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Monday, 14 September 2009

FALTY DL - Fact Podcast (Recommended)

Quoted From Fact Magazine Site - "Last week, we profiled hip-hop loving New York garage wonder FaltyDL, a producer whose foggy blend of lusty female vocals and twilight, Burial-esque melancholy is doing it for us like few others - for evidence, check either of his albums for Planet Mu, and his stunning 'To London' single for Ramp.

This week, we can bring you an exclusive mix from your boy. Featuring no less than ten of his recent productions (including unreleased jams and tracks from forthcoming new mini-album, Bravery), plus your first chance to hear Sbrtkt's forthcoming single for Ramp, Luke Vibert's remix of Falty's 'Human Meadow', and recent tracks from Gemmy and Boxcutter, it's a great mix, and provides more insight into one of the brightest stars of the muddled post-garage spectrum that is dance music in 2009. And while you're downloading it, you can read our full interview with Falty DL
" (Fact Magazine)


1. FaltyDL 'Discant' Planet-Mu
2. FaltyDL 'Our Love' Planet-Mu
3. sbtrkt '2020' RAMP Recordings
4. FaltyDL 'Party' RAMP Recordings
5. FaltyDL 'Human Meadow' Planet-Mu
6. FaltyDL 'Human Meadow Luke Vibert Micks' Planet-Mu
7. FaltyDL 'Must Sustain' Planet-Mu
8. Wax Stag 'The Wash' People In The Sky
9. FaltyDL 'Hip Love' RAMP Recordings
10. MJ Cole 'Sincere' Talkin' Loud
11. FaltyDL 'Wallow' unreleased
12. FaltyDL 'Anxiety' Planet-Mu
13. FaltyDL 'Tronman' Planet-Mu
14. Luke Vibert 'Belief File' Planet-Mu
15. Gemmy 'Rainbow Road' Planet-Mu
16. Boxcutter 'Sidetrak' Planet-Mu

Came accross this mix by Falty DL......Its been on rotation on my ipod for a week now, so i though i'd share with you all.....

Download: FACT Mix 80 - FaltyDL HERE.

For further info and mixes go to Fact Magazine Site HERE.