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Monday, 11 October 2010

DJ Shadow BACK 2 BACK with Gilles Peterson on Worldwide

MASSIVE show this week.... Approx 8 years ago, Gilles Peterson and DJ Shadow came together for a special Brownswood Basememnt show.... last week they did it again and what a show it was......

"Gilles was joined by super crate digger and music icon, DJ Shadow for a special Brownswood Basement.

The pair dive into the music, with a whole host of rare tunes from all corners of the globe ; Australia to Hungary and tracks from Meditation Singers, Omar Khorshid, Andrew Wartts, Darling Dears and more.

They also get deep into conversation, chatting about how DJ Shadow gets through 400,000 7" records, Korean psych, record shop tactics & and his ultimate record!"
Quoted from BBC Website

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1. Omar Khorshid – Rasket El Fadaa
2. Gerald Wilson and His Orchestra – Algerian Fantasy
3. Sh/Jazz Quintet – Jordu
4. Toldi Maria – Fazom
5. King James Version – He’s Forever
6. Andrew Wartts – Rise Up
7. Darling Dears – I Don’t Think I Could Ever Love Another
8. The Meditation Singers – Let Them Talk
9. The Meditation Singers – Trouble’s Brewing
10. David Frost & Billy Taylor – Bright Star In The East
11. DJ Shadow – I’ve Been Trying
12. DJ Shadow – Organ Donor
13. DJ Shadow – 6 Days
14. DJ Shadow – This Time
15. DJ Krush – Duality Feat DJ Shadow
16. Impluse – Face From The Past
17. The Limit – Do It
18. Jerome – Guitar Rap
19. Doty Gouock – Wouck
20. Earl Rodney – Juck Juck
21. [unknown] – Untitled
22. Sonny Okosuns – Sound Of The Forest
23. Brain Train – Me