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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

New Besti-Mix by Cooly G

"The UK underground has long-been a fertile breeding ground for innovation, spawning a multitude of hyper-kinetic home-grown sounds spanning drum ‘n’ bass to dubstep, but it’s often felt like something of a boys club. Thank God then, for Cooly G, arguably the most exciting new DJ/producer on the scene.

Spinning at Camp Bestival this summer, Cooly's inspiration comes from US house, dubstep and funky, but the Brixton-based one-time pro-footballer brings a noticeably feminine sensibility to her productions, her acclaimed releases on Hyperdub such as ‘Narst’, ‘Love Dub’ and ‘Weekend Fly’ twining the rough and smooth, matching sweet female vocals with swinging beats and low-slung bass.

So, it’s with genuine pant-whetting excitement that we bring you our latest Besti-mix, an exclusive session from Cooly that brings together her own productions with those of fellow pioneering new-school beat-makers Martyn, Kode9 and more..."
(Feature from Besti-Blog)

Download: Besti-mix 8: Cooly G.