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Sunday, 22 December 2013

#DuskDubs Vol.19

Some words from Harrison our resident #DuskDubs DJ.....

This week we happily welcome another Dusk Dubs resident, Original Gidman. Here from the conception, Gidman has already been within the foundations of the Dusk Dubs philosophy for many years prior to us even beginning it. His record collection, library of mixtapes, and all round knowledge of music can't be beaten. And his ethos of good music, regardless of genre, and positive vibes is what the Dusk Dubs family is built on. Not a day goes by that Gidman doesn’t msg me new music to check out…which when 80% of my day consists of listening to music, is some achievement. Not only do I listen to the music he recommends, but I take that music out and play it in my sets. I love that flow of knowledge and music that starts with him.
Myself, General Camel and the whole Dusk Dubs Family salute you Gids. We love your dedication to music, and we can't tell you how happy we are that (and this is said with maximum positivity and respect) you are such a musical nerd.
Big ups and respect always bruva!
As always, catch us most nights on twitter via #DuskDubs ... and feel free to get involved.
Below, are a few words from this week’s selector. As always, in true Gidman style, he has provided a little about each track. Well worth a read :
‘ For this volume I decided to take a #DuskDubs international excursion around the world, stopping off in the UK, Europe, USA, Jamaica and New Zealand….. Enjoy ‘
1. Om Unit – Ether (Terrorhythm)
Take from ‘The Corridor EP’ released back in 2010, this is one of Jim Coles aka Om Unit’s earliest releases. I can’t get enough of that Sci-Fi intro and Vangelis like synths alongside that driving bass heavy beat. Mr Coles has recently signed to Goldie’s Metalheadz label and released an amazing album on Civil Music – ‘Threads’… check it.
2. Urban Species - Predictably Unpredictable (Talkin’ Loud)
From the album ‘Blanket’ and released on Gilles Peterson’s infamous imprint Talkin’ Loud back in 1998. The outfit Urban Species were often grouped together with the likes of Massive Attack, Portishead and other Trip-Hop artists of the time. However, for me this track epitomises everything that is good about British Hip-Hop and with the enigmatic voice of Imogen Heap… oozing with “DuskDubs” vibe.
3. Guts – Skunkfunk (NOW Records)
Featured on Nightmare On Wax’s label compilation ‘Wax On Records’ in 2008 and produced by ‘Guts’ out of Paris, France, this track has that slo-mo funk running throughout and with a vocal hook to die for, will burrow its way into your sub-conscious…. No doubt !
4. Beanfield – Planetary Deadlock (Compost Records)
Staying in Europe, Beanfield hail from Germany and originally consisted of Jan Krause, Michael Mettke, Michael Reinboth and Tobias Meggle. Released back in 1996, this track featured on their self-titled album ‘Beanfield’. They soon became an influential production unit on the Compost Records rosta. Often sited alongside Faze Action, Fila Brazillia, and A Forest Mighty Black, these groups managed to merge organic sounds alongside a club/electronic ethos…. The result can be heard here….
5. Erykah Badu - The Healer (Motown)
Produced by Madlib aka The Beat Conductor back in 2007 and appearing on her 5th Studio album ‘New Amerykah: Part One (4th World War), this dubby ode to Hip-Hop is simply stunning in its sparse production and economical use of samples/instruments….. as Erykah says “This One Is For Dilla…..”
6. Thievery Corporation – 2001 Spliff Odyssey (ESL Music)
Staying in the US, the Thievery Corporation are made up of Rob Garza and Eric Hilton. Based in Washington, they have been producing a mix of Dub, Bossa Nova and Jazz to great acclaim since 1995. This track is from their debut album ‘Sounds from the Thievery Hi-Fi’ (1997) and is a classic example of their Dub/Reggae vibe which I love so much.
7. Moby – Go (In Dub Mix) (D:vision Records)
What can I say about this record….. Originally released back in 1991, with its haunting riff sampled from the TV series ‘Twin Peaks’, the original version became an oldschool/rave anthem. This 1992 version remixed by Jam & Spoon, a techno/trance outfit out of Germany, first came to my attention much later on a Nick Warren ‘Back To Mine’ Compilation. Since then, I cannot get enough of its slowed down dubby basslines whilst maintaining the original Twin Peak chords that we all love so much – an amazing remix that completely flips the script…..
8. King Tubby – Bag Of Wire Dub (Blood & Fire)
A classic example of 1970’s dub out of Jamaica. Produced by King Tubby aka ‘The Dub Master’, who influenced later producers such as Scientist and King Jammy. The King sprinkles his ‘dub’ magic over Johnny Clarke’s vocals and transforms this reggae classic into a skanking wall of reverb. Amazing stuff… all hail ‘The King’
9. Errol Dunkley - A Little Way Different (Arawak)
Originally produced back in 1978, this reggae standard composed by Errol Dunkley himself, would later feature heavily in D.R.S ‘s Jungle/Drum & Bass anthem ‘Everyman’ from 1994. It’s the lyrical content of the original that resonates with me, and I can only assume also resonated with DJ Kenny Ken over 15 years later. “Everyman do his ting a little way different”…exactly what #DuskDubs is all about…..
10. DJ Shadow / David Rodigan – Rodigan In A Perfect World (Mash Up)
This cheeky mash-up featuring a David Rodigan MBE on intro duties, leads us into DJ Shadow’s Midnight In A Perfect World (Gab Mix). This version released on the infamous Mo Wax record label back in 1996 features The Gift Of Gab on vocal duties. He delivers a nocturnal sermon alongside Shadow’s amazing beats – perfect for the#DuskDubs hour….
11. Marc Mac – See Him Smile (featuring Etta James) (ABB Soul)
One of the founding members of 4hero and forces behind Reinforced Records, Marc Mac is rightly championed in the Jungle/Drum & Bass scene. He is also a massive Soul/Funk/Jazz head and this is very apparent on his solo project ‘How About A Game Of Chess’, where he samples the back catalogue of ‘Chess Records’ – one of the premier Soul & Jazz record labels from the 1950’s & 1960’s. The ‘How About A Game Of Chess’ record was originally produced back in 2005 and for me, it is this track ‘See them Smile’ which is one of the highlights… haunting vocals over a rocking beat…. Quality.
12. Masters At Work ‎– Justa "Lil" Dope (Cutting Records)
Produced back in 1991 by Kenny "Dope" Gonzalez and Little Louie Vega, this track is a bonfide classic. To this day, it consistently crosses musical boundaries, dropped by House, Breaks, Techno and Oldschool DJ’s alike, which to me is a signature of a classic record. Famously sped up to 45RPM by DJ Fabio & Grooverider at their club Rage in the early 1990’s, this track became one of the building blocks of Jungle/Drum & Bass. Everything about this record I love, whether it’s the amazing breaks, the classic horn rift or the vocal samples…. Every home should have a copy.
13. Fat Freddy’s Drop – Bohannon (The Drop)
The one and only contemporary track featured in this #DuskDubs volume, is from New Zealand. Appearing on their 2013 album ‘Blackbird’, this instrumental oozes serious funk alongside an infectious beat. If you get a chance to see them live - do so, their amazing blend of Dub, Soul, Funk and Jazz has caught the attention of the world…..and they seriously know how to dub a tune out I’m telling ya…..
14. Maya Angelou with Burial & FourTet - On The Pulse Of A Moth (Mash-Up)
Another cheeky Mash Up, this time featuring the poem ‘On The Pulse Of A Morning’ by Maya Angelou which was read during the 1993 Presidential inauguration of Bill Clinton (later to be sampled by Mr Good Looking himself LTJ Bukem on the 1995 classic ‘Horizons’). This leads into Burial + Four Tet’s collaboration ‎ ‘Moth’ which was released on Four Tet’s label Text Records back in 2009. It’s a 4 to the floor eerie dubbed out house track, that the likes of only Burial can create …..Deep
15. Innerzone Orchestra - People Make The World Go Round (Planet E)
Produced back in 1999 in Detroit, by the don that is Mr. Carl Craig under his alias Innerzone Orchestra, this version of The Stylistics classic from 1971, brings this organic soul classic into the electronic age…..simply sublime.

Monday, 2 December 2013


Seasonal greetings to all our selectors and followers……
Here at the #DuskDubs studio, the three of us would like to show our appreciation of your love and support that you have shown us every #DuskDubs Sunday.
So for your listening pleasure….. here is our #DuskDubs Heavyweight Xmas Special ….. grab yourself a mince pie , pour yourself a large brandy and settle down….
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Original Gidman, Harrison & General Camel……

1. John Baker - Christmas Commercial
2. Simon & Garfunkel – 7 O’Clock News/Silent Night
3. The Aggrovators – Santa Claus
4. Louis Armstrong – What A wonderful World (The Orb Remix)
5. Billie Holliday – I’ve Got My Love To Keep Me Warm (Yesking Remix)
6. Dean Martin – Jingle Bells (Dan The Automator Remix)
7. Mel Torme – The Christmas Song (Sonny J Remix)
8. Micatone – Last Christmas (Back To Nashville Version)
9. Go Home Productions - Carpenters Christmas (Karen Meets Roots Radics Uptown)
10. Jacob Miller – Wish You A Merry Christmas
11. Run D.M.C. – Christmas In Hollis
12. Andy Williams – It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year (A Shrift Remix)
13. Toots & The Maytals – Christmas Feeling Ska
14. Hard Call Xmas - My Christmas Bells
15. Jimmy Smith – God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman (Oh No Remix)
16. James Brown – Go Power At Christmas Time
17. Kurtis Blow – Christmas Rappin’
18. Electric Jungle – Funky Funky Christmas
19. Wareika – Christmas Dub (Original mix)

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Evidence of our rave that we put on from 'back in the day'

Held at Hawkinge Spitfire Lesiuredrome on the 14th July 1990 (I think that was the year...memories a bit hazy).....

Tuesday, 19 November 2013


Thursday, 14 November 2013

DD001 Dusk Dubs Vol.11 - Original Gidman

Here is my latest Volume for the #DuskDubs project i'm involved in..... enjoy and make sure you check the other volumes from our fellow selectors.....

"This week we are happy to announce the return of the mighty Original Gidman.
Normally, I write a short bio about the selector of the week. This time, I’ll keep it brief, simply because Gidman has treated us to a full and detailed description of his selections, so I won’t keep you. All I will say, is that Original Gidman is a major driving force behind Dusk Dubs, without him holding us all together, this wouldn't happen. So, a massive salute Gids! You sir, are a ledge!
As always, catch us most nights on twitter via #DuskDubs ... and feel free to get involved.
Below, are the records featured in this weeks mixtape, and a great write up on each from Original Gidman himself
1. Poisonous Dub Intro….
2. Snowman – Rise (All City Records)
This beat-heavy instrumental is featured on the 1st 7 Inch that was part of the 7x7 series pressed up by All City Records in Dublin… Produced by Snowman – A member of the Jack Sample Professionals (Fat City US). ….“Heavy beats and very melodic…. (5 Stars)”
3. Smith & Mighty - Higher Dub Feat. MarylinMcFarlane (Studio !K7)
Featured on the Smith & Mighty’s ‘Retrospective’album, this track oozes ‘Dubbed-Out’ class with gorgeous vocals by Marylin McFarlane. Smith & Mighty are a Dub/Drum and Bass/Trip-Hop group from Bristol, consisting of Rob Smith and Ray Mighty. Their first releases in the late 1980s, were breakbeat covers of "Anyone Who Had a Heart" and "Walk on By”. They went on to produce "Wishing on a Star" for Fresh Four and Massive Attack's first single, "Any Love”……“Dubbed out bliss”.
4. Dr. Alimantado - Gimmie My Gun (Greensleeves)
Originally released in 1978 and featuring on the album "Best Dressed Chicken In Town’. This track features the vocal talents of Jamican deejay Dr. Alimantado, over the classic backing track of Gregory Isaacs' ‘Thief a Man’. It would be familiar to all those that were hitting the Jungle/Drum & Bass clubs around 1993 as it was heavily sampled by Smokey Joe on Wha' Dat (Gimmie My Gun) on Labello Blanco Records….. “A Jamacian Deejay Standard…. POW !!”
5. Walkner & Mostl - Heaven Or Hell (G-Stone Recordings)
Released back in the year 2000, on Peter Kruder and Richard Dorfmeister’s infamous
G-Stone label out of Austria, the track was produced byUwe Walkner and Karl Moestl and packs a dubbed-out punch that is synonymous with everything that is released on G-Stone……. “Austrian Quality – As per usual”
6. Peace Orchestra - Double Drums (G-Stone Recordings)
While Richard Dorfmeister was producing his ‘pet project’ Tosca, Peter Kruder was going solo with the Peace Orchestra. Released back in 1999, this track is a classic example of Kruder’s ability to twist and dub-out a ‘Bossa’ sounding track alongside a funky double bass-line….. “Funky as F**K”.
7. Space Dimension Controller - Transatlantic Landing Bay (R&S Records)
Released on the legendary label that is R&S Records, this track features on the Mini LP/EP ‘Temporary Thrillz’ . Space Dimension Controller aka Jack Hamill produces deep spaced out house and ambient soundscapes that the listener can fall into…. “sophisticated sci-fi boogie at its best”.
8. Skit (#DuskDubs Shout Out)
Big thank you to Uncle Dugs
9. S-Express - Coma II (A.M. O.K.) (Rhythm King)
Located on Side 2 of the Mark Moore’s sophomore album ‘Original Soundtrack’ and released by the classic British Label Rhythm King in 1989 , this squelchy-acid track is miles apart from the commercial releases of ‘Superfly Guy’ or ‘Hey Music Lover’. ……”It’s haunted my musical mind ever since, and will now hopefully haunt yours….!!”.
10. The Transit Kings - The Last Lighthouse Keeper(Malicious Damage)
For those that don’t know, The Transit Kings are a collective made up from, KLF dons Jimmy Cauty and AlexPaterson , occasional Pink Floyd collaborator Guy Pratt and Dom Beken. Released in 2006 on The Orbs home label Malicious Damage, this track features the vocal meanderings of Simon Day as ‘The Last Lighthouse Keeper’ – Comical as well as poignant….. “Simply put – out of this world”
11. The Pioneers - I Need Your Inspiration (Justin Robertson Remix) (Trojan Records)
Released in 2007 and part of the Trojan Takeover project, where a handful of contemporary producers were invited to remix favourites from Trojan’s back catalogue and put their mark on them in celebration of its 40th anniversary. The soulful-reggae original was created by The Pioneers back in 1970 and Justin Robertson turns in a dubbed out break-beat heavy remix that transforms itself into a ska-skank-out….. “Killer Ska alongside soulful vocals…. ”
12. Bomb The Bass - Bug Powder Dust (Kruder &Dorfmeister Remix) (Stoned Heights)
Amazingly, this was first released in 1996 and brought Tim Simenon AKA Bomb The Bass back to prominence amongst the electronica world. Remixed by Kruder &Dorfmeister and featuring on their classic double remix album ‘The K&D Sessions’, this track is one of my favourite remixes of theirs……”Great flow in a dubbed-out style… love it”
13. Meat Beat Manifesto - Radio Babylon (Version Galore) (Play It Again Sam Records)
What can I say about this track ? …. The original was massive back in 1991 in the Rave/Hardcore scene and still holds up to this day. Produced and remixed by the British don that is Jack Dangers (….in my eyes and ears ‘THE’ professor of Dub/Bass manipulation), this track just nails the dub infused break-beat sound coming out back in 1991. I recently got to see Meat Beat Manifesto live, twice in the last few years and I can assure you that they still have the ‘Dub Magic’…. “When this got played…the venue wentoff !!”
14. SLM - Nice & Slow (Tone Def Records)
Released back in 1992 on the Tone Def label alongside Hardcore/Jungle acts such as SoundCorp, 4 Horsemen Of The Apocalypse and DJ Harry & Point Blank, this track with it’s reggae infused bass-line used to rip the sound-system in AWOL at The Paradise Club, Islington in London – where I resided during the years of 91-92…..”this brings back great memories and even though the beats are fast…its that bassline that fits the #DuskDubs bill”.
15. Mark Pritchard – Heavy As Stone (Deep MediRecords)
Whatever Mr Pritchard touches, he seems to be able to turn it into ‘musical gold’, and it’s no different here ! Released recently on Mala’s Deep Medi imprint in 2010, this track is seriously heavy….. I’ll leave the online record store Boomkat to explain… “soul-stirring female vox, elegiac keys and even a glimmer of likembe over 4/4 steppers patterns, all anchored with that sublime bass-weight. This is heart-in-the-mouth material, tears on the dancefloor anthem business. It's a real no-brainer”…. “…Here Here”
16. Timmy Thomas - Why Can’t We Live Together (Dub Mix) (Shoes Unofficial Release)
This only needs One Word… “Sublime…..”

The Journeys Of All Journeys

3 massive brands '#RCFF / Music Mondays & World Of Rave' come together as one for the launch of this very special and unique party at one of the best underground clubs in the country, Union in Vauxhall..
Journey Of All Journeys is exactly what it says it is, we will be taking you on a journey from 1988-1993 through the classic years of rave music without touching any anthems, strictly 100% underground bangers from when the doors open till when the doors close...
Each DJ will be playing for 1 hour at a time starting in 1988 and going through to 1993 as the night progresses. With only 3 Djs alternating throughout the night we know that no 2 tunes the same will be played and we also know that we will stick to the agenda starting back in 88 and finishing in 93..
This will be the true underground sound of each era as well, the anthems get played everywhere as we all know but we will make sure that between the 3 of us that we steer our way through this journey without touching any of them, 100% bangers no fillers from start to finish, the journey of all journeys..!!

Check Bunter's and Slipmatt's show as a taster of what you might hear during the night.....

Tickets purchased here....

#RCFF / Music Mondays & World Of Rave Present : The Journey Of All Journeys

Sunday, 22 September 2013

DD001 Dusk Dubs Vol.1 - Original Gidman

Here's the 1st Volume of #DuskDubs selected myself....

"First up is the very knowledgeable man that goes by the name of Original Gidman. This man knows his stuff, and his library of music, mixes and radio shows is something to be in awe of."
Find him here : twitter.com/OriginalGidman
And......... here : treasureandnuggets.blogspot.co.uk/
Below is the tracklist, and a word from the man himself about each record.
1. Black Panta By The Upsetters - Classic Dub from Lee "Scratch" Perry found on the 'Blackboard Jungle' album from 1973 ... The Opening "call" later sampled by The Orb.
2. The Congos - Congoman (Remix 1) - Another classic produced by Lee "Scratch" Perry, this version was remixed by the don Carl Craig and released back in 2003. A great example of how to dub out a classic reggae track for the electronic age.
3. Rockers Hi-Fi - Sexy Selector - Take from "Richard Dorfmeister Presents...A Different Drummer Selection" compilaion on the Different Drummer Label. Love the way these guys make modern dub.
4.Quiet Village - Pacific Rhythm - A brilliant balearic anthem with dub influences, from the "Silent Movie" album released in 2008 by Joel Martin and Matt Edwards.
5.Rae & Christian - Swimming Pool - This can be found on their 1st album "Northern Sulphuric Soul" (1998) on Manchester's Grand Central Records.... love the swirling synths on this one.
6. R.P.M - Food For My De-Rhythm - A classic from the Mo Wax stable from 1993.... love the dubbed out breaks on this one riddim.
7. Cesaria Evora ‎– Angola (Carl Craig Remix)- Released in 2005 and again Carl Craig takes the african vibes into the Techno/Acid arena.
8. Mala - Noches SueƱos (Mala & Simbad Super Dub Mix) - Released on Gilles Peterson's eclectic Brownswood Recordings, this remix by Mala & Simbad layers a heavyweight bottom end in hommage to the dub pioneers..... BOOOOOOOOM
9. Burial - Kindred - One of the most recently released tracks on the compilation. Created by the mecurial producer that is Burial and released on Kode9's label Hyperdub Records, this track is built around hisses & crackles that transports the listener into a hazy smoke filled 'Dub Shack'... awesome.
10. CV313 - Seconds Forever - Love this Techno/Dub vibe that the Echospace label from Detroit create using analog equipment.... quality.
11. Lowtec - Carbon Copy - This one was released this year on Ramp Recordings sub label Brainmath and creates some great bottom end in a broken dub/house syle.
12.Special Forces - Trilogy - The Final track is from Special Forces AKA Photek again from the Mo Wax label. This epic 13 minute was originally released back in 1996..... NUFF SAID.


Recently I have been involved alongside DJ Harrison with an online project called #DuskDubs.. I'll let Mr Harrison explain....

"For a few weeks, myself and a few like minded music lovers have been sharing and talking about dub infused and influenced music.
So it only seems the natural progression to begin a mixtape podcast.
Simply, a selection of records is complied by someone other than myself, and I create a mixtape as the selector intended. No fancy mixing, just the music, back to back, giving it breathing space and allowing it to shine.
Catch us most nights on twitter via #duskdubs ... see what has gone before what is being selected now, and feel free to contribute. The only rule, that your selection has a dub soul....whatever form that may be."
Each Sunday, we release a new volume from a different selector..... The released mixtapes can be found on Soundcloud here....

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Acid Party 2 1st June 2013 (Live Sets)

Acid Party 2 (Live Sets)

Slipmatt - Live @ Acid Party Part 2 London 1st June 2013

"Quite possibly one of my best live sets ever!
Recorded live at "The Acid Party Part 2" Saturday June 1st 2013 in London ...
2 and a half hours of the rawest most authentic Acid and Spiritual House ...
The thing I love about these unique "Acid" events is the knowledge of every one coming out to party!!
Enjoy the vibes, and please share on your Face Book and Twitter pages!!
ACCCIIIEEEEEEDDDDDDDD" (From Bunter's Soundcloud)

Slipmatt - Live @ Acid Party Part 2 London 1st June 2013

"My live set at Acid Party Part 2 at Union in London on Saturday 01-06-2013 - This has taken a while to upload as unfortunately I had to cut out some parts where the recording was very badly damaged.
2 hours of heavy Acid House with a few uplifting tracks thrown in for good measure, hope you enjoy!!!" (From Slipmatt's Souncloud)

Thursday, 7 February 2013


ACID PARTY (PART 2) on June 1st 2013

Summer Of Love Special

Saturday June 1st 2013
5pm to 10pm All Day Thames "Summer of Love 88/89" Boat Party leaving Mill Bank Pier (Opposite Union)
10pm to 6am All Night "Underground Acid House" Party at Union
Billy Daniel Bunter (5 hour's throughout day and night)
Slipmatt (5 hour's throughout day and night)
Plus hand selected guest's chosen for their musical knowledge to be announced
Underground Acid House. Melodic Groves. Spiritual House. Sun Drenched Balearic Beats from 86 to 89!!
Room 2 at Union will be a selection of Soul, Funk, Reggae, Hip Hop and Rare Grooves.
£25 for Boat Party plus All-Nighter... 1 ticket gets you both!! LIMITED TO 200 TICKETS.
Once Boat and All-Nighter tickets sold out…There will be a limited amount of £10 All-Nighter only tickets available.
Info 07792 146 952

Saturday, 12 January 2013

RCFF - "Run Come Follow Fridays" 1993 Special 110112

Here is this Fridays, RCFF show hosted by Uncle Dugs first broadcast on 11th Janurary 2013...... Click here to DOWNLOAD.
For more Bio info on Uncle Dugs click here
Coming soon............ Jungle, House, UKG, Hardcore, Reggae, Soul, Funk, Club Classics, DnB, Dubstep, Disco, Grime, Acid House... Anything goes at #Vibes4Miles at Vibe Bar, no musical boundaries...

If its got a Vibe then it will get flung down....!!!

Tell all ya mates,, the party starts at 8pm on Friday Jan 25th then the last Friday of every single month in 2013....!!!

Uncle Dugs & DJ Phantasy are the residents with guests from the whole world of music and you guys of


Acid Party 12th January 2013

Acid Party Saturday January 12th 2013 Free before 11.30 more there after £10 Guaranteed entry list for the "Acid Party" For those who don't want to que before 1130, and all those who like to crack on a little later. We have set up a £10 guaranteed entry list. Email your names to info@canyoufeelitmedia.com and we will get back to you with an entry code!! Secret Location to be announced 7pm on night 07792 146 952 Original Acid House Arch / Intimate Venue / Thumpin Sound Throughout / Polite Security Jackin Zone Slipmatt (3 Hour Set) Billy Daniel Bunter (3 Hour Set) Class Of 808 DJ’s (2 Hour Set) Chill Out Zone Uncle Dugs (Party Grooves) East Man (Reggae Classics) Clock Work (Soul & Funk) Snypa (Hip Hop) 10pm… Till Late No Attitude, No Sell Out, Strictly Smiley Acid People Aciiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeddddddddddd
Both DJ Billy 'Daniel' Bunter and DJ Slipmatt have produced 2 radio shows on Kool London, leading up to the event. Here are the 2 shows for your listening pleasure.... My favorite mix to date. 160 minutes of strictly Acid House!!! RESPECT TO CHICAGO. THANK YOU FOR THE INSPIRATION & AMAZING MUSIC! Mr Fingers - Can You Feel It Jack Frost & The Circle Jerks – Shout The Endless Poker’s - The Poke Phuture - Acid Trax Armando – Downfall Robert Owens - Bring Down The Walls Adrenalin MOD – Ecstasy 808 State – Flow Coma Pierres Pfantasy Club - Dream Girl Armando - World Unknown Victor Romeo - The Art Of Acid Adonis - We're Rocking Down The House Phortune - Can You Feel The Bass House Master Baldwin & Paris Grey - Dont Lead Me Kenny “Jammin” Jason & Fast Eddie – Can You Dance Bam Bam - Give It To Me 808 State - Let Yourself Go This Aint Chicago – Ride The Rhythm 2 Men On A Trip - You Make Me Feel (Get Funky) Tyree - Oh Yeah, Hey No Fast Eddie – Acid Thunder Liddell Townsell - The Groove Jack Frost & The Circle Jerks - To The Max Da Posse - In The Heat Of The Night Unknown Cool House - Rock This Party Right Fantasy Club - Mystery Girl Ricktser – Night Moves Charles B – Lack Of Love Maurice Joshua & Hot Hands Hula - This Is Acid Maurice Joshua & Hot Hands Hula – Feel The Mood Hula – Hot Hands Adonis – No Way back Mr Lee – House This House Laurent X – Machines Mike Dunn – Life Goes On Phuture – We Are Phuture Phuture – The Creator Fast Eddie – My Melody The House Gang – Bango Acid Paul Rutherford – Get Real Brandon Cooke Featuring Roxanne Shante - Sharp As A Knife Mr Lee – Pump Up London Mike Dunn presents MD III - Set Me Free Mike Dunn presents MD III – Personal Problem A Guy Called Gerald – Rockin Ricki Annette – Dream 17 Ecstasy Club – Jesus Loves The Acid Mike Dunn – So Let It Be House Mike Dunn presents MD III – Face The Nation Sleezy D – I’ve lost Control K Alex Shelby – Vertigo Blake Baxter – Ride Em Boy Pierres Pfantasy Club – Got The Bug Armando – Land Of Confusion Mike Dunn – Magic Feet Tyree – Acid Crash Phuture – Slam Baby Ford – Oochy Koochy Funtopia – Beautiful People We bring you an Acid House special this week as a warm up to our Acid Party on 12-01-2013 in Central London!