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Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Original UK Hip Hop Crews Radio Show hosted by Rodney P

During the 30 Years of Hip-Hop Weekend on Radio 1Xtra - it was all about Rodney P's show.... celebrating Original UK Hip Hop Crews with MC Mellow and Hard Noise on 6th April (0000-0200)

Unknown – Mark B & Blade
Bad Man is Robbing – Hi Jack
Mice in the Presence of Lions – Hardnoise
How’s Life in London - London Posse
Bring Forth the Guillotine – Silver Bullet
Fry Ya Like Fish – Cave Man
Strange Behaviour – Rootz Manuva
Jus Bad Freestyle f. Monie Love & MC Mello – Jus Bad
Bizzy Rhyming – MC Mello
Police Officer – Smilely Culture
London Bridge is Falling Down – Nutriment
I’m Riffing – MC Duke
14 Days in May – Overlord X
Lyrical Maniac – Blade
Richy Rich – Yes I Have Returned
Scratch at Your Own Risk – Son of Noise
Untitled – Son of Noise
20 Seconds to Comply – Silver Bullet
Battle Creek Brawl – Gunshot
Style Wars – Hi Jack
Glimity Glamity – Demon Boys
Money Mad – London Posse

Some great ancedotes during the show, particualary when MC Mello tells all about Rodney P returning home from the USA all B-Boy'd up.....LOL....For those who thought UK Hip-Hop started with Dizzee Rascal, J-Dawg, Wiley or Sway....Please be seated for a lesson......

For a full schedule of 1Xtra's Anniversary '30 years of Hip-Hop' click
HERE. "30 years ago The Sugarhill Gang released Rapper's Delight, the beat that signalled the birth of hip hop on the world stage. To mark the occasion, we brought you a weekend and a half of special shows, blogs and films" (1Xtra BBC Radio)