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Friday, 22 January 2010

Juicy Bits for January 2010

Just bought a few tasty tit-bits for January.....

Miss Beats - My World /The Jester 12" (Deep Medi 026)

"Set to shine in 2010, Mizz Beats is the 22 year-old from Hackney (East London) who aided and abetted labelmate Silkie in the creation of one of this year’s certified bangers: ‘Purple Love’. Earning her stripes in the midst of the UK’s grime scene, she has already produced for the likes of Dizzee Rascal, Jammer and Lady Sovereign and she is undoubtedly one of the Anti Social Entertainment clique’s brightest prospects alongside Quest, Silkie, Kromestar, J5, Harry Craze and Heny G. Mizzy’s debut 12” on DEEP MEDi Musik showcases both her versatility and a lightness of touch that belies her years. ‘My World’ marries sloping half-step drums, offhand tom rolls and cleverly constructed synth work, conjuring a wickedly melodious groove. On the flip, ‘The Jester’ zips off in a different direction, carried by tougher, stripped-back drums and myriad 8-bit Gameboy bleeps, zaps and bumps. An altogether clubbier affair, but no less sophisticated, fans of Gemmy and Joker will undoubtedly approve." (Piccadilly Records)


Side 1 - "My World" Listen to MP3.
Side 2 - "The Jester" Listen to MP3.

SBTRKT - Laika 12" (One-Sided Brainmath)

"Amidst the hype of 'who is SBTRKT?' it's easy to forget that quite simply the man/lady is just making dope tunes. Twisted dubstep out of time that manages to sound massive and strip-backed simultaneously...in the same unique vein as the previous workings 'Laika' is another step in SBTRKT carving out his/her own unimitable sound. If only we could get the good folks in Brain Math to invest the extra couple of pence per plate and provide us with another side for their records we'd be in bliss."(Phonica Records)

"Masked man of the moment SBTRKT drops his first release proper on the magic and mysterious BRAiNMATH. Limited info, limited copies, no digital, DJ support comes from Mary Anne Hobbs, Sinden, Oneman etc". (Piccadilly Records)


Side 1 - "Laika" Listen to MP3.

MAYER HAWTHORNE - The Ills Fan Club 45 7" (Stones Throw US)

"This is a limited-edition 45 made for the Stones Throw shop, and for Mayer Hawthorne's Europe Tour 2009. It includes both vocal and instrumental versions of a tune that does not appear on Mayer Hawthornes album. However, it has now become available via JUNO RECORDS".


Side 1 - "Track 1" Listen to MP3.
Side 2 - "Track 2" Listen to MP3.

PANGAEA - Pangaea EP (Hessle Audio 010)

"Since the impact of the anthemic 'Memories' and 'You & I', the weight of expectation has been lumbered around Pangaea's neck. Now after a brief hiatus he returns with an assuredly exemplary artifact of dubstep soul, maturing six tracks of moving rollidge, modern classical inflections and tech-stepped beat science. In a way, it's possible to label Pangaea as the Sven Weisemann of dubstep, as he approaches the style from an elevated angle of musicality and production values which lends his sound a timeless sheen of quality. But unlike Weisemann, Kevin McAuley is all about the future lurch, creating rhythmic engines tuned with the experience of a lifetime checking D'n'B, Garage and 'step patterns. With the spine-chilling arrangments of 'Why', he twists these influences back upon themselves with a (Funky) house-inspired clip, before aligning the dipping contours of the Ben UFO fave 'Sunset Yellow' with organ chords harking back to EP7 era Auetechre and divas screaming from the deepest rave you've never been to. The tripped formula of '5-HTP' is the masterful centrepiece of the set, displaying well toned subbass muscle and artcore breakbeat forces introduced with a head-melting drone intro, while the unruly 'Neurons' gives a nod to dubstep rave with zooming synthlines and those looking for near-instant soul gratification will find it in the pitch-shifted utterances of gorgeous closer 'Because Of You'. It's all proof, if needed, that Pangaea is at the head of his game and deserves the highest recommendations possible." (Phonica Records)


Side 1 - "Why" Listen to MP3.
Side 2 - "Sunset Yellow" / "5-HTP"
Side 3 - "Neurons" Listen to MP3.
Side 4 - "Dead Living" / "Because Of You"

SMITH & MIGHTY - Bass Is Material 12" (Punch Drunk/Unearthed)

"Unearthed is a new Punch Drunk affiliated label with a mission to reissue classic Bristollian sound system music remastered and cut LOUD to heavyweight 12" vinyl for the first time. Bass is Maternal is the title track from the legendary original Smith & Mighty long player, eventually released on their own Three Stripe label in 1994 after lengthy delays.

'U Dub' is a more traditional dubbed steppers rhythm building to a break beat / junglist crescendo.This first 12" is fully dubstep compatible and has been recently revived by top selectors such as as Pinch, Shortstuff and Ben UFO."
(Sounds Of The Universe)


Side 1 - "Bass Is Maternal" (feat John Lawrence) Listen to MP3.
Side 2 - "U Dub" Listen to MP3.

DIBIASE/PUDGE - Los Angeles 1/10 10" (All City ACLA 10X10X 1)

"The first in a ten-part series of two-headed10-inch EPs from LA-based producers, coming out monthly through 2010, with each in a full colour jacket designed by B+ (Mochilla).

Kicking off, Dibiase represents HollyWatts in South LA. Making his presence felt beneath the surface over the last few years, only now is he coming overground, with recently dropped 45s on Detroit’s OTW label and Lancashire’s Fat City. P.U.D.G.E, originally from Jamaica, Queens, has most recently been heard on ‘Beat Dimensions Vol 2’, and not so long ago in the mix for Mary Anne Hobbs.

Both beatmakers each serve up five hot lumps of molten rhythm lava to light your lamp, but pressing is limited so be switched on. Full colour artwork sleeve and one pressing only


Side 1
1. Dibiase - "WTF"
2. Dibiase - "Thrilla Time Slime"
3. Dibiase - "Spacely Sprocketts" Listen to MP3.
4. Dibiase - "I Pity The Fool" Listen to MP3.
5. Dibiase - "Axel Bop"

Side 2
1. PUDGE - "Intro"
2. PUDGE - "Satta Marijuana" Listen to MP3.
3. PUDGE - "Blips Ahoy Mate'"
4. PUDGE - "Afrilude"
5. PUDGE - "Awnmydawn"
6. PUDGE - "Arabincense"
7. PUDGE & Dibiase - "Smoke It Over"

OM UNIT - Lightgrids 7" (All City AC1X7X 1)

"Following his Joker remix and an inclusion on the hefty 'Elevator Music' comp from Fabric, Om Unit moves onto a dope 7" for the All City crew. With years working intently at the nexus of instrumental beats and electronica, he's really found his niche in a blend of slow boogie house/hiphop beats and classic analog synthlines, heard on the ace 'Lavender' with its majestic Vangelis-styled synths, or the melancholic arrangements of the sludgy-slow 'Lightworks'. Beat heads like Benji B and Alex Nut are already giving this props so you know what u gotta do..." (Boomkat Records)


Side 1 - "Lightgrids" Listen to MP3.
Side 2 - "Lavender" Listen to MP3.