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Monday, 4 February 2008

ESSENTIAL ** Harmonic 313 - EP 1 ** (Limited 2000 Copies Only)

Harmonic 313 - EP 1

Long overdue and unbelievable new EP from one of the UK's most talented and overlooked producers, Mark Pritchard. Having ditched the Harmonic 33 guise, he returns after a few Troubleman releases and some even under his birth name with the more Detroit sounding Harmonic 313.

Track names are coded as colours, with the code breaker present on the spine of the EP. This release is limited to 2000 copies only......get it while you can !!

Warp Records says......"Mark Pritchard's latest incarnation is Harmonic 313. The EP is super fresh hip hop speed techno, offbeat drums, lots of bass, it simultaneously encapsulates the sound of J Dilla and Detroit techno in a style which you could describe as Hi-Tech Funk. The EP is limited and there is a fun element to the artwork, you find out the track titles via a secret code on the artwork in conjunction with the new site Harmonic 313 site, plus when you crack the code, you'll get a free mp3 of a non-single track."

Boomkat Records....."In short - SICK stuff. Across the 5 "problems" different variations on the theme are explored, ranging from the reverberating sublow of "Problem 3" to the shimmering strings and keys of "Problem 4", and the closing speak and spell solo on "Problem 5". Forever inventive and utterly impressive - "EP1" is an absolute MUST for followers of Pritchard and blunted Detroit Hip Hop alike. ESSENTIAL PURCHASE"

Fat City records
......"This has to be the best thing to come out this year already, check.. wait, check all the tracks, as there's a puzzle on there to work out what they're called, so we ain't gonna spoil it for ya! Recommended


A1 Problem 1: Word Problems (5:23)
A2 Problem 2: Neon (2:23)
B1 Problem 3: Call To Arms (4:39)
B2 Problem 4: Flashback (3:54)
B3 Problem 5: Solve It (0:24)

I've bought myself 2 copies......very limited and absolutely essential and also released on the classic WARP Label

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