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Wednesday, 5 March 2008

L.S.D. The Dope Beat Edition - Mixtape

Pioneering German HipHop-Crew from Cologne consisting of Future Rock, Ko Lute, Rick Ski and Defcon. In 1991 they released their first and only album "Watch Out For The 3rd Rail" on Rhythm Attack Productions.

MPM label says "F*** what you've heard! "Watch Out For The Third Rail" back in stores soon after 15 years ! Download the free album mini mixtape by DJ Rick Ski and spread the word!"

Nice little mixtape available from the Melting Pot Music Website. For me this consistant labels is one of the highlights of the last few years, and I am always checking this label for new artsists and releases......

In adition also check this Mixtape Selection by Kalbata, one third of the group...The Koliphones.....also from the MPM Label.

Kalbata has always been a sucker for old analog synthesisers. Better known for his Electro/Grime/Dancehall productions, Kalbata is also an avid record collector from the age of 15. His dad’s record shop resides next to Tel Aviv’s old flea market where he would for years pick up obscure funk 45s and Moog albums by the likes of Dick Hyman and Robert Carlos. Fascinated by the sounds of primal electronics on dirty drums he knew he would get his own moog when he would grew up. His return from London to his native Tel Aviv last year reunited him with the love to the obscure and also his two old friends: Mixmonster – producer and sound engineer of The Apples (Freestyle Records) and Kutiman.

Soon the three started working on a project called The Koliphones – psychedlic moog funk, recorded on tape, using only analog synthesizers and effects. It’s a blend between the three producers worlds – bass, psych and funk. In this set Kalbata turns away from dubstep basslines, manic electro and Jamaican MCs for an hour of acid tipped moog psychedlica and rare library grooves from his record vaults.

Nino Nardini - Frantique (Fat City)
Mr.Chop - Contamination (Stark Reality)
The Koliphones - Voyage Into The Sun (MPM)
Pierre Henry - Jericho Jerk (Philips)
Stark Reality - Rocket Ship (Stones Throw)
The Hellers - High Fly Ball (Comman D)
Dror Yikra - Artillery Variety Ensemble (Israphone)
Kutiman - Losing It (MPM)
Gershon Kingsley - Hey, Hey (Audio Fidelity)
Xavier Cugat - Jungle Concerto (Mercury)
The Koliphones - Jungle Concerto (MPM)
Luke Vibert - Acidisco (Warp)
Dick Hyman - Give It Up.. (C4C2 Edit) (Moxie)
Unknown - Unknown (White)
Ahab & The Wailers - Neb's Tune (Castle Music)
Gratzia - Soile Beni (Koliphone)
Elsotanto - Tormentar (RCA)
Pierre Henry - Too Fortiche (Philips)
Nino Nardini & Roger Roger - Malaysia (Pulp)
J.J. Perrey & Luke Vibert - Dream 106 (Lo Rec.)
The Heliocentrics - Intermission (Stones Throw)
Jon Lucien - Would You Believe In Me (RCA)
Dick Hyman - The Minotaur (Command)

(From the MPM Website)

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