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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Carl Craig, Francesco Tristano & Moritz von Oswald, Matmos, Bugge Wesseltoft & Henrik Schwarz duo in London

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"London Calling - The Red Bull Music Academy 2010

The next edition of the Red Bull Music Academy will touch down in one of the world’s most sprawling musical metropolises: London. From February 7 to March 12, 2010, some of the most original and creative minds in music will come together to share ideas, work on tunes, and perform in the best vibe-filled venues around town."

A night of experimental electronic music featuring DJs and performances spread over Royal Festival Hall and The Clore Ballroom featuring Carl Craig, Francesco Tristano & Moritz von Oswald, Matmos, Bugge Wesseltoft & Henrik Schwarz duo appearing for RBMA Radio in London on 12 February 2010 at 7:30pm.

Tickets at £22.50, £20, £17.50 .

"In association with Resident Advisor. The Academy curates a special one-off night at The Royal Festival Hall bringing a host of pioneers from the worlds of Electronica. Avantgarde Music, Techno and Jazz.

Electronic music has always advanced like a force of nature – pushing itself to every corner of the earth, and assimilating practically every other genre of music into its electronic template. Since techno’s heady space-age birth in the American midwest to its countless modern-day incarnations, its appetite for progress is still insatiable. The Red Bull Music Academy's fascination with the genre’s future tangents is a dance that has lasted over a decade now. To further this investigation, the Academy takes over the Royal Festival Hall on February 12, with four collaborative acts who’re currently at the forefront of exploring the grey areas of experimental electronics, jazz, laptop soul, and avantgarde music – each one renowned for flipping the formula and getting creative with their own methodologies. Like the contents of an entire weekend festival condensed into one very special evening of music.

Bugge Wesseltoft & Henrik Schwarz
It's easier to navigate your way through the black forest than Henrik Schwarz' deep, swirling house tracks, as the German DJ and producer coaxes the emotion out of the machines alongside Norwegian jazz explorer and intrepid keysman Bugge Wesseltoft. This duo fire spur-of-the-moment sparks back and forth in this live collaboration, which first debuted in 2009 at the Montreux Jazz Festival.

Carl Craig, Francisco Tristano & Moritz von Oswald
Another collaboration that updates and invigorates tradition is the trio of Detroit’s Grammy-awarded remix maverick Carl Craig, Berlin-based dubtechno demigod Moritz von Oswald (Basic Channel, Rhythm & Sound), and club music’s piano prodigy of choice Francesco Tristano. Taking the hair-raising drama of the chamber orchestra and filtering it through dubby mechanised techno, this is the first time that these consummate voyagers of the four-four pulse will be performing their futuristic symphony together. Not to be missed!

Drew Daniel and M.C. Schmidt are a pair of musicians that effortlessly manage to combine style, substance, and concept with every album they make. On planet Matmos, musique concrete pioneer Pierre Boulez could jam with Arkestra free sax legend Marshall Allen, while Icelandic siren of the strange Bjork narrates passages from Burroughs over the sound of clattering crustaceans. Rising to infamy after their surgical-operation-sampling LP A Chance To Cut Is A Chance To Cure, the American duo went on to work with Björk on two albums and world tours, while also releasing LPs on Matador that stretch the boundaries of an already rubbery genre.

Terre Thaemlitz as DJ Sprinkles
Finally keeping things outside the box will be Comatonse's ambassador of sound and scale, Terre Thaemlitz, on the Ballroom floor. Exploring gender, sexuality, queer culture, class and race – identity politics, if you will – and most recently, on the acclaimed Midtown 120 Blues for Mule, taking a wry look at house music itself, (s)he challenges listeners every bit as much as entertains them – a pretty neat trick if you can pull it off. ‘A kidder with a serious cause,’ says XLR8R, which is pretty much on the money, honey.

Also playing will be a selection of the Red Bull Music Academy's participants, handpicked from around the world and re-working today’s sound formulas into distinct new signatures of their own". (RBMA WEBSITE)

Click here for full details of RBMA LONDON 7th February - 12th March.