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Monday, 3 December 2007

Dawn - Build An Ark

Dwight Trible, Nate Morgan, Phil Ranelin, Big Black, Derf Reklaw and many many more led by Carlos Nino of LA. Build An Ark are back with 10 new piece on a brand new album.

Carlos Nino (better known as Ammoncontact) has confounded expectations with his Build an Ark project, and this latest album 'Dawn' is his most ambitious to date, including guest spots from living legend Big Black and featuring jazz luminaries Dwight Trible on vocals, Nate Morgan on piano, Adam Rudolph on kalimba, and Derf Reklaw on congas. The band cover tracks from Pharoah Sanders and Big Black himself, also managing to put their mark on some of Nino's own compositions, but the mood here is strikingly spiritual coaxing comparison to some of the Impulse jazz releases of the 70s. The record has been 'dedicated' to John and Alice Coltrane so this should give you a basic idea of the sound, but rather than going for a straight take on their sound the band blend in African, Latin and West Coast American influences to come up with a light, shimmering sound of their own. (Boomkat Records Review)

The Limited Edition Album sleeve is by Machine.

Must Have:

7 inch taken from the forth coming Build An Ark album "Dawn". Incl. title track. B/w "You yourself are the key to the universe" (The Long Lost remix).
This limited 7 Inch release is a great slice of spiritual Jazz for the modern listener. Hunt it out !!!

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