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Thursday, 3 July 2008

Crate Digging with Kon & Amir in New York

"We tag along with East Coast producers Kon and Amir as they go digging for 45s on New York's Lower East Side. The longtime duo is renowned in the hip-hop world for its influential compilations (On Track, Kings of Diggin, etc.) and fine-tuned radars for long-forgotten beats. In this episode, they explain the ins and outs of digging and collecting, the special appeal of 45s, and how somewhere, someone will always out-nerd you....." (XLR8R TV)

Recommended Release....

Kon & Amir -- Off Track Vol 2 -- Queens

"Kon and Amir do it again -- and really blow our minds with the depths of their musical knowledge! The collection's the second in a series to focus on music unearthed by the famous New York cratedigging duo -- and it's every bit as on track as the first volume in its presentation of rare and soulful grooves! Kon serves up an amazing batch of obscure club tunes -- tracks that really represent the farthest reaches of the underground scene of the 70s and 80s -- very few of which we'd ever heard before, some of which are augmented with some edit work to expand the grooves. Amir's tracks are an even hipper blend of world music styles -- a range of grooves from around the globe, some earthy, some a bit more polished -- but all of them great, and very different than the usual bag of material that ever gets reissued! Kon tracks include "Long Live Music (Kon's edit)" by Wood Brass & Steel, "You've Got Me Goin Baby (Kon's edit)" by The Fabulous Conti Family, "Don't Think About It (Kon's live edit)" by Venise, "Keep On Moving" by Phillip & Lloyd, "Let Yourself Go (Kon's edit)" by Sparkle, and "Live It Up (Kon's dub re-touch)" by Sweet Touch. Amir's tracks include "Save D Musician" by Black Truth Rhythm Band, "Samba" by Super Boire Band, "Se Djro" by Orchestre Black Dragons, and "Okpo Videa Bassouo" by Pedro Gnonnas Et Ses Panchos. 16 tracks in all." (Dustygroove Records)
1. Trama - Straight Groove
2. Bob Brault Org. - Bibloquet
3. Venise - Don't Think About It
4. Gnonnas Pedro Band et Ses Panchos - Okpo Videa Bassouo
5. Super Boire Band - Samba
6. Kapingbdi - Wrong Curfew
7. Sweet Touch - Live It Up (Kon's Dub Re-Touch)
8. Sparkle - Let Yourself Go (Kon's Edit)
9. Abacothozi - Theme Maboneng
10. Black Truth Rhythm Band - Save D Musician
11. Orchestre Black Dragon De Porto Novo Dahomey - Se Djro
12. Wood Brass And Steel Band - Long Live Music (Kon's Edit)
13. The Fabulous Conti Family - You've Got Me Goin'Baby (Kon's Edit)
14. Phillip And Lloyd - Keep On Moving
15. Dan Satch And His Atomic 8 Dance Of Aba - Je Nr'okan
16. Honore Avolonte Et L'Orchestre Black Santiago - Assounon DJE Dokoli

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