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Thursday, 26 August 2010

RECOMMENDED: Lone - Pineapple Crush / Angel Brain 12" (MAGIC WIRE 001)

"Introducing Magic Wire Recordings….. New label from WerkDiscs' artist Lone (AKA Matt Cutler). With this debut 2 track 10" from the man himself we're graced with two slabs of nostalgic neu haus and early 90's hardcore, some what of a departure from the dreamy, hazed out hip hop of his albums 'Ecstasy & Friends' and the now classic 'Lemurian'. 'Pineapple Crush' hits us with old skool 4/4 808's and heavy rave stabs, all drenched in his own unique melodic style….. This is music that will destroy the club but will also soundtrack hazy afternoon parties in the sun. Gorgeous but heavy and already being cained by the likes of Glasgow's LuckyMe crew, Alexander Nut, Kode 9, TRG, Gilles Peterson, Joy Orbison and Mike Paradinas. This is a huge step forward you won't have seen coming!! Flip to side B for 'Angel Brain' - a 130bpm rushed up house banger, again showcasing Lone's childhood roots in all things Detroit and London warehouse hardcore. Huge euphoric stabs ride over pounding funky house drums. Like a sort of imaginary style of rave music that should have sound tracked 'Streets Of Rage' back in the day. If there's one theme linking what Lone's doing here to his earlier releases, it's the feeling of nostalgia. Where as before the reference points where 80s TV themes or tripped out synth boogie, here it's the sound of your older brother's pirate rave tapes, super heavy and totally warped out. As we wait for further heavyweight releases this year on like the massive 'Once in a While' and 'Raptured' - let this be an introduction to the next phase of Lone's master plan.…." (PHONICA RECORDS)