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Sunday, 20 April 2008

Thanks Jack !!!!

Finally, my vinyl copy of the new Meat Beat Manifesto album arrived on Saturday, and its a killer.

Boomkat Records says "Following on from last weeks heavyweight cuts culled from this album, MBM deliver their first full album proper for Planet Mu. Latching on to the dubstep sound with electric fervour, MBM's Jack Dangers admits a stylistic resonance with his own styles resulting in an album of weighted dubstep variations relying on his much sought after production skills and abilities to create exceedingly heavy Beats. 'Hold the mic' bolts bashy double time breakbeats toasted by Daddy Sandy, onto unweildy basslines designed for maximum floor destruction, and kicking the album off in fine style. 'Children of the earth' cuts a much more standard dubstep figure with hung halfstep rhythms, before 'house of unique stink' returns to his dub and techno roots with a sound that could have come from any time between 1990 and today. Elsewhere we jumpcut from bashout breaks attacks on '(live) and direct (live)' to Milanese styled electronica steppers on 'Less' and standout bassbin burial cut 'return to bass'. Heavy".

Also available is this 12" Sampler from the album which includes:


....as with the album, this release is on the Planet Mu label.... which has seen releases from dubstep icon Benga.

Both the album and the 12" Sampler are awesome. I can't beleive that this is MBM's 10th studio album...and it seems like he's not running out of ideas...

Here's what Phonica Records write..."New full length from seminal industrial band Meat Beat Manifesto!! Led by sound sculptor and producer extraordinaire Jack Dangers, MBM is continually evolving. It’s tenth album pushes musical boundaries further than it has before, creating a masterpiece of electronica and dubstep."I feel like Dub has always been part of my sound" says Jack. Guest vocalist Daddy Sandy features on "I Hold the Mic!", and the techno-tinged "Spanish Vocoder" touches on his his early techno roots. "Every record is different," Jack explains, "and in this record I focused on what I like to do versus what other people like me to do: beats, bass and distortion."

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  1. You have great taste. This one is pure Jack with actual spoken lyrics (it's been a while) on Solid Waste. Big Up.