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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

New Besti-Mix by Johnny Trunk (Head of Trunk Records)

The seventh in our weekly series of exclusive Besti-mixes is a treasure-chest of esoteric electronica, weird film soundtracks, wigged-out jazz and rare easy listening goodness courtesy of record collector extraordinaire Jonny Trunk.

Having caught the vinyl buying bug aged 12, Jonny now runs the venerable Trunk Records - home to oft-wonderful British library, rarities, retro wonders and soundtracks, including those for the rather marvelous Wicker Man and Life On Earth - now owns over 8,000 “prized” records and reckons the format is “unique, sexy and pleasurable”.

We couldn’t agree more, which is why we asked Jonny to spin his finest vinyl at this year’s Camp Bestival. In the meantime, download his exclusive Besti-mix and let the man himself whisk you off to an enchanting, magical netherworld of yesteryear...

Download: Besti-mix 7: Jonny Trunk.