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Saturday, 26 December 2009

Four Tet @ Plastic People Mix

Just got hold of this amazing mix by Mr. Four Tet himself - Kieran Hebden, and felt it was far too good to keep it kooped up on my hardrive, so i've posted a link care of a third party website....'Prettymuchamazing.com'. This one is a real killer and I thoroughly recommend you get on the download - that means you Gaz man....

Although Four Tet (aka Kieran Hebden)’s new album in 5 years (!!) isn’t due until January 26th, Four Tet is assembling the masses and preparing them for his return in a big way. First, he released the new single, “Love Cry“, which was later remixed by fellow-Londonite Joy Orbison. Now, Four Tet is giving away this incredible DJ mix. This mix, “Much Love tot he Plastic People” was passed out exclusively to the folks at the Plastic People, a club he’s held residency at in London. And during his last show on Dec. 11, he gave away an exclusive mixCD as a sort of “thank you” to the club. Nice, you can always count on Kieran Hebden to come thru with great mixes. And naturally, you can find it now on the net.

"The final edition of Four Tet's Plastic People residency takes place this Friday night.

Over the last couple of years, Kieran Hebden has seen his sound become more and more influenced by house, techno and minimal, echoing his move to become a more active DJ on the scene. He's certainly been no stranger to London's dance floors over that time, holding down residencies at James Holden's Border Community parties and now Plastic People, but that era is now set to come to a close.

As if catching Hebden play his final show at Plastic People wasn't enough to encourage fans to brave the cold winter weather, though, he'll be giving out a limited edition CD-R mix at the door to everyone who attends. Hebden has also confirmed that the CD will not be sold through any other channels, and will be exclusive to the party. "A lot of the music on the new Four Tet album was tested out at these Plastic People nights, and this club is a big inspiration to me," Hebden explains in a post on his website. His There Is Love in You LP will see a release next month on Domino Records."
(RA News)

Four Tet – Much Love to the Plastic People (70.9MB) DOWNLOAD HERE.