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Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Droppin' Science: Greatest Samples From The Blue Note Lab

Managed to pick up this the other day......at £12.99 from JUNO (Bargain compared to other online stores !!!) for 2 slabs of vinyl....STONE COLD KILLER CLASSICS.....

Stones Throw Website says "Blue Note has just released "Droppin' Science: Greatest Samples From The Blue Note Lab" - a collection of records from their back catalog which have been sampled for tracks by Dilla, Dre, Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Pete Rock, and many others."

Side 1

1 Lou Donalsdon - "It's Your Thing"
2. Ronnie Foster - "Mystic Brew"
3. Donald Byrd - "Think Twice"
4. David Mc Callum - "The Edge"

Side 2

1. Brother Jack McDuff - "Oblighetto"
2. Joe Williams - "Get Out Of My Life Woman"
3. Grant Green - "Down Here On the Ground"

Side 3

1. Lonnie Smith - "Spinnin Wheel"
2. Jeremy Steig - "Howling For Judy"
3. Lou Donaldson - "Who's Makin' Love"

Side 4

1. Ronnie Laws - "Tidal Wave"
2. Monk Higgins - "Little Green Apples"
3. Donald Byrd - "Wind Parade"

Underground Hip Hop.com says "Blue Note has long been the exemplar in jazz, being the home of some of the most important jazz recordings ever made. What most don’t know is that 50 years after the label’s inception, the music would prove to be an integral resource of a whole new movement and genre: hip-hop. The art of sampling in hip-hop has been around since the late-’70s, but the wave of the most creative and aesthetically driven sampling began during the early-’90s. Hip-hop artists delved into the previously unexplored genre of jazz, and the music was changed then and for the next decade to come — with Blue Note as the hub of its ingenuity and inspiration. From A Tribe Called Quest to Gang Starr to Dr. Dre to the Beastie Boys, Blue Note has been the source of a deep groove, a soulful vamp, or hittin’ beat that we associate with some of the greatest hip-hop songs. Whether it’s the soulful bass line of Ronnie Foster’s “Mystic Brew” which served as the most memorable element in A Tribe Called Quest’s entrancing “Electric Relaxation,” the colossal orchestral intro that instantaneously has you at attention awaiting the beat to drop on Dr. Dre’s “The Next Episode,” or the funky big-bang groove of Joe Williams’s “Get out of My Life,Woman” which is the sole inspiration of non-stop head-nodding on Kool G Rap’s “Ill Street Blues,” Blue Note’s got it covered. Blue Note is Droppin’ Science, bringing it back to the lab of the jazz, funk, and soul chemists who gave the label some of the most influential and groundbreaking music of their time.We’ve dug deep into the crates to spotlight some of our most treasured works, as we tip our hat to some of the greatest hip-hop artists and producers ever. Who got da props? The Finest in Jazz, hands down."

Fat City Records "Brilliant compilation as ever from Blue Note, and also for a little treat, the linear notes are written by the one and only Questlove. Nice!"

J.Rocc of The Beat Junkies has created an exclusive mix from tracks of the Droppin' Science: Greatest Samples From The Blue Note Lab compilation, comprised of 10 classic records sampled by hip hop producers of the 80's, 90's and 00's.

J.Rocc deftly juxtaposes the hip hop hits by the likes of A Tribe Called Quest, Gang Starr, Beastie Boys, Dr. Dre and many more with the Blue Note tracks to which they pay tribute. Click HERE for the mix,

Picked up the Companion 12 Inch as well.....

Droppin Science - Greatest Samples From The Blue Note Lab which included a bonus track......NICE

Side 1
1. Lou Donaldson - "It's Your Thing"
2. Lou Donaldson - "It's Your Thing" (breakbeat)
Side 2
1. David McCallum - "The Edge"
2. Eddie Henderson - "Inside You" (special bonus track)

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