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Thursday, 10 July 2008

July Purchases......

Karl Hector and The Malcoulns - Sahara Swing (NA5035 LP)

"Now-Again Records follows up The Heliocentrics’ percussive excursions into the astral realms of psychedelia with an album of Afro-tinged funk music originating from the Southern Sahara and recorded in Germany.

Karl Hector has, to date, only appeared on one 7-inch, from 1996, as the leader of the Funk Pilots. For this album, he has teamed up with Jay Whitefield (producer and guitarist for the Poets of Rhythm and the Whitefield Brothers, and founder of the now defunct Hotpie & Candy Records) and Thomas Myland and Zdenko Curlija, founders of The Malcouns.

Alongside Bo Baral, other members of the Poets of Rhythm and crack Munich- based session musicians, Whitefield, Myland and Curlija have crafted nearly twenty tracks that follow the musical roads that Hector has travelled. The underlying groove that ties these ideas together, of course, is as rooted in James Brown as it is Fela Kuti. As informed by Mulatu Astatke of Ethiopia as it is by Jean-Claude Vannier and Can. This is an album of the world. Not “world music” – but that will appeal to any culture ever transfixed by rhythm on “the one.”
(Now Again Records)

01. When The Sun Breaks Through
02. Nyx
03. Followed Path
04. Transition >J<
05. Sahara Swing
06. Psycles
07. Transition >I<
08. Koloko Pt. 1
09. Debere
10. Transition >Z<
11. Jabore Pt. 3
12. Mystical Brotherhood
13. Timely Interuption
14. Transition >B<
15. Mellow (Version)
16. Rush Hour
17. Transition >W<
18. Toure Samar
19. Passau Run

Key and Cleary - What it takes to live 12" (Soul Cal SCR 111 )

The boys at Now-Again and Soul Cal have finally completed the negotiations to legitimately reissue one of the finest soul songs they’ve ever heard – Key and Cleary’s sublime “What It Takes To Live.” Good luck finding an original copy – the 45, when it does surface in auction, hits record numbers for rare soul.

While the record’s label credits The Chosen Few as the band behind this release, the genius of the record lies with the aforementioned Jessie Key and Sylvester Cleary. Entrepreneurs both, they involved themselves in many drives to better their home city of Buffalo, New York. One of the many ways was through song and this track, released in 1976, is one of at least five singles credited to the duo.

In association with New York-based collector and archivist David Griffiths, Now-Again and Soul Cal are working on plans for an anthology of Key and Cleary’s work.

a) What It Takes To Live (Vocal)
b) To Love (Instrumental)

Stanton Davis' Ghetto Mysticsm - Things Cannot Stop Forever (Soul Cal SCR 110 )

"Stanton Davis' original album Brighter Days, recorded with his band Ghetto Mysticism, saw regional release in Boston, MA, in the mid 1970s. An awesome mix of styles that runs the gamut from jazz, funk, soul and beyond, the high point of the Brighter Days album is arguably the epic “Things Cannot Stop Forever.” A jazz-funk number that defies categorization, we can only approximate its sound by describing it as something the Mizell Brothers might have produced, had they kept the edginess that defined their early '70s work throughout the decade. Perfect for the Soul-Cal line. Recommended" (Fat City Records)

a) Things Cannot Stop Forever.
b) Things Cannot Stop Forever (Egon & Kelldada's instrumental remix).

Taggy Matcher - Root Down/ Nautilus 7" (STIX RECORDS)

"Taggy Matcher return with another 7'' of excellente reggae covers - the subject matter this time is again the Beastie Boys, "Root Down" taken from 1994's "Ill Communication", whilst on the flip Bob James' "Nautilus" gets a spliffed out reggae cover!" (Phonica Records)

"BIG BIG BIG! Those cheeky little French re-editing masters Taggy Matcher are back to rock the party with two more reggae mash-ups ! First up is a remix of the Beastie Boys' 'Root Down', it's huge!! On the flip side there's a killer reggae cover of classic Jazz Funk anthem 'Nautilus' by Bob James. They just keep on getting bigger and better than ever!" (Fat City Records)

a) Root Down.
b) Nautilous.


Title 'Stop Hurting Me Baby' b/w 'Man from the Sky'
Format 7"
Label Soul 45 (Jazzman)
Cat SOUL45.002
Barcode N/A
Release Date 11/08/2008


"With a respectful nod to Jazzman's FUNK45 label, SOUL45 aims to continue the spirit of re-releasing the rare, the obscure and the in-demand soulful 45s of the past 50 years.

"With loud mastering for DJ use the SOUL45 label will only represent the crème de la crème of REAL soul music and will create a sound investment for the hotbox, your ears and of course the dancefloor!

"Listening to the tune with a modern ear, it sounds incredibly fresh and definitely deserves a re-issue.


" Purple Mundi were based in Florida recording for the legendary Miami label TK Records KC got the name " "Stop Hurting me Baby" was recorded around 1970 or 1971. Sometime later Carlos Wright (brother of Betty Wright) as a B side for a single from Carlos Wright (brother of Betty Wright). The song got limited airplay on local radio shows but the group got placed on the back burner while TK concentrated on its other better-selling artists like Betty Wright and Gwen McCrae. Not long after the group broke up.

"Jazzman always dig deeper than any other re-issue label and have a strong following.

"Always on premium vinyl, and always with warm, rich, analogue sound.

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