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Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Upcoming From Jazzman.......July/Aug 2009 - THINK I MIGHT BE DIPPING INTO THE WALLET FOR THESE TWO

Keisa Brown/Liz Spraggins - Dance Man 7" (Jazzman JM071)

"Back to back versions of the same funky song – a kickass rare groove belted out by two badass soul sisters!

"Two solid sides of Sister Funk dance floor dynamite here, and you also get to play ‘which version is best’? The late Keisa Brown’s frenetic mover ‘Dance Man’ has long been a grail of the cultured funk collector but until fairly recently not many knew that producer Earl Williams re-cut an alternate version of the song with unknown vocalist Liz Spraggins. At last count there was still just the one solitary known copy of LUL 1003 in the collector world, making it even rarer than the Keisa original. But how does it fare by comparison? We’ll let you decide which you prefer with this handy pairing of the two: the infectious, shuffling groove and the sassy vocals of Keisa or the stripped down fatback drum and bass of the Spraggins version. We still can’t make our minds up!" (Boombox Site)

Little Willie Johnson - Loneliness /Darling Let’s Love Soul 7" (SOUL7008)

"You’d be hard pressed to find an original of this 45 by the southern soul legend that is Willie Johnson. And if you did, be prepared to cough up a whacking $6000! Yes that’s no typo – six thousand big ones is the value of this true gem of a tune, now it’s yours for a fraction of a fraction of that price.

As usual this SOUL45 reissue is FULLY LICENSED and restored from the ORIGINAL MASTER TAPES so it SOUNDS GREAT – unlike what you get from SHODDY BOOTLEGS! And in keeping with the spirit of collecting the pressing run is limited to ONLY 500 COPIES worldwide!


Georgia native Willie Johnson released a handful of 45s, are of which are highly sought after by soul collectors around the world. His voice had that gritty quality that southern soul fans love, and a power and presence, with the feeling that he had so much in reserve, that only the very best of the gospel based artists achieved. Jazzman is happy to present you with his rarest and best 45, originally from the Vendella label. The 45 was first picked up for the B side "Darling Let's Love" which is one of the most sought after Deep Soul 45s. It is now causing most interest on the Northern Soul scene for the flip "Loneliness" which is a pile driving funky banger that’s fit for almost any modern soulful dancefloor from classic northern to a funk night. The only problem is you would need to cough up around $6000 to get a copy of the original so you don’t really hear it played out much! Well we have rectified that - here we have a copy fresh from the tapes, sounding better than it ever did.

- Only 500 7”s pressed (be quick, ALL other releases have SOLD OUT!)
- The eighth release for our reissue RARE SOUL series
- Another song carefully chosen to represent what SOUL7 is all about. Filler or fodder it is not!!!"
(Jazzman Records)