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Monday, 22 June 2009

New Photgraphic Book - Back to 1989

Raving ’89 – Neville & Gavin Watson (2009)

Raving ’89 – Neville & Gavin Watson, (2009)

"An amazing collection of photos from 1989, the year acid house exploded into a nationwide phenomenon. Gavin Watson captures the revolutionary moment like no-one else, with intimate portraits of mates and strangers alike having the time of their lives. It's all here: the crowds, the lasers, the villains, the crimes against fashion. With hilarious recollections from Gavin and his brother Neville". (DJ HISTORY WEBSITE)

Just ordered my copy......really takes me back, the fashion, the hairstyles and the brick sized mobile phones....

To see an example of the book click below...

Download FREE 36-page sampler pdf (1.7MB)