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Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Bundle of Jazzman Coming my Way.....

Just filled my Shopping Cart with a few items from the Jazzman Website....mmmmmmmm

Ada Moore - The Devil is a Woman b/w Devil is a Woman (Take 1) (JM.070) 7 Inch

"A smooth and sultry jazz vocal gem made with class and style – a sublime and long-forgotten masterpiece from 1955.
Of Dinah Washington, Bessie Smith and Billie Holiday, Ada Moore wrote in 1970: "They were not just blues singers, they were innovators who took experience directly from the harsh and dynamic areas of life, refined it and gave it the form and beauty that moved us so much."

No doubt Ada herself would have been delighted to be mentioned in the same breath as such established jazz greats, especially with the self-penned ‘Devil is a Woman’ as her theme. Though with just one album to her name it wasn’t to be, though it’s not altogether clear why she wasn’t recorded more.

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The album itself was a 10” LP recorded for the Debut label. In the studio were jazz legends Charlie Mingus, Oscar Pettiford and Tal Farlow, and each song displayed her low, charismatic and melancholy style. Her voice has an idiosyncratic yet warm tone that is well suited for jazz, so you’d have thought that more records would be on the way. But it seems she was destined to be more of a stage performer than a studio artist, as she was known to sing at many jazz and supper clubs in and around her birthplace of Chicago, and at theatres on the East Coast such as the Apollo in New York.

Other than that there is little more information on the life and music of Ada Moore. Like Harper Lee, she has left one sole document of her art. Perhaps it’s best that way, then nothing can spoil the music. Ada Moore died in 1991
". (Jazzman Website)

Lenny Williams - I Couldn’t Find Nobody/Lisa’s Gone (SOUL45005) 7 Inch

"Another super rarity that has dancefloor potential written all over it! Sixties soul and Northern fans went crazy not too long ago with bids flying way over $2000 for an original copy, such is the demand by discerning DJs, listeners and collectors alike. As usual this SOUL45 reissue is FULLY LICENSED and restored from the ORIGINAL MASTER TAPES so it SOUNDS GREAT – unlike what you get from SHODDY BOOTLEGS! And in keeping with the spirit of collecting the pressing run is limited to ONLY 500 COPIES worldwide!
Like so many good soul singers, Lenny Williams was a product of the gospel choir, where as a child he excelled in many church groups around the Bay Area of San Francisco. Indeed, Lenny had originally planned on being a minister before switching up to pursue a career as a secular singer.

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Lenny went on to join funk super group Tower of Power, but prior to that he cut a couple of low profile singles for the Fantasy label. The pick of the pair was this awesome double-sider, which as so often is the case slipped beneath the radar of the RnB pickers of the day. Both sides were recorded in ’68 but feature a production style which sounds some years later – with key use of synths and a smooth feel coupled with an assured, confident delivery from the young Williams. “I Couldn’t Find Nobody” has recently been picked up on the Northern scene and demand has now sky-rocketed for this upbeat funky soul stomper. For many others though, the real action was always on the flip – the deep-as-you-like ballad “Lisa’s Gone”, which showcases Lenny’s distinctive soaring falsetto perfectly. Now that we’ve reissued both sides, you can be the judge, and without having to dig into your pockets for the megabucks the original 45 recently fetched at auction. The likelihood is that both sides will find themselves on heavy rotation, they certainly are over here
!" (Jazzman Website)

Milton Wright - Spaced LP (JMANLP.025) Limited Edition 1000 Only

"This is the second release in our new Jazzman ‘Holy Grail’ reissue series. ’Holy Grails’ are those super-ultra rarest-of-the-rare albums that everyone wants – but nobody can find! We aim to find and re-release these desirable and coveted soul, funk & jazz LPs on CD and limited edition numbered vinyl.

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Rarely on eBay and extremely hard to find, Milton Wright’s 2nd album ‘Spaced’ is an ultra-rare LP that soul and rare groove collectors often talk about - but never get to hear. Recorded by the same enigmatic soul singer who gave us the immortal club classic ‘Keep it Up’, the album ‘Spaced’ was overlooked by his record company and the public because it was released just as superstar status was dawning on fellow label mates KC & the Sunshine Band. Overshadowed by the ensuing fame of their sidekicks, the album was suspended in a commercial no man’s land. Adding insult to injury, the piles of unsold copies were subsequently destroyed in a warehouse fire.

A few copies escaped the flames, and a few intrepid collectors have managed to track them down. Those lucky enough to hear one have been astounded that such a quality album of beautiful, soulful music has been allowed to remain unheard and unloved for so long. We’re here to put that right.


1 She Can Have Anything She Wants
2 Dance Have Fun
3 Magic Music
4 All I Know Is That I Have You
5 Let's Take a Break
6 You Like To Dance
7 You Don't Even Know Me
8 Leave Me Alone
9 Be With Me
10 Job

A lost masterpiece of ‘70s soul that will delight all lovers of soul music whether for listening or dancing.
All songs fully licensed and restored from original sources.
Original album artwork.
Never before reissued – previously only available as a highly collectable LP valued at well over $1000.
Deluxe LP LIMITED and NUMBERED, only 1000 copies worldwide!
The Rarest of the Rare – only with Jazzman because WE DIG DEEPER!!!"
(Jazzmnan Website)

Tommy Stuart - Bump & Hustle Music/Harlan County Line (JM12.016) 12 Inch

"A stone cold classic funky disco floor filler that’s stood the test of time. FIRST time ever on 12”!!!

Taken from the hard-to-find self-titled LP by Tommy Stewart, ‘Bump & Hustle Music’ is the definitive disco funk party anthem. It was recorded in 1976 in Atlanta, Georgia, and since then the LP has found itself in the play-boxes of soul, funk and jazz DJs alike. However, it’s not until NOW that this amazing song has finally made it onto the preferred format of dance DJs the world over - the 45rpm 12” single.

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In 1976 Tommy Stewart was a busy man, working as an arranger, producer, performer and writer for a host of soul and RnB artists. The LP made for Abraxas Records was the first to go directly under his name, and although it failed to take off locally, the LP soon became known by DJs across the world primarily for the club smash ‘Bump & Hustle Music’.

As it happens that song in particular almost didn’t exist but for Tommy needing to come up with something quick in order to fill in a gap in the album. Conceived and recorded on the spur of the moment, and with backing vocals by Isaac Hayes’ singers Hot Buttered Soul overdubbed later, it’s a superb example of rhythmic simplicity blended with soulful, catchy harmonies. It’s just impossible to listen to ‘Bump & Hustle Music’ without a broad smile coming to your face, and when played loud in a club, It's impossible not to dance
!" (Jazzman Website)

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