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Saturday, 16 February 2008

The most anticipated dubstep album of 2008

This is what Phoncia Records had to say "Limited promos of 'Diary Of An Afro Warrior, one of the most highly anticipated albums of the year. If Burial’s ‘Untrue’ dominated 2007’s end of year critics charts then it’s odds on ‘Diary Of An Afro Warrior’ will do the same in 2008. Dubstep’s trickle into the mainstream has been steady; Skream and Burial alike have nudged the door open. Benga is undoubtedly the force to smash it through and take Dubstep to another level. ‘Night’, the anthemic underground smash single lifted from the album has literally had ravers from countless club scenes, DJs and grandparents whistling and humming its infectious melody for months now with Gilles Peterson declaring it as his No1 track of 2007!!"

Here's a link to Gilles Peterson's most recent PODCAST with Benga.

For those who don't know, check his Website

Catch his latest Essential Mix HERE.

This album is truly awesome.....after buying Scream's album back in 2006...I've only been dipping into this genre of music now and then, however with this album and in particular the 'Night' track, which has crossed over into many different styles of DJ sets.....Benga's album sounds is a real fixture for 2008.

The Video to 'Night'

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