this record and have no qualms looking like a total doyle trying to dance to it. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" (Boomkat Records)


1. Footcrab
2. Dumbsh*t

Digital Mystikz - Return II Space (Limited Gatefold 3xLP) (DMZLP 001)

"As half of the Digital Mystikz production unit and label, Mala has practically revolutionized UK dance music. The reverberations of those earliest DMZ platters and their subsequent evolutions have now spread virus-like into new stylistic hosts, with mutant traces assimilated into everything from the new M.I.A album to the Berlin nightscape. With ultra-high production values indebted to the dub and soundsystem culture he grew up alongside, Mala re-encoded the subbass memes of Jungle, Garage and Dancehall into a new form of half-timed pressure, putting emphasis on a slower, dread-infused style of dancefloor tension, now known as Dubstep. For many 'Return II Space' is the most anticipated album of the last half decade, a definitive statement from one of UK Bass music's most venerated practitioners, loaded with exclusive dubs previously only heard in his presence at the weighiest dances. Split over 3 heavy 12"s, each marked with individual DMZ catalogue numbers, the album rolls with it's own sense of space and pace that's incredibly unique to Mala's imagination. The delicate contrast of glassy keys and skull quivering subs in 'Unexpected' starts the dance according to his mantra of "Meditate On Bassweight' before turning to the sci-fi darkside with the extraordinary dreadnaught vibes of 'Pop Pop Epic', a hulking ten tonne stepper staring red-eyed and ready from yer quaking speaker cones. The scrunched synth and visceral pressure of fan's favourite 'Eyez' makes an appearance on the second plate, backed with the creepily affective special 'Mountain Dread March', and a final disc presents the tentatively probing keys of 'Livin Different' replete with Ital subbass harmonics and finally the gargantuan skank of the title track, built fi dem wha' do. Perhaps our only gripe with the album is that he could have flexed out on a wider range of tempos, but that's really only a small concern as the tracks we do have are f**king outstanding. Highly recommended." (Boomkat Records)


1 Unexpected
2 Pop Pop Epic
3 Mountain Dread March
4 Eyez
5 Livin' Different
6 Return II Space

Skream - Outside The Box 4xLP (TEMPALP 016)

"Listenin To The Records On My Wall", is the perfect introduction to why Skream's current level of success is just the beginning. It's a joyful, ragingly energetic celebration of the last quarter decade of British street music, inspired by the hardcore and jungle records used by his older brother Hijak who was part of Grooverider's Internatty Crew. It's also a brilliant pop record that makes perfect sense to everyone who grew up surrounded by the breaks and beats of the 1990s - and to those who didn't.

This, however, is not a revival record. A natural born modernist, Skream has selected 14 tracks that cover hip hop ("8-Bit Baby", with LA rapper Murs from Living Legends), bass-wobbling dubstep (the self-explanatory "Wibbler"), dreamy electronica ("Perferated"), a dark and tribal track with La Roux, and a strong dose of euphoric jungle on "The Epic Last Tune"; a track that is inadvisable to listen to whilst driving - unless you want another six points on your licence. "Outside The Box" is the sound of an artist who is ready to take his considerable talents to a wider audience without compromising any of the raw, hedonistic, emotional, lose-yourself madness that has made him literally legendary to the hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. There's the 8-bit computer game inspiration of "CPU"; the Daft Punk styled vocals of "How Real" featuring Freckles; the tuff but soothing heart-beat of "Fields Of Emotion" and the Jocelyn Brown-sampling "I Love The Way", which sees the first lady of disco pitched right down."
(Piccadilly Records)


1. Perferated
2. 8 Bit Baby (feat. Murs)
3. CPU
4. Where You Should Be (feat. Sam Frank)
5. How Real (feat. Freckles)
6. Fields Of Emotion
7. I Love The Way
8. Listenin’ To The Records On My Wall
9. Wibbler
10. Metamorphosis
11. Finally (Feat. La Roux)
12. Reflections
13. A Song For Lenny
14. The Epic Last Song

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Madlib Medicine Show # 8 : Advanced Jazz' CD.....COMING SOON

Madlib has always called himself a DJ first, producer second, with jazz music as his first love and inspiration. With that in mind you might say this is what he does best.

The title card of Madlib Medicine Show No. 8 reads: Imagine an 80-minute music history course talking place in a dusty, hazy studio with wall-to-wall jazz vinyl - records from the past 40 years – jazz, fusion, funky, obscure. This course will not be graded. There will be no lecture. Madlib’s at the turntable. Class is now in session.

"Madlib follows High Jazz with the eighth installment in his Madlib Medicine Show, a mix of the multiple facets of jazz music: Advanced Jazz!
Madlib’s been busy this year. And while his recorded output always spans the gamut, he often returns to recurrent themes, spread across the genres that serve as home base – or bases, as it were. Jazz is one such base.
High Jazz, the previously released Madlib Medicine Show album, showed a marked development in Madlib’s craft: every element of jazz was encapsulated in that eighty-minute opus. What better way to follow such an album than with a companion-piece culled from the thousands of jazz albums that inspired Madlib’s first forays into the genre?

The resulting mix, Advanced Jazz, is, as the title hints, a step (or three!) deeper than the Steve Kuhn and Weldon Irvine albums that he first enjoyed as he was first delving into his Yesterdays New Quintet project Angles Without Edges in 2001. Some of this music – to the untrained ear – might not seem to be “jazz” at all. But rest assured – this is a jazz mix through and through, as exhilarating a ride as Madlib’s Brain Wreck Show and Flight To Brazil.

It’s a celebration of this great American music and while it focuses on the past forty years, it clearly heralds every innovation – both domestic and international - of this century-old musical form."

The front & back cover is the painting Jazzcats Crossing the Hudson (info). CD contains an 8-page booklet.

The classic painting “Jazzcats Crossing the Hudson” will appear on the next edition of Madlib Medicine Show, the 8th in the series, a jazz mixtape titled “Advanced Jazz”.
from Wikipedia:

“Jazzcats Crossing the Hudson is an 1851 oil-on-canvas painting by German American artist Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze. It pre-emptively commemorates the arrival in New York City of jazz greats Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Sun Ra, Pharoah Sanders, Steve Kuhn and others. The painting is remarkable for the fact that it was created decades before the birth of any of these jazz artists

Label: Stones Throw
Catalogue: MMS008
Format: CD
Country: US
Released: August 2010
Producer: Madlib
Genre: Jazz

Tracklisting coming soon

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Missing The Big Chill this weekend !!!

Just came across some pics.. from The Big Chill Festival 2010 via the Big Chill Website......made me reminise over the time we went in 2007......I'm experiencing "Festival Cold Chicken".....

http://www.flickr.com/photos/thebigchillfestival/sets/72157624542890487/show/ (Copy this URL and enter into your address bar).

Don’t forget your radio - Big Chill Radio will be broadcasting on 87.7FM all weekend long!

Bigger, better and brighter than ever, Big Chill Radio returns for another five solid days of wireless mayhem. From sun-up on Thursday morning, to tent-down on Monday morning, we’ll be broadcasting to the entire site on 87.7fm day and night, bringing the flavour of the festival to your radio.

We’ll bring you the best music from our DJs and special guests, news from around the site, interviews with artists, live sessions from bands and a whole load of random nonsense.

We’ll be twittering like mad once again, so give us a shout on @bigchillradio with your dedications, photos and requests for tent pegs

Plus we’ll let you know where you can hear all the stuff you’ve missed after the festival. So come and say ‘hi’ to us at our bijou studio in the Uptown field and keep it locked to 87.7fm

Thursday 5th August
8am: Bicycles, Tricycles, Testing…
9am: TBC
10am: TBC
11am: Mach V
Midday: Sherlock Ohms
1pm: Leggobeast
3pm: Biggabush
4pm: Bam Bam Sound
6pm: Peepshow Paddy and Count Skylarkin
8pm: Michael Cook
10pm: DJ Shepdog

Friday 6th August
Midnight: El Diablo’s Social Club
2am: Big Daddy
4am: Ahmet Gunes
6am: Sherlock Ohms
8am: Sparky and Edd
10am: Chris Coco’s Melodica
Midday: Live From The Stages
3pm: Big In Wigan with Seb White
5pm: Live From The Stages
7pm: BBC Hereford and Worcester
10pm: Live From The Stages

Saturday 7th August
1am: Luke Solomon
3am: Mixmaster Morris
6am: The Svelte One
8am: Mach V
10am: DJhistory’s Balearic Breakfast Butty
Midday: Live From The Stages
1pm: Hospital Records Allstars
2pm: Christopher Tubbs (Heads Down)
3pm: Roy Shay
5pm: Live From The Stages
7pm: Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show
9pm: TBC

Sunday 8th August
1am: Futureboogie and Crazy P
4am: Max Cooper
6am: Mr Tom
8am: alucidnation
10am: TBC
Midday: Mikey D.O.N.
2pm: Fantasy Funk Band
3pm: Live From The Stages
4pm: The Pool with Matty J
7pm: Paul Jonas (Tru Thoughts)

Monday 9th August
1am: Special Guest
3am: Andrea and Mr Black
6am: Myles
8am: Ole’ Smokey
10am: Scriv
Midday: Paul Noble
2pm: Closedown. Bye!

Friday, 6 August 2010

Summer Purchases since I've been back........

Here are some items i've grabbed since coming back off holiday......

Bobby Jackson - The Café Extra-Ordinaire Story (2010)(JMANLP.035)

"You won’t find the name Bobby Jackson in the jazz books. Yet here is a remarkable man who did more than anyone to promote live jazz in his hometown of Minneapolis, risking everything to open a venue for jazz lovers and putting on such luminaries as Freddie Hubbard, Roland Kirk and Elvin Jones. In so doing he rode the wave of financial insecurity, dealt with problems involving drugs, the law and the police, not to mention the issues and temperaments of the musicians themselves. Yet he still managed to keep things together enough to record a truly deep and inspired album with his band - although it took another 8 years before it was finally released, albeit in minimal quantities and with zero distribution!

And so the seventh release in our HOLY GRAIL series tells the story of Bobby Jackson and his Café Extra-Ordinaire. The music is deep, modal and progressive jazz. The story is one of bearded coffee-drinking jazz heads, Elvin Jones shedding tears, silver foil backdrops, and we also reveal what happened when a young man named Prince ventured into the café one day with the intention to sit in on a jam session!
The LP is a reproduction of the original, pressed on 180g virgin vinyl. The CD also contains a 12 page colour booklet with previously unpublished pictures provided by Bobby Jackson himself. Interviews with Jackson and his band help to make up the extensive liner notes, telling the engaging story of the Café Extra-Ordinaire and all who took part in it."
(Jazzman Records)


A1 Paul's Ark 3:20
A2 Ya Kum Ba 3:25
A3 Bobby's Blues 5:50
A4 Understanding 2:30
A5 Peepin 4:20
B1 Fluck Flick 7:35
B2 Ebonite 5:30

The NATURAL YOGURT BAND - Eastern Promise / Psalm 7" (JM.076)

".....continuing where they left off the NYB don’t disappoint with another glimpse into their extensive archive of ethereal, esoteric and otherworldly sounds! Percussive polyphonics, transient pulsations and phonosynthetic oscillations massage your brain and ease your senses into a floating world of physiodelic cosmic space throb…

Nothing much has changed since ‘Away with the Melancholy’, the first album recorded by NYB. It sold out everywhere, quickly, and much was said about the band, much of it rumour and conjecture. They have yet to perform live, and they still refuse to do interviews. We put out their records and we still haven’t even met face to face!

Of course what really matters is whether or not they make good music. Here’s a single that’s taken from their new album, ‘Tuck in with the Natural Yogurt Band’, which will be out in the autumn. Let your ears decide!"


Side A - Eastern Promise
Side B - Psalm

Marga Benitez - Geechie Goomie/ Winos on Parade (JBJ 1007 - Marga/Jukebox Jam) 7"

"It’s our 7th release on the Jukebox Jam label, so we thought it was about time to throw you a curve ball with something truly interesting and unique…Back to back on one 45 are the 2 best sides from the 2 super hard to find singles accredited to the mysterious Marga Benitez, a calypso singing ‘exotic dancer’ originally from the Caribbean who first made her way to a studio in 1954 with vocal group the Mello Tones. The label artwork for this reissue, incidentally, features an illustration of the lady herself, in full shake ’n’ maraca mode!

The top side here features the potent and intoxicating concoction that is ‘Geechie Goomie’, a record unlike any other we’ve ever heard like of. The slinky, seductive tones of Ms Benitez and her whacked out lyrics sit alongside an almost clunky exotic piano-led accompaniment and some oddly sinister backing vocals from the Mello-Tones to create a wonderful record which was perhaps always destined to find its audience in another time and place.

The B-side features the prize of the earlier session for Decca Records, ‘Wino’s on Parade’, a curious one-off oddity which should definitely appeal further to fans of the weird and wonderful with its unique blend of calypso vocals, quirky story-telling lyrics and doo-wop backing vox. Both singles dually flopped on original release and whilst ‘Geechie Goomie’ has had a small but dedicated following on the Belgian popcorn scene for a while, we anticipate that with this limited run 45rpm reissue the time and place for Marga Benitez’s indisputably unique charms has finally arrived!"


Side A - Geechie Goomie
SIde B - Winos on Parade

Madlib - 'Medicine Show No. 7: High Jazz (Yesterday's New Quintet) (DELUXE EDITION with BONUS LP) (3xLP)

"Madlib follows Brain Wreck Show with the seventh installment in his Madlib Medicine Show, a jazz album with his Yesterdays New Quintet called High Jazz.

Madlib's been busy this year. And while his recorded output always spans the gamut, he often returns to recurrent themes, spread across the genres that serve as home base – or bases, as it were. Jazz is one such base. This year, he's already released two albums from "spin off bands" that he introduced on the 2007 Yesterdays New Quintet Yesterdays Universe album. And, with High Jazz, Madlib begins anew – offering familiar jazz sounds from a series of "new" groups from his ever-augmenting cosmos. Call it "Yesterdays Galaxy."

High Jazz, the name itself a tribute to the landmark jazz-fusion album released by Stanton Davis's Ghetto Mysticism in 1976, shows a marked development in Madlib's craft. Every element of jazz is there. Is that tune modal-funk? Was that song psych-fusion? Was that a bossa-tinged run or another kind of latin-affair? Where did that sitar come from? Madlib's Yesterdays-excursions are never easy to categorize and that's the point – while experiencing chops like these, the desire to rigidly define takes a back seat to aural pleasure.

The Madlib Medicine Show series is a combination of Madlib's new hip-hop productions, remixes, beat tapes, and jazz, as well as mixtapes of funk, soul, Brazilian, psych, jazz and other undefined forms of music from the Beat Konducta's 4-ton stack of vinyl.

Limited edition 3-disc vinyl: Madlib has collected an additional 30 minutes of music for the limited edition vinyl release of High Jazz. These tracks are not available on the CD or digital release. Album covers will be hand screened by Hit+Run with a design by Jeff Jank, and individually numbered".


1. The Jackson Conti Band - 'Steppin' Into Tomorrow (Prelude)' (Produced By: Madlib)
2. Generation Match - 'Electronic Dimensions' (Produced By: Madlib)
3. Jahari Massamba Unit - 'Pretty Eyes' (Produced By: Madlib)
4. The Kenny Cook Octet - 'High Jazz' (Produced By: Madlib)
5. Yesterdays New Quintet - 'Medley: Don't You Worry Bout A Thing (Live At Spear For The Moondog)' (Produced By: Madlib)
6. Interlude (Produced By: Madlib)
7. The Big Black Foot Band feat. The Black Spirits - 'Reality Or Dream' (Produced By: Madlib)
8. Russell Jenkins Jazz Express - 'Drunk Again' (Produced By: Madlib)
9. Poyser, Riggins & Jackson - 'Funky Butt, Part 1' (Produced By: Madlib)
10. Jahari Massamba Unit - 'Wonderin'/Nightime' (Produced By: Madlib)
11. R.M.C. - 'Space & Time' (Produced By: Madlib)
12. Yesterdays New Quintet - 'Conquistador' (Produced By: Madlib)
13. The Big Black Foot Band feat. The Black Spirits - 'Tarzan's Theme' (Produced By: Madlib)
14. Interlude (Produced By: Madlib)
15. Joe McDuphrey Experience - 'Kimo' (Produced By: Madlib)

17. Jahari Masamba Unit - 'Falling' (Produced By: Madlib)
18. Yesterdays New Quintet - 'Runnin' Fast (On The Run)' (Produced By: Madlib)
19. Sound Directions feat. Malcolm Catto - 'Shady Cops' (Produced By: Madlib)
20. The Eddie Prince Fusion Band - 'The Struggle Is Over/Next Chapter' (Produced By: Madlib)
21. O.D. - 'Wasted (Themes Variations)' (Produced By: Madlib)

James Blake - CMYK EP 12" (Limited Yellow Vinyl) (R&S 1003Y)

"This is the debut single for the hugely tipped young London based producer on R&S.
James Blake is making some of the most startlingly original music to have emerged from London in 2010 and is a real star in the making. In between studying Popular Music at Goldsmiths and writing a debut album that will take a lot of people by surprise, he has released amazing singles on Hemlock & Hessle, pushing the boundaries of what is expected of ‘dubstep’ music.

This underground introduction has made him a star on influential blogs and websites and has now pricked up the ears of more mainstream press


1. James Blake - CMYK
2. James Blake - Footnotes
3. James Blake - I'll Stay
4. James Blake - Postpone

Pariah – Safehouses EP 2x12" (TEST PRESSING) [RS1005]

"The recently refreshed and newly vibrant R&S Records – they who released James Blake’s breakout ‘CMYK’ recently – are housing the second release from London based Scot, Pariah. Having been vocal fans and supporters since we first heard ‘Detroit Falls’ b/w ‘Orpheus’ at the tail end of last year the new EP is a welcome listen as Pariah displays the breadth of his tastes, flexing his production muscles in all directions from tribal roll outs and deep house textures to tweaked hip hop and ambience.

Percussive roller ‘The Slump’ drops hard from tribal accented beats into an almighty bass pulse that would make Untold and Ramadanman proud. Eski-like beats stomp under the building layers of percussion and bass weight until a release comes in the form of melodic soulful vocal samples and twilight pads. Like a garage cousin of Rishi Romero’s 'African Forest' in a head on collision with Pulse-X and a healthy does of melancholic melody; it’s a big one. With its deep and housey vibes ‘Prism’ is a welcome addition to the front end of the EP, where the dance floor is more of an obvious target. It’s a subtle number mind, keeping it close with a tight and bumpy percussive roll; synth’s refract and spin off in different directions over building wide screen pads.

The late night vibes of ‘Railroad’ take things down to nice and blissful as Pariah excels at a slower more bump laden tempo. He merges that awkward hip hop vibe with a slinky garage bump with ease; its like you’re stuck on a bus mid summer, heavy with sweat with no hope of getting to where you got to go on time. Sweeping melodies with an emotional pull get pushed into shape by deep bass and junglist breaks before it all melts into field recordings and the next track ‘Crossed Out’ which takes off where ‘Prisim’ left but with a rattling garage bump more prominet.

The final two tracks see Pariah in atmospheric mode, first up is ‘C - Beams’ where he harnesses his inner Dilla, which he kets stutter out under field recordings, bittersweet soundtrack pianos and computer game lilted funk. Things go deeper still with atmospheric drones on the closing track ‘Safehouses’, its almost reminiscent of GAS in some ways, its layers of sound wrapping itself around your ears before it engulfs you in a bed of looping tones. ‘Safehouses’ is a varied and solid EP with enough range and scope to keep the dancefloor working; though its real strength lies in its diversity and range of flavours and styles on offer
". (Words: James Balf)


1. Pariah - The Slump
2. Pariah - Prism
3. Pariah - Railroad
4. Pariah - Crossed Out
5. Pariah - C-Beams
6. Pariah - Safehouses

Gilles Peterson's Havana Cultura Band - Roforofo Fight (Louie Vega Remixes) 12" Vinyl Single (BWOOD055)

"This Fela Kuti cover was made about a year ago, when Gilles Peterson spent five days recording in Havana, Cuba with jazz pianist Roberto Fonseca and his band. The results –a blend of Latin- and Afro-jazz fusion teeming with prodigious efficacy–became Havana Cultura: New Cuban Sound, released last year on Peterson’s Brownswood label.

Massive Louie Vega remixes of a perfect tune for summer, Gilles Peterson’s Havana Cultura Band’s cover of Fela Kuti’s "Roforofo Fight
". (Picadilly Records)

1) Gilles Peterson's Havana Cultura Band - Roforofo Fight (Louie Vega EOL Remix)
2) Gilles Peterson's Havana Cultura Band - Roforofo Fight (Louie Vega Remix)
3) Gilles Peterson's Havana Cultura Band - Roforofo Fight (Louie Vega Remix Instrumental)
4) Gilles Peterson's Havana Cultura Band - Roforofo Fight (Bonus Beats)

Gilles Peterson's Havana Cultura Band - Remixed 12" Vinyl Single (BWOOD048CD)

"This is the 12" sampler from the Gilles Peterson's Havana Cultura Band REMIXED Project.....

The Gilles Peterson curated and produced Havana Cultura project is given the remix treatment by some of the worlds leading DJs and producers. The Album includes reworks by Louie Vega, Carl Cox, MJ Cole, Seiji, Michel Cleiss and 4Hero. With a list like that you know the musical scope is going to be wide, and the set takes in everything from house and techno to nu-jazz, UK funky and beats of varying styles
" (Piccadilly Records)

1) Gilles Peterson's Havana Cultura Band feat. Roberto Fonseca - Rezando (Michel Cleis Remix)
2) Gilles Peterson's Havana Cultura Band feat. Mayra Caridad Valdés - Chekere Son (Seiji Rerub)
3) Gilles Peterson's Havana Cultura Band - La Revolución del Cuerpo Pt.1 (Skinner's Owiney Sigoma Mix).

Brownswood Electric Sampler - Eliphio/B Bravo - 12" Vinyl Single (BWOOD056)

"This sampler includes two tracks taken from the "Brownswood Electric" CD only album - Eliphino's "Let Me Love You Forever" and B Bravo's "Computa Love" - which highlights the amazing hybridism in today’s sound system culture. Both cuts aimed squarely at the dancefloor, with Eliphino flexing a mighty UKG / bruk shuffle, dubbed-out vocal and plenty of low end for your rump, and Red Bull Music Academy 2010 student B Bravo pitching headlong into classic boogie territory with half-time crunke........

Brownswood come correct with a fifteen track survey of the current beats scene, squaring off minimal D'n'B, Funky, Dubstep and garage from the likes of Rockwell, Pearson Sound, Mosca, 16 Bit and Mount Kimbie. To our knowledge this is the first time a lot of these tracks have appeared in unmixed form on a CD, so it's your first chance to cop thrillers like Mosca's 'Square One', Rockwell's slick twyster 'Underpass' and Pearson Sound's 'Wad'. The selector behind the disc obviously knows his beans, also drawing for exclusive freshness like Elephno's glowing house ride 'Let Me Love You Forever', the Joy Orb-alike 'Painted Jezebel' by George Fitzgerald and the fluttering bounce of Hypno's 'Over The Top', next to hiphop groovers like the Low Limit remix of Shlohmo's 'Antigravity' and Devonwho's 'Whispers'. Trust us, this is heavy
" (iccadilly Records)

Side 1- Eliphino - Let Me Love You Forever
Side 2 - B. Bravo - Computa Love

I'm back from my break to Portugal......and here's a new 'Hold Box Flat' mix-up selection'.......ENJOY

Transmit Box Flat 023


Birth / Speed / Merging / Aomawa // Pyramid Records
Hype Williams / The Throning / Taboo // CD-R
Welelela / ?? // ??? << please tag your mp3's
Ahuuuuuuu / To Love // One Handed Music
Vakula / Intro // Firecracker Recordings
Stingray313 / Sentiment // NakedLunch
Redshape / Grind // Shaped World
Hauntologists / Untitled (03A) // Hauntologists
Dan Mela & His Crew / Happy Birthday Compost (vocal) // Compost
Zomby / Across The Water // CD-R
Ramadanman / Work Them // Swamp 81
Mosca / Tilt Shift // CD-R
Skream / Arola // Freeizm
Quantec / Circles (re-edit) // PHONOBOX
Bich Loan and CBC Band / The Greatest Love // Sublime Frequencies
Oluko Umo / Praise Jah // Trans Air
Theo Parrish / Sun Ra - Saga Of Resistance // Kindred Spirits
Omar-S / Psychotic Photosynthesis // FXHE Records
F.911 / Senate Missing // Slow To Speak
Ame / Junggesselenmaschine // Innervisions
Noa Siano / Kwani // Kindisch
Sampha / Shadesv // Young Turks
Brackles // BLO << free from XLR8R.com
Santiago Salazar // Jamilia's Theme << free from XLR8R.com
Peven Everet / Kickin Up Dust // The Realness
George McCrae / I Get Lifted // Ocean Records
Silvia Striplin / You Said // Universal Sound
Brigth Engelberts / Free Me Now // Hotcasa Records
Outkast / She Lives In My Lap // Arista Records
Earl Sweatshirt / Wakeupfaggot // CD-R
Onra / White (forthcoming on Rush Hour)
Vybz Kartel feat Pop'Caan & Gaza Slim / Clarks // Mad Collabo Riddim
Tony Matterhorn / ??
Kassav / Zouk La Se Sel Medikaman
Dougla / Split meh in Two

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