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Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Shook Volume 4 (NEW)


Sound System Special – Shaka, Channel One, Coxsone… string up and dance
House Shoes – you can take a brotha out of Detroit…
Cumbiaton Explosion – Toy Selectah and Club Zizek
Manchester before the Hacienda – Greg Wilson and the Electro-Funk Bomb
Salah Ragab – Exploring the Magic System
Paul Beatty – The White Boy Shuffle
Clutchy Hopkins – Who Da F#@k is Clutchy Hopkins
Raymond Scott – The Name of the Game is Lightworks
Saut D’Eau – A Haitian Vodou Story
Morning Breath – Cover Me
Emory Douglas – The Art of the Black Panthers
Bomba: The Ruff Guide to Puerto Rico
Jazz Cats: The Harlem School of Jazz

plus… Q-Tip, Dâm-Funk, Onra, Crazy Couzins, The Invisible, Kaidi Tatham, London Jazz Festival, 45 Love, plus all ya regulars, reviews and raw vibes.

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  1. wow! rapid fire. big ups/thanks. if you've not already it'll be best to hold out till tonight to order as the site's been tweaked as we speak.

    all the best,