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Friday, 13 June 2008

June Purchases......Starting with Beats

BULLION - GET FAMILAIR 7" (One Handed Music)

"Mighty wonky beats here from the promising One Handed Music label, 'Get Familiar' is a stuttering hybrid of Flying Lotus-style hip hop and the kind of ultra-compressed production thump you'd hear from someone like Justice, Feadz and the like, loaded up with stuttering synths and drums that shuffle along so languorously, it sounds like they might actually be dragging. 'Rude Effort' captures that same sort of feel whilst injecting a welcome dose of John Carpenter-style early-eighties synth melodies.

Click here for Artist Website.

The Paul White remix transforms the piece into something a little straighter and closer to the conventions of hip hop production, albeit with a formidable, overdriven beat driving it forward. Killer


1. Get Familiar.
2. Rude Effort


Gold Intro
Lewis Parker - Golden Sound - Melankolic
The Californians - Golden Apples - CBS
The Skatalites & Tommy McCook - Silver Dollar - Trojan
Apollo Gold - Gold - Supercity
Sandy Denny - Gold Dust - Hannibal Records
Paul White - Goldrush The Coast - CDR
Stevie Wonder - Golden Lady - Motown
Lonnie Liston Smith - Golden Dreams - RCA
Amanda Lear - Gold - Ariola Records
Cups - Good As Gold - Unknown
Hugh Masekela - Gold - Uni
Brian Eno - Golden Hours - Virgin
Beat Konducta - Left On Silverlake - Stones Throw
Mixed Emotions - Gold Of My Life - Rock-Way
Kings Of Convenience - Gold For The Price Of Silver - Source"Golden An" Interlude / EPMD - Gold Digger - Def Jam
Jose Feliciano - McKenna's Gold Theme - RCA
Paul White - Shiny & Silver - CDR
Marvin Gaye - Love's More Precious Than Gold - Motown
Cocteau Twins - Gold Dust Rush - 4AD
Nina Simone - Plain Gold Ring - Verve
Kenny Rankin - Silver Morning - Little David
The Splendors - The Golden Years - Unknown
Jackie Mittoo - Gold Dust - Bamboo


"Brilliant 1st release from an exciting new label called, One Handed (UK). One of London's most promising beats producers, Paul White, steps up with this monster....

Paul White....A normal, everyday name for a man whose talents are anything but.

A successful library music composer with BBC & Channel 4 credits under his belt, he has a cult following among beat-tape enthusiasts and a growing catalogue of remixes (inc. Detroit heroes Frank’N’Dank and a pair for Far Out Recordings). This pair of tracks is the closest you’ll hear to the sound he crafts in the Skylight – the South London hilltop attic he and his vast collection of records and studio gear call home.

However, just because he’s so accomplished doesn’t mean he’s abandoned the raw, dramatic hip-hop sound he loves so much: think of the RZA if he’d turned to ‘70s prog instead of Willie Mitchell; or, or scrap the comparisons and listen closely to two of the moodiest, most intoxicating-yet-simple compositions to come out of this so-called ‘beat-tape’ scene

Click here for Artist Website.

His rough demos have attracted praise from the likes of Ashley Beedle (X-Press 2 etc) and Breakin’ Bread to Andrew Meza’s scene-defining BTS Radio show and the Beat Dimensions crew – but here you have a first real taste of what this man can do…" (Rush Hour Records)


1. Dragon Fly
2. A Silent Cry


"Fulgeance – French beat maker Fulgeance steps up to the plate for the third release in the Beat Series. Fresh from his well received EP Chico on Musique Large he takes his queue from the ’84 B movie of the same name and gives us some French fonk. Check the flip and you’ll find like on many a dusty 45 a more reflective mood with “Mamie Thè” (Rush Hour Records)

BOOMKAT RECORDS....."The latest bit of product from the spot-on All City crew outta Glasgow lands with us after the awesome Mike Slott release smudged our world some weeks back. Fulgeance hails from France apparently and it would be true to say he's got a bit of that fonky Oizo type flavour about his beats, but mixed and mashed here with some sick beat science in simialr styles to fellow label mates Heralds of Change or the crew's studio engineer Mike Slott on 'The revenge of the nerds', but flips the styles on the b-side with some nicotine stained keys and burnished blue jazz downbeats. Class stuff, next installment please!"

Click here for Artist Website.


1. Revenge Of The Nerd
2. Fulgeance The Mamie


"7" of retro electro from the rather shy, Creepy Autograph". pressed in detroit, mininum copies...

In trying to acquire more information on Creepy Autograph, I was given the following statement.......

Yes, Creepy Autograph has a story. Creepy Autograph is real people, with real emotions. Ashamed and strange. These emotions run deep. They are stalkers, obsessed with past loves, which have turned sour.

Unsatisfied, I tried to figure out who these real people are or were. In reply I got:
Creepy Autograph wishes to remain anonymous, as they are embarrassed of their feelings. But they are so torn by love, that they will continue this project as a result of their sexual frustration
". (Rush Hour Record)


A1. I Wanna Fuck You

B1. Corporate Meeting
B2. Murder Sex

Dope 12" of retro electro...vocals, madness and a whole heap of analogue lovelyness. pressed in detroit. mininum copies...

Boomkat Records Comments...."Massively intriguing Detroit gear from the mysterious Creepy Autograph for Valentine Connexion records. There's an absolute minimum of information available on these guys and this record so all I can tell you is that it's some of the finest midnight Detroit electro soul we've heard since The Other People Place or the coldest gear since Dopplereffekt tried to stick it in a mannekin. Totally sick and deliciously mysterious, get into it..."


A1. Erase In Mind
A2. Night Stalker

B1. The Gray Mans Theme
B2. Make Up & Fashion


"Mindblowing work from IG Culture -- the summation of all our previous expectations in his music, cast forward into bold new territory! The set's got the depth and majesty of a 70s spiritual jazz session, but still also bristles with the crackling cosmic touches we first loved in IG's work -- a blend of righteous jazz and vocal themes, all infused with a new sort of energy for the 21st Century! Rhythms are sometimes soaring, sometimes skittish, and bits of hip hop and soul nestle in alongside spiritual jazz modes -- with a collective feel that's as powerful as it is positive. IG's got some great help for the record too -- including Chicago talents Dee Alexander on vocals, Ernest Dawkins on reeds, and Corey Wilkes on trumpet -- plus Sacha Williamson on vocals, Josh Deep on vibes, and Tom Ashe on trumpet. Titles include covers of 70s classics "Girl U Need A Change Of Mind" and "Revelation" -- plus "Black", "Consumed", "Any Questions", "Adjusted Perspectives", "B Free", "This Love", and "Ra Bops In Blacknuss". LP includes bonus instrumental tracks "Black" and "Separate"." (Dustygroove Records)


A1. Black
A2. Consumed
A3. Any Questions
A4. Revelation
A5. Adjusted Perspectives
A6. B Free
B1. Separate
B2. Ra Bops In Blacknuss
B3. Girl U Need A Change Of Mind
B4. Finale
C1. Consumer¡Çs Anthem/This Love
C2. Consumer¡Çs Anthem/Consumed (Refit)
C3. Consumer¡Çs Anthem/Consumed (I Will Not B)
D1. Black (Inst)
D2. Separate (Inst)


"Finally!! The wait is over! Dam-Funk releases his debut 12" on Stones Throw! With everything played by D-F, and without even the smallest hint of sequencing, he is a breath of fresh air, along with James Pants, for Stones Throw! 'Burgundy City' is the glitchy boogie tinged tune that has been getting caned by Benji B and has had beatheads salivating! 'Galactic Fun' is a more uptempo electric boogie circa '83 killer! Ace!"(Fat City Records)

"Dam Funk has been around since the golden age of electro music, back when Hip Hop and Dance music and Electronic were all the same genre. At least that's what the sales notes say. For us, this is pure galactic boogie funk which appeals to disco heads, funksters, hip hoppers and loads more besides. Stunning...." (Phonica Records)


A1. Burgundy City
A2. Burgundy City Bonus Beats

B1. Galactic Fun
B2. Galactic Fun Bonus Beats


"Erykah Badu's latest album's opening track, "Amerykahn Promise" ably demonstrates in just over four minutes how widely the record ranges. Over a 70s funk vamp, Badu mumbles, a chorus of female voices sings the title hook; and a deep male voice intones, in the manner of a corrections officer speaking over a PA system, 'Excuse me, young lady, excuse me, you're causing quite a disturbance over here.' This authentic 70s style production sounds that way because it actually IS from the 70s, being the backing from a track on a 1977 album produced by Roy Ayers, who personally gave it to Badu to rework, and she sings here over the original master tape. The track vividly recalls the opening of a Funkadelic record, like "Maggot Brain", or the moments when George Clinton would let a variety of characters play out paranoid scenarios, and blend explicit political satire into unhinged, improvisatory funk". (Piccadilly Records)


1. Amerykahn Promise (Vocal)
2. Amerykahn Promise (Instrumental)

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