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Sunday, 3 October 2010

Recent purchases.......

Billy Byrd - Lost in the Crowd (Soul7.018)

Big Tune!!! Top drawer modern soul with an irresistible thumpin' beat that’s RARE RARE RARE, now out on our SOUL7 label for all to hear! Another quality double sider and with Billy Byrd’s throaty vocals appearing on two class songs. Produced by Georgia native Calvin Arnold, known for his funk output, perhaps it was his influence that gave this record such a solid, intense rhythm? Yes it’s the beat that really counts, few records of this nature have such an incessant, heavy groove that has so much appeal to the dance floor. Back in the ‘70s when it was first released the record went nowhere, and it’s remained extremely scarce ever since. Why such low sales? Was ‘Lost on the Crowd’ ahead of its time? We certainly think so, and NOW is the time to put that right! (Jazzman)


Side A - Lost In The Crowd
Side B - Silly Kind Of Love

Nappy Brown - Coal Miner (alternate version) b/w Coal Miner (original version) (JAZZMAN JBJ.009)

Originally issued in 1961 on Savoy Records and at the dwindling tail end of Nappy Brown’s initial R&B career, Coal Miner was a huge record which belonged, sound-wise at least, to his peak, some years prior. With its honking sax and sleazy Fever-esque bass line, the song probably arrived a little too late in the day to seriously trouble the charts at the time but nowadays it sounds perfect for the R&B set and is Nappy’s signature record on the Mod and Popcorn scenes, and beyond.

A few years ago, a previously unheard take of Coal Miner was uncovered, a little longer and with slightly more off-kilter percussion and sax refrains – and dig that triangle! Still keeping the stomping, rasping, honking feel of the released version in place, but amplifying the quirkiness no end, this take was probably deemed a little too unconventional for release, but again it has fast become the version today. We are pleased to finally offer up this version on 45rpm vinyl for the first and what will also probably be the last time ever! Backed up with the original Savoy take, as released, which is still an incredible sound in its own right.

The label has been named ‘Saxco’ in tribute to the late and very, very great bandleader, songwriter and arranger Sax Kari, whose long and largely unsung career enhanced that of many other artists. Sax passed away just over a year ago, with little to no tribute or fanfare in the mainstream media, and not even much noise made in R&B circles. We can only recommend further investigation into Sax’s long and winding career, and would say that any 45 bearing his credit is one worth listening to... (Jazzman)


Side A - Coal Miner (alternative)
Side B - Coal Miner (original version)

Amos Milburn - One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer/ Chicken Shack 7 Inch (Aladdin Records)

Seminal booze blues from Amos Milburn, sparking a million spin-offs and answer records when it hit the R&B charts in the early 50s. A song which, even if you've heard it a thousand times, can't fail to put you in a better spot. Which is odd really, as the lyrics are the polar opposite of uplifting Amos missus has walked out on him and he is pleading with the barman not to kick him out on the street. And he's not asking for much, just a Scotch with a Bourbon chaser and a nice Pint to wash it down. Ah, we've all been there, haven't we!?!? (Jazzman)


Side A - One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer
Side B - Chicken Shack

Buddy Lucas - I Got Drunk 7 Inch (Groove)

2 really superb Jump movers back to back from the always excellent Buddy Lucas. 'I Got Drunk' is a brash stomper with excellent vocals about boozing and being totally sozzled! On the other side, Buddy takes a step back to lead the band and hand vocal duties over to Almeta Stewart. (Jazzman)

"Classic Pittsburgh twin spin monster two sided double header - yes indeedy. I thought "Sloppy Drunk" was the best R&B drinking song, but I reckon "I Got Drunk" might just top it. On the flip Almeta Stewart takes the mic for a baseball-themed female vocal version using the same backing track." (Piccadilly Records)


Side A - I Got Drunk
SIde B - My Pinch Hitter