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Sunday, 13 June 2010

FACT mix 157: Addison Groove AKA Headhunter & FACT mix 156: Kode9

Addison Groove is, in fact, an alias of Headhunter, a dubstep mainstay who’s released a multitude of singles for Tempa as well as an album for the label, Nomad. He’s been playing Chicago juke in his DJ sets for a while now, and his work as Addison Groove is where that influence is allowed to come to the forefront, with stripped down drum machine beats, acid basslines and hip-hop / booty-leaning vocals.

His FACT mix starts off in the 120-130bpm range and finishes at about 160, taking in Detroit Grand Pubahs, Mosca, Ramadanman, Rashad, DJ Spinn and Leatherface along the way. There’s also plenty of unreleased Addison Groove tracks, including ‘Footcrab VIP’.

You can catch Addison Groove, along with Insfra:mental, Luke Vibert and and more at So Not Barcelona next week. For more information and tickets, see our preview.


1 Dynamix ii – Just Give The DJ A Break
2 Detroit Grand PuBahs – Sandwiches
3 Submersible Machines – Cold Seep
4 Altered Natives – Crop Duster
5 Mosca – Square One – Julio Bashmore longhorn remix
6 Mosca – Nike
7 Girl Unit – Shade One
8 Ramadanman – Work Them
9 Addison Groove – Footcrab VIP
10 Andrea Parker – Freaky Bitches
11 Addison Groove – Work It
12 Mr Dee – Time Space Scrilla
13 Addison Groove – Sexual
14 Rashad & Spinn – Transported
15 Rashad – Freakin Me On The flo
16 Leatherface – King Kong
17 Rashad – Get Down And Make Em Freak
18 Rashad – Drop Out Juke


Debuting on Tempa in 2002 with ‘Fat Larry’s Skank’, Kode9 has spent the last decade exploring an aesthetic that’s taken him from suffocating dread-filled dubstep to toxic house music. Along the way, he’s released a superb album (Memories of the Future, with frequent collaborator Spaceape) and become just as famous for his record label as his own productions: since Hyperdub’s inception in 2004, it’s released albums by Burial, Ikonika and King Midas Sound, and singles by Zomby, Terror Danjah, Cooly G, Mala and more.

This month, 9 will release the latest in K7’s DJ-Kicks series of mix CDs, a journey from elasticated house and dancehall, through soul, funk and hip-hop, to overbearing dubstep and grime. Kode is one of the world’s best DJs – his extended sets at Plastic People last year are spoken of with pure reverence, and this year he’s let out specialist mixes in 2step and “sino-grime”. Here he contributes a mix of “mostly ’94-’96 jungle”, bound by an icy, misty quality. Lemon D, DJ SS, Undercover Agent and more feature.

Next week, Hyperdub, Plat du Jour and FACT will be presenting an off-Sonar party at Club Mondo, Thursday 17 June. Already on the bill are Darkstar, Cooly G, Ikonika, Guido, Mweslee and Kode9 himself, plus Plat du Jour residents. There’s also a ton of special guests – to find out who, you’ll have to attend.


1. Soundman & Don Lloyde with Elizabeth Troy – Greater Love
2. Lemon D – Manhatten Melody
3. Dope Style – You Must Think First
4. Nut Nut – Special Dedication
5. Undercover Agent – Oh Gosh
6. DJ SS – MA2 remix
7. 12-10 Series Mk 1 – All that Jazz
8. L Double featuring Bassman – Da Base too Dark
9. Urban Jungle – Back in the Daze
10. Sacred – Kall the Kops
11. Fusion Forum – Vintage Keys
12. Maldini – Def Roll
13. Bad Influence feat. DJ Rush Puppie – Time & Time