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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Besti-mix 20: Zero 7 Summer Mixtape

"We are officially 20 mixes old, or should that be young? Anyhow, in celebration of our minor anniversary we’ve drafted in major musical talent in the shape of much-loved purveyors of downtempo goodness Zero 7.

A reflection of their eagerly-awaited set at this year’s Camp Bestival, Henry Binns and Sam Hardaker’s exclusive mix of classic soul, boogie and disco by the likes of diva deluxe Diana Ross, diamond-dusted lung-busting gals the Pointer Sisters and vibes legend Roy Ayers is perfectly pitched for summer days and nights kicking back in the great outdoors with friends. And now that the sun’s final here, you can do exactly that by clicking on the download below. As Roy Ayers himself is fond of saying, everybody loves the sunshine..."
(Besti Blog Website)

Download HERE.

1. Brian Bennet - Solstice
2. The Valentine Bros. - Lonely Nights (Intro)
3. Big Noyd - My Rhyme (Dub)
4. The Stylistics - Hurry Up This Way Again (Dub)
5. Grey & Hanks - How Can You Live Without Love
6. Gene Harris - Losalamitolatinfunklovesong
7. Bobbi Humphrey - My Little Girl (Edit)
8. Earth Wind & Fire - You Cant Hide Love
9. Timmy Thomas & Nicole Mcloud - New York Eyes (Edit)
10. The Love Unlimited Orchestra - Strange Funky Games & Things
11. Diana Ross - Love Hangover (Edit)
12. Leroy Hudson - All Because Of You (Edit)
13. Sylvia - Sweet Stuff (Edit)
14. Bobby Caldwell - Open Your Eyes
15. Loose Ends - Hangin On A string
16. Sylvia Striplin - You Turn Me Away
17. The Pointer Sisters - Dont It Drive You Crazy
18. Teddy Pendergrass (R.I.P) - Close The Door
19. Roy Ayers - When I See You (Edit)