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Wednesday, 27 August 2008

August Purchases......

Madvillainy 2 Madvillain (Madlib & MF Doom)

"This was touted as a digital-only release, but we managed to secure some white label vinyl pressings of this stunning re-work of "Madvillainy," with entirely new production from Madlib. We can't be sure how long our stock on this one will last, especially since it sounds particularly crisp on wax". (Fatbeats NY)


Side A
1 POW! (Intro)
2 No Brain
3 Pearls
4 Light of the Past
5 Boulder Holder
6 Borrowed Time
Side B
1 Coast2Coast
2 Invazion Interlude
3 Draino
4 Fire In The Hole
5 Bejezus
Side C
1 Monkey Suit
2 Fluid (Instrumental)
3 Can't Reform M
4 Redd Spot (Interlude)
5 Running Around......
6 ......With Another
7 Butter King Jewel
Side D
1 The Sermon
2 Blueberry Fields (Instrumental)
3 P1
4 Confucius Spot (Interlude)
5 New Go Pop
6 Savage (Instrumental)
7 The Cold One
8 The Cold ONe Reprise


Beat Konducta Vol. 5: Dil Cosby Suite By MADLIB (Stones Throw STH2203)


1. For My Mans
2. The Mystery
3. Beat Provider
4. J's Day Theme
5. In Jah Hands
6. Get Dollaz
7. The String
8. Two For Pay Jay
9. No More Time?
10. Do You Know?
11. Dirty Hop
12. Floating Soul
13. Infinity Sound
14. Sacrifice
15. Rebirth Cycle
16. Rolled Peach Optimos
17. The Main Inspiration
18. The Get Over
19. Shades of Pete
20. King Chop
21. Anthenagin'

Description: Featuring J.Rocc. Madlib's 5th installment of Beat Konducta is his & J.Rocc's tribute to J Dilla.

Digital album is available for download now at Stones Throw Digital Store. Vinyl release date & pre-order date TBA. Vol. 5 and 6 will be released together on CD in late '08 (According to Stones Throw Label)

Arabian Prince - Innovative Life: Anthology 1984-1989" 2XLP (w/ STH Fan Club 45!!!)

"The latest release from Stones Throw gathers the finest of the recorded catalog from pioneering Southern Cali producer Arabian Prince, who was actually a founding member of N.W.A. and influenced not only Dr. Dre with his electro-driven beats and grooves, but also an entire burgeoning scene in the mid 80s! Vinyl ships next week!

ARABIAN PRINCE’S STORY IS UNDENIABLE. His life reflects the ambition and innovation of the early West Coast hip-hop scene, from his days amongst the likes of electro-rap legends Egyptian Lover and the World Class Wreckin Cru to his work with N.W.A. His biography closely parallels the progression of Southern Californian hip-hop. From Arabian’s transition as an electro DJ into one of he West Coast’s first hip-hop stars....In the shift from electro-rap to the gangsta-rap music that transformed the world. This anthology, a collection of his groundbreaking electro-rap work recorded between 1984 and 1989, not only compels the listener through sound, but through prose. Through Arabian Prince’s music and life story, Stones Throw Records is proud to present a glimpse into an overlooked chapter in hip-hop’s history
". (Fatbeats NY)


1. Strange Life
2. Beatdabeat
3. It Ain't Tough
4. Take You Home Girl
5. Let's Hit The Beach
6. Innovative Life
7. Innovator
8. Situation Hot
9. Panic Zone
10. Professor X (Saga)
11. Freak City
12. Simple Planet

Click HERE for an Interview with Arabian Prince with HIPHOPDX.COM.

Click HERE for Arabian Prince Interview with LA TIMES (and FREE downloads).

Click HERE for Arabian Prince artist page.

Click HERE for Arabian Prince DISCOGRAPHY.

Simple Planet - Arabian Prince (7-inch) Stones Throw STH4028 (Fan-Club 45)

1. Simple Planet
2. Beat Da Beat

Glastonbury" b/w Nina Simone "Save Me (live verse) 7" [TOP-02]

1. People - Glastonbury
2. Nina Simone - Save Me (live Verse)

Isley L Relish - Clapback 12" (Urban Allstars)

"HUGE! Another 12" from the guys who brought you K54! 'Clapback' is a stonking re-work of Shirley Ellis' classic 'The Clapping Song', re-jigged and brought bang up to date! This is a huge summer track! 3 rewinds from DJ Food at the Big Chill. Carol King's 'I Feel The Earth Move' gets the remix treated via 'Earth Move', transforming the track into a dance floor destroyer! Also some big plays at the Big Chill this year! With extra laid back beats in the form of 'Grace' and 'Missy Strut' this is a killer 12", essential for any DJ's record bag! Limited pressso". (Fat City Records, Manchester)

1. Isley L. Relish - Clapback
2. Isley L. Relish - Grace
3. Nick Galor - Earth Movin
4. Nick Galor - Missy Strut

Various - Tuxedo Rappin / Slippy Dee on the Steel 7" (Slipped Discs)

"Oh my gosh - this is going to rip up the dancefloor. One for the old school b - boys! Tuxedo Rappin is a kinda Sugarhill/ Chic tribute using Chic's Good Times and adding some People Under The Stairs vocals to devastating effect! The flip is equally as big - but works more as a cut and paste dj record running through any number of classic breaks from back in the day very much in the style of Grandmaster Flash's Adventure's On The Wheels of Steel. Guaranteed Dancefloor Carnage!" (Fat City Records, Manchester)

Bearface - Let The Rhythm Hit Em/ Dwyck 7" (White Label)

"Bearface (from Little Kids fame) drops too remixes of two classic hip-hop pieces. First up, Eric B and Rakim's seminal 'Let The Rhythm Hit 'Em' get's laced over a dope as Angolan rhythm track, heavy! On the flip, the equally as seminal 'DWYCK' by Gangstarr get's dropped over an uptempo funky monster track! Grab 'em while they're hot!" (Fat City Records, Manchester)


1. Let The Rhythm Hit 'Em Remix
2. DWYCK Remix

Regrooved Series - Volume VI 12" (Goodgroove)

"Another huge Regrooved release! All new comers to the label, Sampology from Brisbane, OZ, takes the A side with a giant breaks track, using big band sounds and a super catchy bassline, HUGE!. Back in the UK and a debut track from The Breakbeat Junkie is on the flip, mixing electro beats, funk samples and a certain rap act with 5 members as the vocal, he has done his home town of Nottingham proud with a classic funky track. Last but never least Audited Beats from New Zealand with a slower reggae vibe and super heavy beats, Askillz has been playing this track for awhile, what more can we say. Goodgroove in full effect!" (Fat City Records, Manchester)


1. Sampology - Back On The Drums
2. The Breakbeat Junkie - Linguist Funk
3. Audited Beats- Reggae Type Of Way

Freedom Express - Get Down (Soul Cal SCR112)

"Wow!! Soul-Cal brings you both "Get Down" and The Freedom Express's self-titled flip side on a 12" single, both remastered from the original analog tapes. "Get Down," which builds around a whirling Moog from a mid tempo funk groove to an up-tempo workout with out missing a beat, stands as one of the "missing links" between the hey-day of syncopated funk and the advent of disco. Lost no more, no longer an artifact that lines the shelves of only the passionate record collector, The Freedom Express's joyful noise is ready to be heard by the masses once again. This is soooo heavy, recommended!!!" (Fat City Records, Manchester)

1. Get Down
2. Freedom Express

Sha-La-La - Mixed Feelings (Soul Cal SCR113)

"One of the finest re-issues labels around, Soul-Cal Records, in coordination with Keb Darge and Kenny Dope at Kay-Dee Records, yet again breathe fresh air into the music of the Mixed Feelings, bringing it to the masses as a single sided 12" release. Yeah, it's good enough that we'll release it without a b-side. With original copies of the record exchanging hands for $4,000 or more, it's a steal".

1. Sha-La-La

Fantasy Funk Band - Dr Rubberfunk/Smoove Mixes 7" (Fantasy 001Fantasy)

"Great Funk mash up with a twist! The first in an interesting concept form the people behind the BBC funk and soul show. Basically trying get some mixes done as if legends like Nina Simone, James Brown, Bootsy Collins etc were doing their thing in the same recording session as one band. First up, they've lined up Dr Rubberfunk and Smoove to take on the brief and the results are ace! Both serving up a heavy JB"s backing with Nina Simone vocals layered on top. The Rubberfunk mix is particularly good changing up the groove half way through - so we've added two sound samples to give you the flavour!"

1. Dr Rubberfunk - Dr Rubberfunk's Fantasy Funk Band
2. Smoove - Smoove's Fantasy Funk Band

Friday, 1 August 2008

Roots Manuva For The Test Team......

A quality video from Roots Manuva for his next single release Again and Again......KILLER