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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Latest Volume for #DuskDubs -DD0205

Dusk Dubs returns with another incredible journey through sounds. As always, our guest provides us with music that has a special place in their memories and in their souls. Music that moves them, that invokes images of sunrises, sunsets, good times and good people. I then play each record, in full, giving it breathing space and allowing it to shine.

This week we welcome back DuskDubs resident Original Gidman. Everybody knows when he steps up with his selections, we are all in for a real treat. Gidman, known by many people as 'The Oracle' recently won most knowledgeable listener at the Music Mondays and RCFF raver awards presented by Billy Bunter & Uncle Dugs and the evidence of that is there for us all to see. If anybody wants a tune ID, needs to know anything about a Dj/Producer or something about a specific Label, it really is a case of 'ASK GIDMAN' 
His knowledge of all things music stems back to the late 80's, a time when he was well and truly a Hip-Hop head but all that changed when he went on holiday to Corfu with his best mate Gary, what is now known to Gidman as a life changing night at the Wag Club, where he heard stuff like....Rhythm Is Rhythm - Strings of Life and The 28th Street - I Need A Rhythm for the very 1st time, He came back to the UK a house head!
Then in the early 90's, he became a regular at The Paradise Club for the legendary AWOL nights where he would see the likes of Dj Randall dropping the newest, freshest prototype jungle which also had a massive influence on his musical tastes back then and still do to this day.
In the mid 90's it was the turn of Giles Peterson to introduce Gidman to a lot of different music from around the world at his 'That's How It Is' nights at Bar Rumba, from the likes of LTJ Bukem doing a house set to Jazzanova playing a Hip-Hop/House/Brazilian/jazz set.....That club was just Perfect for him.....
DuskDubs really is a 'Labour Of Love' for Gidman. Here at DuskDubs HQ we see his passion and determination on a daily basis, always coming up with new/fresh ideas, always looking to give any potential selectors a helping hand, always looking to move DuskDubs forward.
We feel very privileged and honoured to have him part of the team, we seriously wouldn't have come this far without him.....BIG UP BRUV!
So, let's get down to business and let Gidman do what he does best - Take you on an amazing journey through sound......DuskDubs Style!
Here is the man himself:
" It’s great to be back for YR-02 and to be offering up another selection of tracks for another #DuskDubs mixtape. Inspired by all the previous mixtapes and amazing selections that we’ve received by our ever-growing #DuskDubsfamily, i’ve spent the last few months lurking around in my dusty ol’ vaults. So, for this volume, I’ve drawn for some recognisable classics alongside some deeper, less well known beauties…. All oozing that soulful dubbed-out flavour that I love so much….. enjoy. "
1) Scientist – ‘Round 5’ (Greensleeves Records) - Intro sounds come from the protégé of King Tubby, the legendary Scientist, from the classic clash album ‘Scientist vs. Prince Jammy ‎– Big Showdown’ (1980). Instantly recognisable to all those ‘Junglists’ out there – it was sampled both by MC Jay J & DJ Devious D’s on ‘ Time Of Our Lives’ and on Noise Factory’s ‘Be Free’ from their ‘My Mind’ EP – both classic 1992 anthems from the hardcore era ….. “Strictly drum and bass makes you wind up your waist”
2) Zero 7 – ‘Truth & Rights’ (Treacle/Azuli Records) - This cover of Johnny Osbourne’s 1980’sclassic was released on a limited edition 7 inch single back in 2002 as a promotional release to their ‘AnotherLateNight Mix album. Just love those soaring synths and strings – classic Zero 7.
3) Reprazent - New Forms (Roni Size Downtempo Version) (Talkin’ Loud) – Released on Gilles Peterson’s eclectic Talkin’ Loud label back in 1998, during the time when Roni Size, Represent and all the Bristol crew were taking the D&B world by storm, this version featured on the double vinyl release of ‘Watching Windows’. Roni takes it down a notch, switching it from its well know D&B tempo to a slo-down hip-hop pace, and with Bahamadia’s vocals floating through…. A wonderful remix of epic proportion.
4) Stro Elliot - Soul II Stro (Self-Released) – Came across this track a few years back when DJ Jazzy Jeff dropped it in a mixtape for the Los Angeles based club - The ‘Do-Over’. I later tracked it down…. created by a beat producer out of Los Angeles named Stro Elliot on his 2011 ‘Stro's Old Beat Farm’ album which I thoroughly recommend and is still available here…stro.bandcamp.com/album/stros-old-beat-farm
5) Om Unit & Disco Nutter – Question (Red Bull Music Academy) – I’m a big fan of Om Unit’s music, and this one is a not so well known track taken from the ‘Not For Sale: Red Bull Music Academy’ compilation album, that showcases the 60 international participants and ten studio team members that appeared at the Red Bull Academy in Madrid back in 2011. Apparently, after witnessing MC MF Doom perform, both Om Unit & Disco Nutter otherwise known as Jim Coles (UK) and Yasen Velchev (BULGARIA) headed into one of the many studios at the academy and created this “neck-snapping monster”, sampling that sci-fi classic The Thing (1952). The track is still available here…rbma.bandcamp.com/track/question
6) Stereo MC's - Connected (Future Sound Of London Mix) (Gee Street) - Only released as a limited 12 Inch promo I believe…. this remix by Future Sound Of London back in 1992 removes the vocals by Stereo Mc’s but leaves that great bass line and saxophone refrain intact and adds copious amounts of delays and reverbs creating another dubbed-out.. neck snapping monster …. classic #DuskDubs.
7) Us3 - Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia) (Us3 Smokin' Mix) (Blue Note) – This is taken from the 20th Anniversary Edition of ‘Hand On The Torch’ album which was originally released back in 1993 on the famous Blue Note label. The track features the classic sample of Herbie Hancock's 1964 jazz standard ‘Cantaloupe Island’ and this version slows things down to a more sedate or ‘smokers’ pace…..
8) Scotty - Skank in Bed (Harry J Records) – Originally produced by Harry Johnson back in 1972 for Blue Mountain Records out of Jamaica, in the Harry J Studio…. the same studio that would later witness Bob Marley & The Wailers, Rolling Stones, The Who, and Grace Jones all passing through. ‘Skank in Bed’ was the b-side to a very successful 7 inch by Lorna Bennett who recorded a version of Dusty Springfield's "Breakfast in Bed". For those sample spotters out there, you can hear where
Rebel MC and Double Trouble got their intro for their 1989 hit ‘Street Tuff’.
9) Massive Attack Feat. Tracey Thorn - Protection (The Eno Mix) (Wild Bunch/Virgin Records) – This version was can be found on the original 1995 12 inch release of ‘Protection’, remixed by the great Brian Eno who expands the track into a 9 minute ambient masterpiece. This track also has a personal resonance, as the original version was the track that my wife and I had played for our first wedding dance…. Very special.
10) Pink Floyd – Pigs On The Wing (Part 1) (Harvest/EMI) – Taken from one of my favourite albums by Pink Floyd, the 1977 concept album ‘Animals’. This is part one of two short love songs which book-end the album’s more political content. I got to see Roger Walter’s perform this track in ‘Quadrophonic Sound’ on a perfect summers evening in the middle of Hyde Park, London - a “DuskDubs” memory that has stayed with me ever since. (My artwork for this volume is a nod to the official artwork of “Animals”.
11) Custom Blue - So Low (Cinematic Orchestra Dub) (Island Records) – Released as a ‘promo only’ back in 2002, I reacquainted myself with this fantastic 12 Inch after a digging session in the vaults recently. An amazing ‘Dub’ version by J. Swinscoe’s Cinematic Orchestra who transform the original into a blissed out ‘Balearic’ classic…. Perfect for #DuskDubs
12) Dr. Octagon - Blue Flowers (Mo Wax) – Thanks to some great remixes at the time, this track seemed to cross so many musical boundaries – which was often the case with Mo Wax releases and exactly what I liked about them. Techno artists remixing hip-hop tracks or D&B artists remixing techno tracks…. it was all up for grabs. Dr. Octagon aka Kool Keith previously of Ultramagnetic MC’s fame released both this single and the album ‘Dr. Octagonecologyst’ back in 1995/1996. His lyrics and production were often labelled as experimental or unconventional, or more simply put… original, and this is why I have gone for the original version which showcases this perfectly.
13) Nemo - Darkest Day (World Of Apples Vocal Remix) (Jazzanova Compost Records) – During the same digging session I mentioned earlier, I pull this out. Released back in 2001 on the ‘Darkest Day EP’ ‘under the collaborative label of Jazzanova Records and Compost Records. There’s not much known about Nemo with only one or two releases under their belt. However, this remix by World Of Apples aka Ewan Pearson from Kidderminster, is simply stunning with Aimée Craddock’s glorious vocals over a great live hip-hop beat.
14) Danmass - Happy Hour (Original) (Sunday Best Recordings) – A Ross Allen classic which I first heard on his award winning ‘Destination In’ radio show back in 2000. Danmass aka Dan Carey & Massimo Bonaddio originally released ‘Happy Hour’ on Rob da Bank’s Sunday Best label and then re-released it 2 years later on their own record label Danmass Industry’s. It’s a reasonably simple track with guitar, bleeps and beats but it’s that kid’s vocal descriptions that stick in my head, for some reason reminding me of my days as a kid watching the film ‘Kes’.
15) Saint Etienne - Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Andrew Weatherhall Remix) (Heavenly Records) – This cover of Neil Young’s 1970 hit was included on Saint Etienne’s debut album ‘Foxbase Alpha (1990)’ but it is the appointment of Andrew Weatherall on remix duties for his ‘A Mix Of Two Halves’ that made me go digging for this version. Here, Mr Weatherall pushes the dub qualities of the original – literally creating a track of two half’s … the first a dubbed out instrumental which then segues into the second half…. a more traditional vocal version, but all with an underlying skanking beat….. “Kool & Deadly” in deed !!
16) Leftfield - Inspection (Check One) (Hard Hands, Columbia) – Throughout the time #DuskDubs has been operating, the album ‘Leftism’ has been mined pretty substantially by numerous selectors – a definite #DuskDubs classic for sure. So I thought it was about time I joined in….. therefore I have chosen ‘Inspection (Check One)’. A true heavyweight break-beat laden track featuring the ragga vocals of Danny Red that raises the tempo and funk of this volume…. As Danny says….”Inspection ? everything ship shape and shine?”…… certainly is now mate !!
17) Boozoo Bajou - Divers (Low Immersion Dub) (Stereo Deluxe) – To close proceedings, I’ve gone with this release from 2000 on the Stereo Deluxe Label out of Nuremberg, Germany. With ‘The Funky Lowlives’ on remix duties, it’s a dubtronica affair very much in the form of Kruder & Dorfmeister or the G-Stone label and when the track breaks down and that bass line erupts, it’s time to seriously Skank-Out…… jeeez – whatch ya bassbins ?
18. Paul Hardcastle – 19 Below Zero (The Lost Tape Mix) – We all know the original version of Paul Hardcastle’s 19 released back in 1985 – topping the UK Singles Charts at No.1 for 4 weeks. Inspired by the current Electro scene at the time, in particular Africa Bambataa, Hardcastle incorporated that latest sampling technology, the E-mu Emulator – which only gave him 2 seconds of sample time…. Crazy ! This ‘Lost Tape Mix’ was released on the 2012 ‘19 Below Zero’ album, created as you would expect from the title, out of a load of old master tapes he thought he had lost – I’m so glad he found them because I love this version and had to include it. It takes me back to a time of absorbing everything ‘Electro and StreetSounds’ in my early teens…. Gonna go and get my boombox, my lino and my ‘Nike’ wind-runner out !!
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Thursday, 11 September 2014

DD IS BACK 21.09.14

As you know, #DuskDubs has been on a little summer holiday. However, while all of you have been enjoying The Sun..... The Sea..... and the SSSS....Sand, myself, Tommy and Leighton have been busy prepping Year 2 and we now are ready to take over your Sundays again with more heavyweight mixtapes.

Details of who will be responsible for selecting for 'DD0201'....our 1st Volume for Year 2, will be released on 15th Sept. with DD0201 airing on Sunday 21st September.

#DDisBACK .....

#DuskDubs Purple Radio Special

#DuskDubs Purple Radio Special 

Purple Radio Says….

A two hour deep and thoughtful selection from the co-founder of the project Jon Brent (aka Original Gidman), alongside the mighty General Camel and Tommy Harrison. For those who are not in the know, Dusk Dubs is a project that has been running successfully for over a year now, providing beautifully mixes (all mixed by Tommy himself) every week. Promoted on social media only (twitter and facebook), DuskDubs has spread its infectious love for obscure gems reaching an ever growing crowd of enthusiastic music lovers, who value the selection and progression of the tunes over anything else. Gidman at the controls tonight. The man knows his music, so sit back and listen with an open mind.

Original Gidman says….

The #DuskDubs Purple Radio Special  was a great opportunity to spread the “Gospel Of #DuskDubs” to a wider audience and to have the listeners enjoy a group listening experience . So, for that reason I wanted to represent the full 360 degrees of #DuskDubs flavors that we’ve come to enjoy every Sunday, during our first year. Diggin’ in the vaults for this mix was pure pleasure, in fact there were so many that didn’t  make the final mix, and what a  mix ? Big props goes out to our resident DJ Tommy Harrison who put this mix together – standard.  I hope this show has wetted your appetite for more, as DD will be back every Sunday with our usual heavyweight mixtapes, starting on 21st September.

1)           6th Borough Project – Intro
2)           Emanative – We Travel The Spaceways
3)           Terry Callier – Dancing Girl
4)           I Monster – Daydream In Blue
5)           DJ Vadim – The Goes Out
6)           David Mc Callum – The Edge
7)           DJ Krush – Skin Against Skin featuring Deborah Anderson
8)           Massive Attack – Safe From Harm (Just A Groove Dub)
9)           Madlib aka The Beat Konducta – The Main Inspiration (Coltrane of Beats)
10)         Fabian – The Prophecy (Disco Mix)
11)         Jstar – Tooting Gangsta
12)         Madlib aka The Beat Konducta – The Payback (Gotta)
13)         Jay Electronica - Act 1 (The Pledge)
14)         DJ Shadow – Six Days
15)         Fauna Flash – Mother Nature
16)         The Amalgmation Of Soundz – Ten Scroats To A Pound
17)         Dollis Hill – Desist (Reprise)
18)         MJ Cole - 39 Step
19)         Craig Bratley – Analogue Dreams
20)         Pink Skull – Brown Acid
21)         Fluxion – No Man Is An Island featuring Dennis Brown
22)         Massive Music – Find My Way (Kode 9 Remix)
23)         Dubkasm – Respek I-Spek/Touch I Heart (Gatekeeper & Appleblim Remix)

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Dusk Dubs Vol.47 - Original Gidman

Dusk Dubs returns this week with another incredible journey through sounds. As always, our guest provides us with music that has a special place in their memories and in their souls. Music that moves them, that invokes images of sunrises, sunsets, good times and good people. I then play each record, in full, giving it breathing space and allowing it to shine.
This week it’s a long overdue return of another Dusk Dubs resident, Original Gidman. Here from the beginning, in fact, here before the beginning, Gidman keeps everything on track and without him, not in a million years would we be approaching a year of weekly mixtapes. He wears his Dusk Dubs heart and soul on his sleeve for all to see, and we couldn’t have a better representative. No one can match his knowledge, and the respect he has in our game is second to none. Constantly putting our selectors at the forefront of his mind, daily promoting of their mixtapes, and providing 24/7 advice and support, it’s about time we all returned the favour.
So, here he is, taking you back to where it all began for him.
What a journey!
Salute The Original Gidman!

Here are some words from this week’s selector, and as always with Gidman, a superb write up on his tracks:

“ As you can probably tell from the artwork I have used, featuring my youthful fresh faced self (ha ha), this volume is an attempt to reflect a particular time during my years out in the raving wilderness. Although all my previous#DuskDubs volumes’ include tracks which I have a personal attachment too, I think this volume has to be the most personal so far. It includes tracks that still resonate with me today from a time in my life where I felt part of a widespread youth culture. I feel blessed, not many generations can say that…. Of course, this is #DuskDubs, so there’s no hands-in-the air anthem’s here, just tracks that affected me emotionally during those years and still do to this day…… “Taking you back to the morning after……” ”
1. Neutron 9000 – Way To Heaven
Taken from the 1990 ‘The Green House Effect’ album on Profile Records – this track takes me back to every ‘morning after’ or every ‘car journey home’ after a night out. Whether it was in the car or at home, The Green House Effect was the ‘Go-To’ album of that time, and this being the first track on the album would set the scene….. Pure chill out bliss.
2. Candy Flip – Strawberry Fields Forever
Also released in 1990, this track would end up being a UK Top Ten success. However, before it became a commercial hit, it would form a staple part of the soundtrack to many of the illegal raves I was attending at the time. By covering the Beatles, sampling James Brown’s "Funky Drummer" and adding some additional reverb, Candy Flip seemed to connect two youth cultures – one from the 60’s and the other from the 90’s…. memories of Kangol Hats, Baggy Jeans, Naff Naff Jackets and Wallabies shoes……
3. Psychotropic – Only For The Headstrong
Starting with that classic vocal sample “Music’s Hypnotizing”, this 1990 warehouse anthem would rock many a sound system back in the day with those “Funky Drummer” beats, but it was those dreamy synth lines that hooked you, hypnotised you and took you somewhere else – only for the headstrong… indeed.
4. Joanna Law – First Time Ever (Mellow Groove Mix)
Originally written by Kirsty MacColl’s father Ewan McColl back in 1957 and covered by over 60 different artists, this version was released on a number of different labels in 1990. Featuring the stunning vocals of Joanna Law who would later go onto work with Pressure Drop and Way Out West to name a few, this classic would give me goose bumps every time I heard it, and still does today…. A Perfect #DuskDubs moment.
5. Roots and Soul – Mr. Kirk vs. The Real Bassline (Original Mix)
Found on the A-side of Roots and Soul’s 3rd 12” release on Street Bwoyz Pro label in 1991, this bass heavy track takes the “Mr Kirk” sample from 4 hero’s Mr Kirk’s Nightmare and, repeats it like a mantra as the bass washes over you. I have only ever heard this track played out once on a system and when I did….. well it you can imagine !! The feeling has stayed with me ever since…..
6. A Guy Called Gerald – Emotions Electric
Gerald Simpson could do no wrong back in 1989. After his early involvement in 808 State and his success of Voodoo Ray in 1988, Gerald would release a couple of what I regard as classic UK Acid House albums. However, for me that stand out release during this period was on a ‘Peel Sessions” 12”, released in 1989 on the BBC’s Strange Fruit Records. This track has all the emotional power of any of the Vocal House classics that preceded it, but with its slower pace, deep bass lines and gorgeous synth washes – this is another “goose bump” moment – its emotional power is immeasurable.
7. 808 State – Sunrise
There’s not much I can say about 808 State that hasn’t been said before, just that this track off their first album “Ninety” (1989) was one of those tracks that fell between the dance floor and the chill-out room. Throughout that album, they managed to include all musical aspects of rave culture – techno, house, ambient, hardcore – it’s all there…. an album I still play – and a track that takes me to that “head space” between the dance floor and the chill-out room…. a certified classic.
8. Critical Rhythm – Fall Into A Trance (Alternative Ambient Mix)
I first came across this track on the classic Bio-Rhythm LP, released on the ever-consistent Network Records in the summer of 1990 – it featured the ‘who’s who’ of electronic music at that time Mark Archer, Derrick May, Derrick Carter, Paris Grey, Frank De Wulf, Neal Howard and of course Critical Rhythm aka Lenny Dee and Victor Simonelli. Purchased on good ol’ cassette at the time, it was another ‘Go-To’ album for the car…. @DZG303 can vouch for that ! The track ‘Fall Into A Trance’, originally licensed from Nu Groove Records and engineered by the don Tommy Musto, was a personal highlight and would always evoke a trance like state, even more so on the ‘Alternative Ambient Mix’ version.
9. Ability II – Pressure Dub
Originally released in 1990 on the Bassic record label and then licensed to the famous Outer Rhythm Label and re-released in 1991, this track was a classic of its time. Ten glorious minutes of breaks, bleeps and vocal snippets processed through an echo chamber, which when played on great sound system would pound your body into submission with that devastating bass line – Amazing… nuff said.
10. Unique 3 – The Theme
Released on Chill Records in 1988 and then picked up by Ten Records, this is another bleeps and bass classic that would be heard in every DJ’s set from that period. As well as hearing this amazing blend of Hip-Hop and Bleeps & Bass at every rave between 1989-1990, I also heard Unique 3 do a live PA on the legendary mixtape ‘Grooverider 1’ from the Eclipse Coventry (still a prize possession). Apparently, 'The Theme' was voted the number 1 track played at the ‘The Hacienda’ in Manchester in the '90s, by the world famous Deejay team who played there (Mike Pickering, Graeme Park and Dave Haslam). Although I first heard in the rave, its Hip-Hop styling’s and lower BPM’s lends itself perfectly for this #DuskDubs volume.
11. Sweet Exorcist – Testone
Sweet Exorcist aka Richard H Kirk and DJ Parrot released this track on their second 12” for Warp Records in 1990. Starting with the famous sample from the film ‘Close Encounters Of The Third Kind’, this bleep and bass classic is one of my favourites from both The Warp stable and of that era. Those synth pads and minimalist construction would pave the way for the later generation of producers, particularly during Warp's Artificial Intelligence series.
12. Earth Leakage Trip – No Idea.
Featured on the first 12” release on the now legendary Moving Shadow record label in 1991. Earth Leakage Trip, who would later release on Rising High Records and Direct Source Records to name a few, manage to create a trippy techno classic with clever use of film samples, eerie synth pads and a throbbing bass. After first hearing it on an old beaten up TDK 90 cassette, those seagulls samples have embedded themselves in my brain – must be something to do with living near the coast at the time.
13. Mundo Muzique – Andromeda
I finish with a bona fide masterpiece in my humble opinion. Originally released on the compilation ‘Brooklyn Beats - Brooklyn's In The House’ on Easy Street Records out of New York in 1991 – the compilation was picked up and re-released by one of my favourite and most collected labels of that time – R & S Records. Mundo Muzique aka Edmundo Perez released some classics on R & S, including the Tranztechno EP Vol. 1 and the Andromeda 12” , but it’s with this track that he manages to hit all the bases….. Simply put, a stunning piece of music.
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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

#DuskDubs World Cup Special

#DuskDubs “World Cup Special” – Compiled By OriginalGidman

Here at the #DuskDubs studio, we have been bitten by World Cup fever, so Original Gidman has been digging in his vinyl vaults and come up with an amazing selection of records, focusing on the incredible sounds and rhythms of the host country Brazil...but of course, with the usual #DuskDubs twist.
So go make yourself a classic ‘Caipirinha’ cocktail and enjoy…. “Come On England!!!!”

True to form, Gidman has done a write up of each track: 

1. Cut Chemist - Intro (The Big Dig) - An excerpt from an interview with Cut Chemist when Madlib, J.Rocc, DJ Babu etc. went record digging in Brazil and discovered so many great records which would inform their own music.

2. Milton Nascimento / Lô Borges – Tudo Que Voce Podia Ser– Taken from what many regard as the best Brazilian album ever. Released on Odeon Fonografica Ltd records in 1972 on a beautiful 2xLP Gatefold release, it’s this original stereo version I have used here rather than the re-mastered version.

3. Dub Majestic – Kaya Babylon – The first of my selections from the amazing “Poulp Up Brazil !” compilation and released in 2013, which focus’s on individual Dub scenes from particular countries.

4. (Live Commentary) - Pele Goal From The 1970 World Cup Final.

5. Azymuth – Melф Dos Dois Bicudos (Harmonic 313 Remix) – This stunning head-nodding remix by the don that is Mark Pritchard is taken from the Limited Album 12” Sampler which was released in 2007 on Far Out Records. ….. Big Look !!

6. Black Junior’s – Mas Que Linda Estas (Vocal) – Often referred to as the first Hip-Hop group out of Brazil, these teenagers coming from São Paulo released this oldschool/electro track as a single in 1984. Their self-titled album was massive at the time, selling over 1 million copies.

7. Bebel Gilberto - Bananeria (Rae & Christian Remix) – The Manchester duo of Rae & Christian are on remix duties for Gilberto’s bossa nova classic. Released in 2001 on the album ‘Tanto Tempo Remixes’… the pair take the smooth sensual vocals and underpin them with a groovy bass shuffler.

8. Jorge Ben – Ponta de Lança Africano (Umbabarauma) –Another Brazilian classic. Featured on Jorge Ben’s amazing album ‘África Brasil’ (1976), and like many of the tracks, this combines Brazilian, African, and American musical styles, resulting in a funky sing-a-long classic.  

9. Suba – Sereia – Taken from the 1999 album ‘São Paulo Confessions’ by the late musician Suba. This is a perfect example of the way he would marry Brazilian airy melodies and percussion with an electronic edge. Unfortunately, the Serbian born producer, who spent most of his life in Sao Paulo was involved in a tragic accident resulting in his death the same year the album was release. Go seek it out, it’s an amazing album, blurring the boundaries between electronica traditional Brazilian rhythms and beautiful ethereal vocals.

10. Tamba Trio – Mas Que Nada – Everyone knows the (1966) Sérgio Mendes version of this record, but like many Brazilian classics, when you start digging, you find out they were covered or penned by different artists. Originally ‘Mas QueNada’ was written by Jorge Ben on his debut album ‘Samba Esquema Novo’ in 1963 and many have covered it since – I’ve gone with Tamba Trio’s version, taken from their 1963Avanço album, although probably made more famous in the modern era, by Nike’s advertising campaign for the 1998 FIFA World Cup.

11. Supreme Team (Madlib & Kareem Riggins) – Volta Porcima – Featured on Stones Throw Records 3xLP Box Set ‘Hella International’, which was released in 2009 in celebration of their yearly event at Miami's Winter Music Conference. Produced by Kareem Riggins and also one of the original crate-diggers Madlib aka The Beat Konducta, this track is an example of the influence of  “The Big Dig” which Cut Chemist speaks about in the ‘Intro’ of this  volume.

12. Dub Movement – Circense Melodica – The second of my selections from the 2013 compilation “Poulp Up Brazil !”.

13. Magic Drum Orchestra – Drop It Like It’s Hot – Magic Drum Orchestra formed by Ralph Cree and Glyn Bush aka Bigga Bush take Snoop Dogg & Pharrell’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot” and create an amazing 2014 cover version. Throughout the recording sessions the producers used over 100 drummers and percussionists, resulting in an amazing ‘live feel’ recording. The track segues into a medley of the Muppet Show theme and James Brown's Funky Drummer before climaxing in full-on batucada style drumming. Stunning!!

14. Waajeed - Jeedo Suave – This track definitely has worldwide credentials. Originally produced by Waajeed out of Detroit and released in 2009 on the Series One 12” on the Japanese Record Label ‘Jazzy Sport’. This is a cover version of the late and great Jay Dee aka J Dilla’s “Rico Suave Bossa Nova” from his 2001 Welcome 2 Detroit LP,  which originally sampled The Milton Banana Trio's "Cidade Vazia" from 1966. A perfect example of how crate digging and clever sampling results in a wonderful Brazilian sounding cover version.

15. Edu Lobo – Vento Bravo – My final ‘classic’ selection…. Featured on Edu Lobo’s ‘Missa Breve’ long-player which was released on the EMI & Odeon Fonográfica record label in 1973. Another rich toned melodic classic – there’s so many out there…. I urge you to get digging….  It’s all about “Dusty Fingers”

16. Pathless – Goddess – Amazing to think that in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s producers and artists out of Germany were embracing Brazilian rhythms and styles, and creating authentic sounding productions for the dance floor and the headphones. No more so, than at Munich’s Compost Records which released the ‘Glücklich’ series, five volumes of Brazilian Flavours From The Past And Present”. The production outfit Pathless combined the talents of Stefan Leisering, and Axel Reinemer who also recorded under the alias of  ‘Extended Spirit’ for Jazzanova’s record label – Sonar Kollectiv.

17. Depth Charge – Goal – Released back in 1990 and produced by the mighty J. Saul Kane for the ‘Vinyl Solution’ record label, run out from the shop on Portobello Road in London, which is now famous for spawning oldschool legends such as Depth Charge, Eon, and  Bizarre Inc. This track was the first of his two homages to World Cup Football- the second being the Romario 12” back in 1998.

18. Bebel Gilberto – Tanto Tempo (Peter Kruder Remix) – My second selection from the Tanto Tempo Remixes’ 2001 compilation. This time Peter Kruder steps up, out of G-Stone Records in Vienna, Austria, He reconstructs Gilberto’s bossanova standard into a deep techno/house killer in true Kruder style, while providing a hint of her ethereal vocals.

19. Les Gammas – Outra Vida ((Eddy & Dus Kontrapunkt Remix) – This wonderful remix can be found on the Outra Vida Remixes 12” released in 2002 on Michael Reinboth’s Compost Records Label. Les Gammas hand the remixing duties over to Eddy & Dus, a duo out of Croatia who expand on the original… moving it into Drum & Bass territory.

20. DJ Suv Featuring Tali – Do You Remember – While the Bristol Drum & Bass sound was taking over the Drum & Bass world in the mid to late 1990’s, with the likes of Roni Size, DJ Die, Krust and Suv,  all under the guidance and influence of Bryan Gee and Jumping Jack Frost’s Record Label V Recordings. The label began embracing the Brazilian Drum & Bass scene, showcasing Brazilian DJ’s such as DJ Marky, XRS and DJ Patiffe – This obviously had an impact on DJ’s like Suv who began making amazing Drum & Bass riddims with a Brazilian influence, for example this 2002 12” on Full Cycle Records.

21. Drumagick – Easy Boom – Also released in 2002 on Samba Loco Records out of Brazil, this wonderful Drum and Bass track has sunshine vibes oozing out of it in spades… sampling Jorge Ben’s ”Take It Easy My Brother Charles” 1968 classic – you can’t help but sing-a-long.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

DJ Ratty Mixtapes 'The Bedroom Trilogy'

DJ Ratty Bedroom Trilogy

'Straight From The Bedroom'

#TapeSessions is a hashtag a few of us have been using to highlight the posting of 'Rave/Hardcore/Jungle' mixtapes on Twitter ... Do a search and check them out..... they offer an insight into the scene back in the day.

Most of them were recorded at events or specifically for commercial release, however after a few months of posting these mixtapes, I was amazed when one of contributors to these posts told me of a some mixtapes that he had in his possession....

Three 'Bedroom Mixtapes' never before released or even heard by the general public....

Well here they are in their full glory.. digitised and available to download......

A MASSIVE thank you to @mistyhaych14 aka Kenny Daryl who without him, we would never have heard these genuine slices of 'Jungle History'.....

Here are a few words from Kenny to put these tapes into context..... which explain the era in which these tapes were created....

DJ Ratty - Bedromm Mixtape Vol.1

DJ Ratty - Bedroom Mixtape Vol.2 (1994)

DJ Ratty - Bedroom Mixtape Vol.3 (1996)

"It was 1990 and Ratty had just got his first decks. Along with LL Cool J's album 'Mama Said Knock You Out'.  Ratty was a massive LL fan. His graffitti 'Tag' was 'Lady's Love Kidd Groove'. Which you can still see around certain parts of Leamington.

So I asked Valerie, (my girl) to get Ratty to do me a copy. Which he did,
And I've still got it. Complete with wicked Ratty scratching. The B side of that tape is a Ratty from 1990 'rave' mix, complete with tunes like 'Devotion' etc. (Original Ratty business)

Fast forward to 91-92 and Ratty was the king of rave. Me and Val were over, (oh well) haha, but I'd become good friends with his younger bro.

So, when he was off playing Fantazia or wherever we'd sneak into his room for a go on his 3 decks. That was madness for us mate.

Technics, as you know were, and still are the Rolls Royce of decks. So to be near, let alone play them was just crazy. And dangerous.

I'd be Ratty and he'd be Robbie Dee, hahaha F***ing hell !!!

There were V.I.P. Tags strewn across his speakers from all the biggest raves.

And dub plates, white labels, promos all over the place. We'd rinse um out, then try to remember where we got um from, hahaha

And as you know, those dub plate acetates only last about ten plays. So, I think we may have f**ked him up a few times ! They were mostly Tango and SS, with the odd Rider, Doc Scott or Goldie thrown in, I'm talking major ish'.....

Then in 93, Fibre Optic blew up, with residents, Ratty, Tango, Pilgrim, SS, and Fallout, who ran the local record shop - Fibre Optic Records.

We all really fancied Fallout, so we'd spend all day, every day in the basement of that shop. Oh, and we liked the tunes too, haha.

I've got so many promos and white labels from her time at that shop,
Loved that place to the bone.
But anyway ... Quest, Wolverhampton, was about to destroy the Midlands, along with The Eclipse / The Edge, Coventry.

We were in on this shit believe me.

Kev, Ratty's older bro moved into the street next to me and told me all about these clubs. Said he'd get me in on the guest list. Walking into clubs with a swagger saying,

"Errr, we're with Ratty"

The door were like,

"Yeahhh, go through"


We even tried it at clubs where Ratty wouldn't even be playing, Lol.
Suffice to say, We eventually got found out.

After a while, Ratty began to hate Robbie Dee. There's a video on YouTube that clearly shows Ratty's annoyance with him.

Around that time, he put together these two bedroom mixes. A more mature style, newer but still with that Bad Boy feeling..... In a word,  Ratty.

Most people think of Ratty as this mad, chopping mixer who scratched a lot, I prefer the seamless mixing quality he shows on these tapes.

The story behind me obtaining these Ratty tapes involves another friend.
He'd call in on Ratty and he'd grab his latest mix and give it me.

My good friend 'Shocker' would go boxing at the club near Ratty's house.Then call in after his training and grab the latest flex.

Never released, and, as far as I know, these are the original copies.
He'd bust a a mix and give it out, one time.

20 years later.... Here they are for your aural delight...... Enjoy and appreciate the culture from where these Tapes come from....."

Kenny aka @mistyhaych14