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Friday, 7 August 2009

Ashley Beadle Interview (Parts 1 & 2)

Came accross this interview with Producer/DJ Ashley Beadle on the headsdown.org site....Enjoy

(Part 1)

"If you were to ask me to roll out my top twenty records made in the last fifteen years you could be pretty much assured that ‘Blacker’ by The Ballistic Brothers and Black Science Orchestra’s ‘New Jersey Deep’ would find their way on to that list. Those records soundtracked so many late nights and early mornings out in New Zealand (as did BSO’s ‘Walter’s Room’ LP) in the 90’s. If those records could speak they’d be issued with a gagging order.

Even when we ignore the big tunes we find amazing (and largely unsung) wonders like The Jamayka Boyz ‘Rastaman’, The Black Jazz Chronicles LP and Delta House Of Funk’s ‘Tuesday’s Child’. Amazing records one and all.

Ashley Beedle is the unifying force behind all these records and he’s kindly agreed to sit down with me for a multi-part Heads Down interrogation. I’m also very pleased to announce that AB will be releasing a record on Untracked later in the summer… Expect some serious deepness

Ashley Beedle Interview Part One from Christopher Tubbs on Vimeo.

(Part 2)

"So here it is: part two of one of the best Heads Down excursions yet. I actually had a bit of a moment when I watched this interview back; the passion and commitment Mr Beedle exudes is for me what it's ALL about.

This week we pick up the interview talking about the genesis of his Black Science Orchestra project... Ashley picks out a couple of records that inspire him and we ponder sampling, Hip Hop and Coltrane. Not neccessarily in that order...."

Ashley Beedle Interview (Part Two) from Christopher Tubbs on Vimeo.