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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

OLDSCHOOL RENEGADES Documentary Film Trailer..........

"The Definitive Film about the rise of West-European Techno

Dutch director Maurice Steenbergen is working on a documentary about the golden age of house music: Oldschool Renegades. The trailer also mentions Antwerp as one of the destinations in the documentary. Plus: Maurice Engelen (Praga Khan, Lords of Acid) is listed as one of the talking heads.

Go to the movie's website for more Click here.


Joey Beltram (Mentasm, Energy Flash)
"Hi Maurice. Yeah would love to take part."

Ben Stokes (DHS)
"I'd love to be in your film."

Bruno Sanchioni (Plexus)
"Cher Maurice, Ton projet est une bonne idée."

Jens Lissat (Interactive)
"I have to be in it."

John Kutski (BBC Radio 1)
"It is a documentary about the early house / techno / rave scene in the 90's, like 'scratch - the movie' was to hiphop if you have ever seen that"

Maurice Engelen (Praga Khan)
"Maurice V2 can count on me."

Michael Alig (Limelight, NYC)
"Thanks for thinking about me, i would love to help in any way i can"

Nick Halkes (XL Recordings, UK)
"I'd be happy to help"

Olivier Abbeloos (T99, Quadrophonia)
"Sounds great to me!"

Lucien Foort (Quadrophonia)
"There’s no future without a past.
This movie will open eyes!
Getting chills reminiscing about them days.
Wicked idea Maurice, Count me in!"

Luca Pretolesi (Digital Boy)
"I'll be very happy to be part
of this movie my friend!..."

Alex Quiroz Buelvas (Ramirez)
"Hi Maurice, it is a pleasure to
participate in your project"