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Friday, 28 December 2018

One Night At Equinox '92-93'

One Night at Equinox '92-93'
During 1992 and 1993, myself and friends got a little disillusioned with clubbing in the Capital and wanted something different. So, we would make the 3 hour car journey on a Friday night from Folkestone in Kent to a small club on the outskirts of Souldrop, Bedfordshire.
Millwaukes or "The Fun House" as it was known, was one of the first legally all-night licensed clubs in the UK, hosting regular events from Helter Skleter, ESP and of course Equinox.
What was great about those nights was the consistant and amazing DJ line up's. With it being centrally located, it would capture both Midland/Northern based DJ's heading south and London DJ's heading north.
This mix is my homage to those very special nights. That legendary 25k Cerwin Vega + 5k Sub Base sound system, that would pummel your ribcage with its earth shattering sub base. The combination of jungle rhythms alongside 4 the floor piano bangers and techno stompers. The intimacy that was created by the DJ being so near to the crowd... and what a crowd and what a vibe.....
All hail "The King Of Clubs".
Of course, this mix isn't a comprehensive list, its simply tracks that I remember, tracks that got played by some of my favourite DJ's during my times at Milwaukees, Dj's such as Ratty, Tango (RIP), DJ SS, DJ Clarkee, Ellis Dee, Top Buzz, Slipmatt, Fat Controller, Mastersafe and so many others.
(Mixed live, no edits, no prep - just played with feeling and a little rough around the edges)
Oaysis - Jungle Mash Up (DJ SS Remix)
DJ Seduction & DJ Phantasy - In Effect (Dancin' The Whole Night)
Top Buzz - Living In Darkness (93 Remix)
Austin - Unity In Dub (Stop-Go Mix)
Raging Rockers - Kounter Act (Sensi Version)
The Anthill Mob - Antology (The Top Buzz Stonehenge Remix)
Jungle House Crew - King Of The Jungle
Freestyle & DJr - Madness
Oaysis - Incredible Bass
DJ Seduction - Sub Dub
Kev Bird & The Wax Doctor - Dark Matter (Kev Bird's 93 Remix)
MC Lethal - The Rave Digger (Stu Allan Catch Remix)
Wax Doctor - Another Direction
Rhythm For Reasons - Music In Search Of The Light
The House Crew - Euphoria (Nino's Dream)
Foul Play - Finest Illusion (Illegal Mix)
Force Mass Motion - Panic
SMD - Untitled (Side A)
Ramos & Supreme - The Journey Part 1
The Fat Controller - In Complete Darkness
On Remand - Controllin' (Remix)
Tango - Timebomb
Cloud Nine - Ruff (Remix)
Tango & Ratty - Tales From The Darkside
DJ Edge - Compnded 'The Illegal Remix'
Roger Johnson - Love Is What We Need
DJ Solo - Darkage
Out Of Order - Tears
Arpeggiators - X-Plain The Un-X-Plained
DJ Vibes - Obsession (Music's So Wonderful)
DJ Seduction - Really Dark (But Not To Dark Mix)
Slipmatt - Breaking Free
International Rude Boyz - Paragone (Remix)
Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era - Bust That Groove
Eze G - Start It Again (Remix)
Space Cube - Session
Sunshine Productions - Above The Clouds (DJ Vibes & Wishdokta Remix)
DJ Seduction - Solid Bass
Edge Of Darkness - Come Together

Dance '91

Dance '91 
This mix follows on from Corfu '89...... Astoria '90.... and now Dance '91.
As well as attending nights/clubs in the capital throughout 1991, we would also go to events closer to home... in particular, The Pure Organisation Dance '91 all-nighters at The Angel Centre in Tonbridge, Kent.
Like many of the large raves of this era, sports/lesiure centres were perfect to provide cavenous rooms that could handle 40k-50k Turbosound Systems together with the most amazing lazer light shows, and The Angel Centre was a classic example.
This mix is dedicated to those nights.....

Shake Inc. - Ambient Rub-A-Dubb
FPI Project - Everybody (Brown Remix)
Nitrous - Moonwalk
Michael Kidd Gomez - We're Gonna Dance
House 2 House - Hypnotize me (Trance Mix)
Debbie Gibson - One Step Ahead (MAW Underground Mix)
DJ H Featuring Stefy - Think About (12'' Mix)
John + Julie Featuring Auriole - Circles (Round And Round) (Curved Mix)
Spectrum - Brazil
Creative Thieves - Nasty Rhythm
Turntable Hype - Set You Free (Turntable Hype Reprise)
The Octagon Man - Spiritos Demento
GTO - Pure (Energy)
Shades Of Rhythm - Sweet Sensation
True Faith - Take Me Away
Digital Boy - Gimme A Fat Beat (Frank de Wulf Remix)
Tekno 2 - Jet Star
Techno Grooves - T.E.C.H.I.D.
B-Sides - The Tape
X-101 aka Underground Resistance - Sonic Destroyer
Automation - Electricity
The Hypnotist - Rainbows In The Sky
Incubus - The Spirit
Anticapella - 2√231 (Extended Mix)
French Connection - Who Cares (Trax Mix)
N-Joi - Anthem (The Original Mix)
Cosmo & Dibs - Oh So Nice
Friends Of Matthew - Out There
Undakut - Both Ends (Original Mix)
Axe Corner - B1
Sub System - Subhouse
Cybersonik - Technarchy
Inner City - Unity (Reese North Of Watford Mix)
One Tribe - Get Hype
House of Venus - Dish and Tell (Bitch mix)
DJ Dick - Weekend (Club Mix)
Human Resource - Dominator (Frank De Wulf #1 Mix)
DJ Space - The Visitor
Trigger - Stratosphere (Extended Mix)
Outlander - Vamp
Epitome Of Hype - Ladies With An Attitude (Club Mix)
2 Bad Mice - 2 Bad Mice (Original Mix)
Bug Kann & The Plastic Jam - Made It In Two Minutes (Original Mix)
Sonic Experience - Protein [Get Stuck In Mix]
X-Static - Free
Sonic Solution - Music
Quadrophonia - Quadrophonia
Andromeda - Gazza (Da Plonka Mix)
Is That It ? - State Of Mind
Autonation - Sit On The Bass
Turntable Symphony - Instructions Of Life
Atomix - Beatomix
FZ - Forbidden Zone
Awesome 3 - Possessed