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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

March Purchases

FLOATING POINTS - For You / Radiality 7" (EGLO)


1. For You
2. Radiality

"Highly talented young producer Floating Points pays his dues to the legendary Sun Ra with the first release on his promising Eglo Records with two full fat and crunchy hiphop head nodders for fans of Bullion, Onra or Dabrye. 'For You' is far too short for it's own good but equally sweet in it's 3 minute lifespan, morphing from craftily cut samples into a heavy bumping crunch-beat paying respect to the lineage from Ra to Madlib and onwards. 'Radiality' on the underside offers more for your hard earned and is our pick of the two, electrifying a slow 'n low bumpbeat with squirts of synthfunk and swimming into glorious psyched atmospheres on a par with the likes of Mike Slott or Hud Mo. Like eating some Baclava, this is sticky-sweet, exotic and very satisfying". (Boomkat Records)

SOOPASTOLE - 'Get On Up' On-Sided 7" (Supa UK)


1. Get On Up

"HUGE! A masterpiece in cut up funk, this is a lesson in DJ history from a man who can create the funk not just carve it up. The breaks here are all well known - some JB business, The Jackson Sisters are all in effect but the fact that the man behind Soopastole can make something fresh from tunes that spend a lot of their time propping up golden oldies shows prove that he really has got it goin' on. This limited one sided 7" is a must". (FAT CITY RECORDS)

THE SIMONSOUND - It's Just Begun/ Bad Love 7" (Project Blue Book PBB001)


1. It's Just Begun
2. Bad Love

"HUGE!!!!! Debut single from the space age influenced duo. The A side is a switched on moog cover of the classic B-Boy funk anthem Its Just Begun originally recorded by The Jimmy Castor Bunch. In putting their own brand on the tune The Simonsound have replaced the originals soulful vocals , gritty rhythm and horn section with heavy Moog synth and electronic sounds that place you , as the Simons would have it, 'firmly in space'. This is bound to destroy the dancefloor". (FAT CITY RECORDS)

MOCAMBO - The Next Message (Keny Dope) 7" (Kay-Dee Records)


1. The Next Message (Kenny Dope Mix)
2 The Next Message (Kenny Dope Version)

"What started as a jam session project 12 years ago has turned into Germany's most prolific deep funk formation. The raw old school funk sound of Mocambo has caught the attention of many DJs and funk enthusiasts worldwide. The group's interpretation of the Furious Five's "The Message" - released under the pseudonym Mighty Mo & The Winchester Seven – and the wicked sister funk tune "Working Woman" both sold extremely well without any promotion and proper distribution. Kenny Dope got hold of the scarce 45s and decided to do some fresh remixes and re-edits of both tracks which are now being released on Kay-Dee Records". (PICCADILLY RECORDS)

"The Mocambo combo gets the Kenny Dope treatment -- in a wicked cover of the hip hop classic "The Message"! The tune's an instrumental here, and the groove is played live -- but it's got a nice similarity to the Grandmaster Flash original, complete with that vamping bit on the chorus! Drums are nice and hard -- mixed up strongly by Kenny -- and there's an extended break near the end!" (DUSTYGROOVE RECORDS USA)



1. Infinitum (Dimlite s Re-finitum)
2. Hot Heavy Heat (Dimlite s Hot Air and Thick Plastic Remix)

"New label Ish Records open their account with these two remixes by Swiss resident Dimitri Grimm, aka Dimlite. You might remember his excellent "Runbox Weathers" album on Sonar Kollektiv from a few years back. Here he continues with his 'sample, slice and reconstitute' hiptronic sound, fragmenting the original tracks (Carlos Nino's "Hot Heavy Heat (A Chase Theme)" from his digital EP "Space Hammock", and "Infinitum / Auntie's Lock" from Flying Lotus' "Los Angeles" LP) and coming up with something new". (PICCADILLY RECORDS)

JOKER/200F & J KAMATA - Digidesign/You Don't Know What Love Is 12" (Hyperdub HDB018)


1. Digidesign
2. You Don't Know What Love Is

"Wicked new split 12" on the ever-excellent Hyperdub labe!

Joker is one third of the mighty bristolian colective alongside Gemmy and Guido! Joker doesn't let the crew down with 'Digidesign', you can hear the influences from Dr Dre's 'The Chronic' album on this one with its p-funky hip hop swagger. 'Dgidesign' connects the dots beween dubstep, hip hop, beats and swing-LARGE!

On the flip 200F & J Kamata make their debut on Hyperdub! 200F & J Kamata use synths and voice vocoders to ride the slo mo riddim! Bringing up the erection section of the dubstep dancefloors-these boys are definately ones to watch in 2009!!!

Highy Recommended!!!