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Friday, 13 February 2009

Ones for February

Nik Weston presents GRANT GREEN/ORQUESTA DE LA LUZ - Funky Instrumentals Volume 4 12" (Mukatsuku MUKAT 012)

"Mukatsuku Records kick off 2009 with another dose of hard to find Japanese super rare funkiness + two dance floor bombs pressed on a limited edition heavy 180 gram vinyl 12 inch for the London based strictly vinyl only label. A side is legendary Blue Note guitarist Grant Green getting the remix treatment from Japan´s most famous DJ….Muro for a super rare remix. This is the first time the track has been made commercially available on vinyl anywhere.

On the flipside is the Japanese latin band Orquesta De La Luz remixed by Kyoto Jazz Massive. The edit on the Mukatsuku 12 is a brand new unreleased edited version never heard before with most of the vocal parts removed to allow the fantastic instrumentation to shine through
". (Fat City Records)

Side 1 Grant Green - Let The Music Take Your Mind (Live at Inside Out Studio mix by Muro).

Side 2 Orquesta De La Luz - "Carnaval" (KJM edit by Kyoto Jazz Massive).

Madlib AKA Beat Konducta - The Electric Zone 7" (Stones Throw Records STH 4031)

Beat Konducta Vol. 5-6 Bonus 45 by Madlib...."Incredible stuff! (For a limited time this comes with a bonus Stones Throw Fan Club 45 with the tracks "Electric Zone" and "JD & JB")" (Dustygroove Website)

This bonus 7" is given away FREE with purchases of Madlib AKA Beat Konducta Vol. 5-6: A Tribute CD (while stocks last)...OR HERE TO PURCHASE.

"Beat Konducta Vol. 5-6: A Tribute to... is a 42-track piece dedicated to the late J Dilla. Madlib and J. Rocc – arguably Dilla’s closest musical compatriots during his time spent in Los Angeles – lovingly remember their friend and reflect on his boundless influence.

As was the case with Donuts and in keeping with the Beat Konducta’s all-embracing musical bent, this album does not settle into one groove for too long. The result is a transfixing, sometimes jarring, and always soulful homage to the man Madlib crowned “King Of The Beats.” (STONES THROW RECORDS)

Side 1 "The Electric Zone" (long version)
Side 2 "JD & JB" (long version)

SOOPASOUL - Hot & Cold 7" (Jalapeno JAL 73)

"Former rave pioneer and now worldclass funksta, Soopasoul (aka Danny Hybrid ) unleashes the third single from his incredible forthcoming album ‘Twin Stix’ on Jalapeno Records.

Recorded with a full live band, Soopasoul’s brand new 7 inch single ‘Hot & Cold’ is a floor-shuffling, hip-swaying, jazzfunk party monster packed with Hammond slaying, funky beats and some hefty brass action. “Hot & Cold” features a mind blowing soul-sista vocal from Brighton belle Dionne Charles who oozes with as much soul as greats such as Lyn Collins and Marva Whitney!

On the flip, Soopasoul turns out the nu-funk extravaganza ‘Hustlin’, a Blaxploitation-esque gem, riddled with booty shakin funky breaks and an infectious retro brass hook."

Side 1 "Hot & Cold" (feat Dionne Charles)
Side 2 "Hustlin'"

Paikan - Dancefloor Fight / Detective Pandit Rey / Afro on the Rocks 12"(Jazzman JM12.018)

"A debut release from a new French talent with an ear for Indian soundtracks and funky grooves. But there’s no wishy washy Bollywood nonsense here, this is the real deal - three slamming pieces of hardcore sitar funk! Toulouse-based sitar maestro Païkan has been on a musical journey ever since he entered the conservatory at the precocious age of 5 to study violin, singing and music theory. Since the end of his formal studies, his experiments and collaborations have touched pretty much every far-reaching corner of the popular music underground. More recently Païkan began to lend his mastery of the Sitar to more a acoustic-led funk and jazz sound, which is where we find him here on his debut release. As you know, our area of speciality is in finding and reissuing the lost and forgotten treasures of yesteryear, so it takes something pretty unique to pique our attentions away from that mission. Put simply: any new material has to stand up to and not feel out of place with the quality of those cherished original, vintage recordings. It should also stand alone as a piece of forward thinking music, not be mere retro-tribute fodder. Those are our guidelines, and we definitely believe that Païkan's three track 12" ticks all those boxes - and then some! Païkan's sound could be described as a four-way meeting of the minds between Shankar, Schifrin, Kuti and Hendrix. Sounds good, right? Well take a listen to the lead track 'Dancefloor Fight' and see if we're wrong. With the slinky, heavy bottomed 'Detective Pandit Rey' and the sneakily laid back Afro-frenzy of 'Afro On The Rocks' making up the rest of the E.P. this isn't only the best Sitar Music we've heard in 30 odd years or so, it's also a record which defiantly stresses the 'fun' in Funk. A1 ‘Dancefloor Fight’."(JAZZMAN RECORDS)

Side 1 Dancefloor Fight.
Side 2a Detective Pandit Rey.
Side 2b Afro on the Rocks.

Mayer Hawthorne and The County - “Just Ain't Gonna Work Out/When I Said Goodbye”, Limited 10" (STH7028 Stones Throw)

"Hawthorne’s hanging-by-a-string falsetto and breakbeat production on the a-side, "Just Ain't Gonna Work Out," are simultaneously Smokey Robinson and J Dilla – equal parts “The Tracks of My Tears” and “Fall in Love.” (Stones Throw Records)

Finally managed to bag myself a copy of the very limited heart shaped 10 inch from Mayer Hawthorne. For a repectable price from Jazzman (unlike other sellers who are selling for inflated prices £20.00 and upwards)...big up Jazzman and thank you sir.

Side 1 Just Ain't Gonna Work Out.
Side 2 When I Said Goodbye