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Thursday, 4 February 2010

New Floating Points Release - Bag It Here.....Peoples Potential (white Label)

Peoples Potential (white Label)"A super limited, single sided white label 12" to kick off a brand new year for Floating Points. Witness 'Peoples Potential', an acid-fried-funk bomb, built around a nagging 4/4 house groove, burnt by cascading synth tones and wriggling acid squelch. Brilliant as ever from Sam Shepherd. Be quick with this one...."(Bleep.com)

"February will also see the release of 500 strictly limited 1 sided Peoples Potential 12 inches. Blink and you'll miss them, the last EP sold out if a number of days, and has since been repressed four times, so to stand any chance of bagging one of these your gona have to be on top of your game. They won't be repressed, but they will be followed by the official 2 sided release in March (EG006 = Peoples Potential/Shark Chase." (Eglo Recordings)

Bag it here......

Peoples Potential by floatingpoints

"STRICTLY LIMITED WHITELABEL COPIES* Astral gangsta disco business from Floating Points! Dropping ahead of the full release, Eglo records spurt out 500 copies of this one-sided, heavyweight pressing of 'Peoples Potential' in hand stamped whites. Thankfully this is one of the tunes that can happily justify the 1-sided delivery, bearing a magical synth trip of heavenly harmonised contours and simple but irrefutably funked percussion, drawing on the spirits of Stevie, Sun Ra and Four Tet to guarantee floor melting results every time. No messing with this one, blink and you'll miss it. Y'all been warned!" (Boomkat Records)