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Saturday, 1 December 2007

Weapons Of Jazz Destruction......new album

Out this month the latest offering from the Nostalgia 77 Octet. Based on a long running joke about the power of jazz to fight the infidel this record is a dark journey through rhythms and melodies from around the world.

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I Highly recommend this latest release by the Nostalgia 77 Camp........great modern Jazz from the hardest working British Jazz ensemble at present - its the 2nd album this year.

My Must Have: The Impossible Equation (Very limited 40 min. LP) released back in November 2006.

Tracklisting :
A1. The Impossible Equation 22:23
B1. Desert Fairy Princess 10:47
B2. Well Being 6:32

Very limited 40 min. LP recorded by the Nostalgia 77 Octet during a recent session including "The Impossible Equation" – an improvised free jazz piece.

Beginning quietly with the sound of a single shaker, 'The Impossible Equation' gradually builds into a swirling groove of cacophonous drums and horns. The arrival of the double bass signals a change in time, daring others to follow suit. As the trombone soars high over the mid-section, passing the baton to the piano, a trance-like state descends over the piece, setting the mood for a beautiful, bittersweet finale.

On the B-Side, the Octet perform a cover version of a modal jazz piece originally recorded by Horace Tapscott's Pan-African People's Arkestra.

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