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Friday, 18 January 2008

Records for the Box

Fat City Records says......

The biggest tune of 2008 already! This tune has had serious support from the likes of Mr. Scruff , Daddy G, Richard Dorfmiester to name a few. The band’s web site has been swamped with requests for the tune and it has received over 30,000 plays on their myspace page, also one of the big tunes at the 2007 summer festivals like the big chill etc. The A side is the Overproof killer cover of the Kraftwerk classic followed by a brass driven dub. The B side see’s the re release of Overproofs World anthem ‘Watch What You Put Ina’. originally on a different drummer limited edition 12” since its deletion the vinyl has been passing hands for £70 and upwards.


The Model
The Model (Dub)
Watch What You Put Inna
Watch What You Put Inna (Dub)

Ooooh this could be massive, GAMM doing edits and remixes of James Brown!? Hell yeah! Sygaire and Defcon tackle 'Check Out Ya Mind', re-diting and remixing to pull out a sick soundtrack groover. Then next up is DJ Ayres, who gives 'Give It Up Or Turn It A Loose' the breaks treatment, Bomb Strikes style! But the most impressive out of the three, is Bloodfire's amazing mellow, broken house monster using 'Mama's Dead'... killer!


Check Out Ya Mind (Sygaire and Defcon Remix).
Give It Up And Turnit A Loose (DJ Ayres Remix).
Mama's Dead (Bloodfire Remix).

Soul Jazz Records Says.......

A1. The Carpenters - “All I Can Do”
Taken from the Carpenters first LP - “Ticket To Ride”.
A BIG jazz record for jazz heads around the world. Featuring a young Karen Carpenter on drums and boy can She play them !
This is a new extended version.

A2. Roger Simard - “P.S. Special”
Superb French Canadian library track now with an extended break
A full on Jazz Hip Hop break thats gonna make Madlib flip

B1. Jermaine Jackson - “Erucu”
Ultra rare Tamla Motown Larry Levan championed disco from 1976.
The original was just over 3 minutes long – it became one of the early tracks that Walter Gibbons used to extend with 2 copies
Also a big tune for the likes of Greg Wilson.

B2. Dizzy Gillespie and Lalo Schifrin - “O Zone Madness”
How ahead of its time is this title ! This record is nearly 40 years old and apparently in California back then there where issues with the ozone due to pollution that the government didn’t want people to know about.. (nothings changed there then..!)
Another big one for the likes of Greg Wilson, Francois Kevorkian and a tune that you also would have heard back in the day at Sunrise, Heaven or in Ibiza.

It all started with a phone call (or, in this case, a text message)…”would you want to do Freeze at the Hollywood Bowl?” Cut Chemist and DJ Shadow jumped at the chance to be the first-ever headlining turntablists at the legendary 16,500 capacity venue, the site of infamous concerts by everyone from John Williams to the Beatles to the Doors. In the process of preparing for the June 2007 show, Shadow and Cut recorded their rehearsals, allowing for this latest and greatest episode in all-45 mayhem: The Hard Sell.


As with Freeze and Product Placement, the emphasis is on the eclectic; funk and hip-hop are present as is some rock. But Hard Sell is leaps and bounds beyond the expected, on a musical basis, as well as technical. Now utilizing 8 turntables and 2 loop pedals, new possibilities in live mixing are explored, as doo-wop mixes with punk, new wave with grime, and everything in between, all with taste and humor. Several classic hip-hop tracks are even “sampled” (via loop pedal) and reconstructed in real time, from their original elements.


Now you can finally hear what all of the buzz has been about. Forget mash-ups, forget computers, and never mind the MP3s…this is real turntablism at its genre-bending, skills-dominated best. The Hard Sell CD comes in a beautifully designed, die-cut DVD-style case, with art by Paul Insect.

The Cheapest place i've found to buy in the UK is HERE.

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