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Monday, 22 February 2010

FACT mix 126: Space Dimension Controller .....

"Today’s FACT mix is from a name that you’re going to be hearing a lot more of in 2010: Space Dimension Controller.

The alter ego of 19-year-old Belfast-dweller Jack Hamill, Space Dimension Controller has only released one single to date, ‘The Love Quadrant’, but it was one of the most distinctive and compelling debuts of 2009, earning a place in FACT’s Top 100 Tracks of that year. Inhabiting a wistful, pop-psychedelic but low-end-savvy world somewhere between house, electro and techno-funk, with vocals coming courtesy of Jack’s girlfriend Kat, ‘The Love Quadrant’ marked the arrival of a serious and singular talent.

Since then we’ve had the pleasure of hearing several more SDC productions, and they’re all top-notch. Hamill puts real love and attention into chords and harmonic composition, and boy does it pay off: imagine Prince, James Stinson and Manuel Gottsching hitting the studio together and you’ll have some idea of how sumptuous and fantastical this music is.

Space Dimension Controller’s charms haven’t gone unnoticed; Kyle Hall (whose next 12″ is out on Hyperdub) loves his sound and the pair are collaborating on new material for the Detroit house prodigy’s Wild Oats label. SDC’s next release – the Journey To The Core of The Unknown Sphere EP - is coming out via Rotterdam’s mighty Clone Records, and features a remix of the title track by Hall.

Jack is a participant in the 2010 Red Bull Music Academy and will be playing alongside Roska, DOOM, Katy B and many more for the A Taste of Sonar event at The Roundhouse on Saturday 6 March. Then, the following day, Sunday 7 March, there’s a chance to catch him at FACT’s free Lock Tavern party, where he’ll be warming up for Rustie, MJ Cole and Joy Orbison. Arrive early to catch the man in action.

Space Dimension Controller’s FACT Mix is an adventure and a half, and the perfect introduction to his bold aesthetic, boasting no less than six of his own productions, not to mention the aforementioned Kyle Hall remix. With both youthful insouciance and a very mature sense of selection and sequencing, SDC drops tracks from Round One (Basic Channel), Mike Dehnert, Model 500, Jimmy Edgar and Drexciya-related Der Zyklus, putting his own unique stamp on them through a litany of craftily deployed loop, delay and dub effects. Dare we say it, it’s the most warm, original and insistently funky mix we’ve hosted so far this year. Download, listen, read the interview over the page and get wise to SDC before all the fools check in

Download: FACT mix 126 – Space Dimension Controller.


1. Zapp – Computer Love
2. Jonzun Crew – Pack Jam
3. Space Dimension Controller – The Love Quadrant
4. Space Dimension Controller – Electropod-250
5. Class Action – Weekend
6. Space Dimension Controller – Transatlantic Landing Bay
7. X-District – Color Correction (Jimmy Edgar LTNT Remix)
8. Space Dimension Controller – Mercurial Attraction
9. Space Dimension Controller – Cosmo30 Travel Duration
10. Space DImension Controller – Journey To The Core of The Sphere Unknown
(Kyle Hall’s I’m Only Breathing Remix)
11. Round One – I’m Your Brother (Club Version)
12. Model 500 – I Wanna Be There
13. Round One – I’m Your Brother (Chicago’s Twisted Mix)
14. Jamie Jones feat. Egyptian Lover – Galactic Space Bar
15. Mike Dehnert – Umlaut2 (First Version)
16. Duplex – Censory (Remix 1)
17. Der Zyklus – Formenverwandler
18. Space Dimension Controller – Fluorescent Trails