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Saturday, 6 January 2018

Desert Island Digs - 'The Cassette-Mans Chest

You’ll probably know by now that I’m a collector of music in all its shapes and forms. So thanks to Mark Gardner and his invite to provide an edition of his 'Desert Island Digs' series, it’s with great pleasure that I can finally provide a journey through some of my favourite albums on a format that I truly love ….The Cassette.
Ras G - Stolen Legacy (From The Gospel of the God Spell - SCM118 Cassette)
Anthony Linell - Royal Island (From Consolidate - NE45 Cassette)
Danny Scrilla - Night Sweats (From Ancient Musical Box - CBRCASS001 Cassette)
Haramia Tapes - I Am You (From Pfunk)
Angels Dust - Shivers (From Slow Tapes - HNR48 Cassette)
Lord RAJA - Streets of Rage (From Amadeus - Ghostly International 292 Cassette)
Vatican Shadow - U.S. M1A1 Abrams Exhaust Rises Between The Hands Of Victory (From Mural Of Saddam - HOS-320 Cassette)
SK Kakraba - Darikpon Variations (From Songs of Paapieye - ATFA018 Cassette)
Stro Elliot - Soul II Stro (From Stro Elliot - SCM113 Cassette)
Khotin - Hello World (From Hello World - 1080P19 Cassette)
James Booth - Be Slow (From Reunion- SILK 053 Cassette)
Body-san - KC Vapes (From Corporate Interiors - SILK069 Cassette)
Just Black - Side B (From Can't Put My Finger On It - SILK 035 Cassette)
mndsgn - Searchin II (4 Sumthn New) (From Body Wash - Stones Throw Records Cassette)
Pleasure Model - Bealichtbach (From Kendo Dynamics - SILK 90 Cassette)
Marco Lazovic - Early Morning (From Spring Tape - SILK 90 Cassette)
Sir Stephen - Hypercolor Emulsion (From House Of Regalia - SILK 032 Cassette)
Matthewdavid - Orange Ganesh (From Ashram - LR076 Cassette)
Bass Clef - Set Adrift On Memory Abyss (From Acid Tracts - MAGIC + DREAMS ‎Cassette)
Pye Corner Audio - Electronic Rhythm Number Two (From Black Mill Tapes Vol.4: Dystopian Vectors - FUR 054 Cassette)
Lumigraph - Spaceblunts (From Nautically Inclined - OPAL 016 Cassette)
Huerco S. - Lifeblood (Naïve Melody) (From For Those Of You Who Have Never (And Also Those Who Have) - PRB018 Cassette)
Swarvy - Headgames (From Elderberry - LR094 Cassette)