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Monday, 22 February 2010

HEADS UP........

Take / Matthewdavid - LA Series #2 10" (ACLA10X10X2)

"2nd 10 of the series comes from Take (Alpha Pup/Eat Concrete/Poobah) and matthewdavid (Dublab/Brainfeeder) who combine to give us 7 tracks in all again packaged in a B+ sleeve.
Take, born and bred in LA, has recorded for Poobah, Eat Concrete, Plug Research and is about to drop his full length on Alpha Pup this year.. With his three tracks, TAKE continues to push the boundaries of left filed experimental Beat music into new directions. The influence of vintage electronic records, 1980’s soul, and hard crunchy beats is apparent as they all get crushed and melted down into fine gold.
On the other side Dublab’s matthewdavid gives us his unique brand of beat based warped psychedelia with 4 tracks blending seamlessly into one!" (All City Records)


1. Soul Particles
2. I Miss My Brains
3. Warm Ruin
4. Sunrise Luminescence
5. Late Nite lo fi For dak
6. We Helped Pioneer This
7. Know Youre Not Alone


Third episode in the All City Los Angeles series featuring the talents of Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program and the one and only Samiyam.


1. Ras G and The Afrikan Space Program - Flight Delay
2. Ras G and The Afrikan Space Program - Ourtrill
3. Ras G and The Afrikan Space Program - Breakfast Blunts
4. Samiyam - Fishsticks
5. Samiyam - Brad
6. Samiyam - Space