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Thursday, 13 December 2007

Jef Gilson on Kindred Spirits

New 10 Inch entitled 'Avec Lloyd Miller and Hal Singer'

Limited reissue of French, modern spiritual jazz tracks on Kindred Spirits.... holy grail for some, a great new discovery for most of us!! Really cool and playful music - full of 50's angst!!! Full length CD to follow...
Amazing work from Parisian jazz piano genius Jef Gilson -- a pioneering couple of early 60s tracks featuring Lloyd Miller on the balaphone and a purportedly self-made microorgan -- plus 2 rare cuts from his Afro jazz influenced Madascar sessions with tenor Hal Singer from the end of the 60s! The A-side features "Le Grande Bidou" and "Fable Of Gutenberg" from a 1962 10-inch release -- a septet including Gilson's piano, both upright and electric bass, tenor and soprano sax, and drums. Both tracks are sweet slices of Gilson's unique approach to early 60s modal jazz -- and Miller's heavy, idiosyncratic accompaniment absolutely earn his spot above the track titles! "Chant Inca" and "Mother Africa" on the flip are pretty awesome, too -- the former with a dual bass approach that's heavier than the similar instrumental pairing on the other side -- with African percussion underneath vibes, Singer's measured tenor sax and Gilson's more intensified piano passages. 2 sides, 2 fairly divergent styles, both incredible! (DUSTYGROOVE Comments)

Thanks to MUTANT SOUNDS BLOG......
Jef Gilson is a French jazz pianist whose career started in the sixties and was one of the first bandleaders to utilized the talents of a very young violinist named Jean Luc Ponty.

This 10 Inch is killing me at the moment...awesome Straight-up Jazz and its fueling my early interest into the more spirtiual side of jazz......

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  1. top album toally agree with dusty groove !!
    come visit i have a lloyd miller dl you may like