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Saturday, 6 January 2018

The Tomorrow Peoples After Party 2078

Originally Broadcast on 14th May 2017 as part of the 'IMAGINE The After Party' Radio Shows for the 'Spring into Summer Sessions 2017'
"The Tomorrow Peoples After Party 2078"
‘The Year is 2078 and Earth is no longer the only planetary world supporting life. Over the last 20 years humanity has been steadily reaching beyond the orbit of Earth, with a main transportation terminal now based on the Moon – ‘ZERO LUNA’.
To celebrate the successful Terraforming process recently completed on Mars, the International Space Committee (ISC) has decided to hold a party for all those employees, guests and dignitaries that are currently based on the Moon, as well as the scientists and first wave of inhabitants that are about to set sail for Mars..
After the post-cryogenically frozen ‘Happy Mondays’ had performed their last song of the main event, rumours of an after-party began to surface. As with all corporate large scale events it’s the smaller parties that are the best, the ones off the beaten track, the ones that continue into the small wee hours, the ones that you need to know someone…. who knows someone… who knows someone. …..and this night was no different. Over in one of the outer storage bays off Hanger 133 of Sector 12, a low rumbling of bass could be heard. This was the ‘Tomorrow Peoples After Party’… featuring a recently smuggled-in refurbished ‘Eskimo Noize’ Sound System Rig ….
‘Zero-G Flotation Tanks’ and a glass roof that offered up one of the most awe-inspiring views of Planet Earth, as you chilled and danced to Interplanetary Bass, Electro Beats, Space Funk and Cosmic Vibes - brought to you by guest DJ Original Gidman'.
1) Minus 8 - Zero G
2) Scientist - Beam Down
3) V.I.V.E.K. - Asteroids
4) Sampha - Plastic 100° C
5) Onra - My Comet
6) Lord Tusk - Space Invaders
7) Smackos - One Day We Will Trip Out From Star To Star
8) The Clangers - Dialogue From Episode One (Excerpt)
9) The Orb - Earth (Gaia)
10) Paul Hardcastle - Journey To Tranquility
11) Rings Around Saturn – Synchrotron
12) SMBD – Message 0316
13) Little Dragon - Gravity
14) The Dining Rooms - Space Is The Place
15) Bendix - The Tommorrow People
16) The Herbaliser Band - Moon Sequence
17) United Future Organisation - Moondance (U.N.K.L.E Remix)
18) Ben Mono - Transmission (Captain A'nd His Space Organ Orchestra Mix) Featuring Capitol A
19) Dennis Coffey - Plutonius (Recloose Re-dub)
20) Easy Stars All-Stars - Brain Damage (Adrian Sherwood & Jazzwad Remix)
21) DubXanne - Walking On The Moon (Walking On The Dub)
22) Bill Campbell & Aaron Harry - Galaxy (I'm the Ruler)
23) Tony Wilson - Hangin' Out in Space
24) The Galactic Force Band - Space Dust
25) Key-Matic - Breakin' In Space
26) Sweet Exorcist - Testsix (Toneappella)
27) Meat Beat Manifesto - Mars Needs Women
28) Public Service Broadcasting - The Other Side
29) Asha Puthli - Space Talk
30) The Diddys Featuring Paige Douglas - Intergalactic Love Song
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