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Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Karen P presents... Broad Casting at CARGO

I've recently been checking the listings of the "Karen P presents... Broad Casting" night, held at Cargo, Rivington Street, London. Each night looks superb so far and the upcoming listing looks a real corker.....


With support from the Red Bull Music Academy, Karen P's Broad Casting night has been able to cast it's net even further a field. Not satisfied with pulling in the big names from Scandinavia (Little Dragon in February and Jimi Tenor in March) April's instalment sees Karen P hauling in composer, musician and father of the Ethio-Jazz sound, Mulatu Astatke, to play exclusively live at Cargo. With a backing band made up of the fantastic Heliocentrics.

Click Here for Mulatu Astatke featuring The Heliocentrics Live At Cargo

DJ sets coming from Karl Injex, Gilles Peterson and of course curator of the night, Karen P, April's Broad Casting is one to get down to.


Musician and composer Jimi Tenor has never settled for the traditional role of a pop artist. He is known as a productive musician whose work lies beyond current trends, and also as a performer who combines the finest elements of afro-american music, spontaneous silliness and shameless glamour in an original way. Jimi Tenor will grace Cargo's stage with his presence on this, the third instalment ofthe excelent "Karen P presents... Broad Casting" night.

Click Here for Jimi Tenor feat Kabu Kabu Live At Cargo (Part 1)


Click Here for Jimi Tenor feat Kabu Kabu Live At Cargo (Part 2)

Besides being a professional musician for almost 20 years, Jimi Tenor (born Lassi Lehto, 1965, Lahti, Finland) has also practised photography, directed short films and designed clothes and musical instruments. The electro-mechanic instruments built by Jimi Tenor and designer Matti Knaapi are not intended to be pieces of art on display at exhibitions, though have sometimes ended up as such. They emerge from musical needs, and are mainly made of scrap material. The instruments have been used at full blast during recording and on stage, so some of them have been wrecked.

The music industry has found it difficult to operate with Jimi Tenor at times. The hard rock driven Finland of the 80s considered him weird and too marginal. In Britain in the 90s he was seen as a trendy techno jazz artist, but Tenor soon confused the pioneering electro label Warp by delivering an imaginary - and expensive - soundtrack album with a symphony orchestra, instead of making minimalistic hits.

Today Jimi Tenor is an established European artist who operates outside the mainstream. His audience consists of clubbers and alternative rock enthusiasts looking for new perspective, but also of jazz and funk rebels. Those who understand that even unconventional pop music can move your body and heart.


Inspired by a series of fantastic compilations on Sonar Kollektiv a new night is born.

Karen P has had a huge impact on the world of radio and provided a much-needed platform to an incredibly talented pool of musicians and performers from all over the world. From her work with Gilles Peterson on Worldwide to the creation and production of the groundbreaking underground radio station, Red Bull Music Academy Radio and now her string of excitingly fresh podcasts have set her up as a hugely influential tastemaker in the scene. The Observer recently hand-picked Karen as one of the brightest and best rising stars in her field by naming her in the Top 10 of the media category for the ‘Future 500’ recognising the movers and shakers of the future.

Tonight we celebrate the launch of her new monthly night with a little tribute to Peacefrog Records (www.peacefrog.com). Responsible for hundreds of stand-out releases scaling many genres; tonight we present two exclusive performances representing their past and present, showing just how much they have achieved in their 17 years.

All the way from Sweden and already making waves with their excellent self-titled debut album, Little Dragon pay an exclusive visit to the UK.

Click Here for Little Dragon Live At Cargo

Fresh from a tour with Jose Gonzalez, they bring a similar approach to their music as their compatriot and label-mate, offering up compelling, wintry melodies that soothe, bewitch and beguile. www.little-dragon.se

Now into his second decade as a true innovator in the electronic music scene, Charles Webster (Miso/Peacefrog) is one of the few real mould-breakers in an increasingly stale & predictable dance music world (though whether a man whose favourite artist is Rickie Lee Jones, and whose records ooze such soul and depth should really ever be pigeonholed as dance is another debate...). Charles has sold over 100,000 albums without ever being considered 'mainstream' or having had a major hit single. For the opening night of Karen P presents… “Broad Casting” Charles Webster has prepared a special laptop set with some very special guests. Expect the unexpected!


  1. Hi,

    You have mis-linked the Mulatu show, and its not up. I was gutted to have missed this.

  2. You are a total star - what can I say? thanks.

  3. Thankyou so much for putting this show up!

    I was so annoyed to miss it!

    Do you know if there's a recording of the heliocentrics' set? If you could post it that would be fantastic!

  4. Hey Gidman,

    I missed this night and I've only just found this site, a year or so on...ha

    Keep up the good work, I was lured here by Off track if I remember rightly...