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Thursday, 17 September 2009

Massive Record ALERT !!

Mountain Mocha Kilimanjaro - Yellow Soul Force/Don't Touch, Just Watch Me! 10 Inch (Jazzman JM072)

"White 10" in Japanese flag design! We’ve all heard the Dap-Kings from the USA, the Poets of Rhythm from Germany, and the New Mastersounds from the UK. Well now it’s time to make way for a neat dose of super duper hard ‘n heavy funk from JAPAN – it’s the debut UK release from MOUNTAIN MOCHA KILIMANJARO on Jazzman!!!!

Although these funk sides were recorded over a year ago, the reserved nature of the Japanese music scene has kept MMK recordings hidden from the ravenous ears of funk fans around the world. That’s until Jazzman Gerald & Fryer went on a DJ trip to Tokyo recently where they stumbled across an MMK album – a secret privy only to the ears of Japan’s bourgeoning funk collectors. Expect the album out on Jazzman soon, but in the meantime for the first time outside of Japan and presented in resplendent fashion with respect to the Japanese flag, two of the hardest, meanest cuts that MMK can muster either side of a super dope 10” 45rpm, on white vinyl & with large dinked centre hole!!!
" (Fat City Records)


Side 1 - Yellow Soul Force
Side 2 - Don't Touch, Just Watch Me

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